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Found 6 results

  1. In my Delphi application (Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.0 Seattle), I am trying to convert an rvf file to HTML using TJvRichEdit and TJvRichEditToHtml components. The issue I am facing is that the HTML file appears in ANSI encoding format. I need to get it in UTF-8 format to display the proper content in html file. I have tried the following ways to achieve the same: Tried to use the available properties of TJvRichEdit for converting ANSI to UTF-8. Tried to add the rtf file to TStrings and then used UTF8Encode to convert it. Tried to add data into TMemoryStream and then tried adding it to TJvRichEdit. Used TStreamReader to get the encoding format of the source file and then used TStreamWriter to convert it into UTF-8 encoding. All the above ways convert the encoding format but the content remains in ANSI format. I have also tried using TRichEdit, TcxRichEdit and TdxRichEditControl to find out if we can load data into html file. But the data gets loaded in ANSI encoding format itself. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Toast Notification Manager | WinForms Controls | DevExpress Documentation I need that component in Delphi. Is their any component like that i can buy for Delphi 10.2? Money does not matter right now. I need the functionality like it is in the DevExpress-Component. Thanks in Advance!
  3. mtepebag

    VCL - DevExpress

    Hey there, It's Mert, newest guy at the forum. Saw that community is talking for important topics. I would like to ask a question to you all. First of all, I asked it first to @ertank , He answered me with significant words. I appreciate it. Me and my team jumped to C++Builder 11.2 about 1 month ago. We were using Embarcadero's previous versions but we want to add new features to our project with new developed components. Everybody know that DevExpress is also developing lovely components to VCL environment. My question is; if we take away DevExpress cost, is it most likely necessary to use and build our project with DevExpress components. What's about Embarcadero's own developed components vs DevExpress features? Is Embarcadero doing good job with their new components or are they not caring enough? On the other hand, what's about DevExpress VCL features? Waiting comments from you all. Thanks.
  4. Graham Murt

    DevExpress PDF Viewer

    Hey guys, I need to allow users to view PDF's in my Win32, Delphi 11 VCL app which could be installed on anything from Windows 7 onwards. Exe size is important as I'm pushing updates out several times per week. This rules Chromium embedded out for me. I'd also like it to not require any dependencies and be fully embedded in the *.exe. I've looked at TEdgeBrowser, this would work fine for Win10, where edge has PDF support but will cause support issues with earlier versions of Windows. So, I'm kinda left with options of either Gnostice or DevExpress. I've installed the DevExpress trial and the PDF viewer works great but the trial will only work with runtime packages enabled. Therefore I have no idea of the overhead it will add to my *.exe. So, (finally) to my question... does anyone have a DevExpress subscription? If you do, please could you add a PDF viewer to a blank app, compile it and let me know the increase in *.exe size? In the meantime, I'll see if I can try the Gnostice offering. Thanks, Graham
  5. haentschman

    DevExpress: element '' has no parent window

    Hi all... This is my favorite Error message... Project: * 2 mio lines. * DevExpress 18.3 This error ist not new. He exist since more then 10 years by DevExpress! The error comes from time to time. Ticket DevExpress: https://www.devexpress.com/Support/Center/Question/Details/T624801/element-has-no-parent-window Callstack Example: Any ideas? Thanks..
  6. The DevExpress skinning system is a beast. Normally most things work well. However, when your TdxBarManager and your TdxRibbon component and their helpers and all becomes advanced and convoluted enough and especially when you are using visual inheritance the skinning system can get into update notification loops that can consume up to 15 minutes on a modern dev machine. I have found that the following actions will alleviate the problem; 1. For all of you projects; select "Project|Modify Skin options..." 1a. Uncheck "Enable Skin Support". 1b. Click "Default" Now - you will not get into the "problem" of the IDE filling up your TForm units with skin units in the uses. 2. For all projects, put the TdxSkinController component on a DataModule and include that DM in your project. Copy all (desirable) skin units to this module. They are not needed anywhere else. 2a. The DFM setting of the component must be "UseSkins = false". Perhaps even "UseNative = false" but that i can not confirm. Normally when you code and use the "Design" view in the IDE you never open the skinning unit. This leaves the IDE completely without skinning. And THAT may help a lot and save a lot of time. At least here in my machine 🙂 Also note that if you have several projects in a project group, opening a project that was not prepared like above containing a TdxSkinUnit can start the notification loop hysteria for an opened unrelated project. That is the skinning update notification are IDE-global. If you do not like the idea of having a separate DataModule, then disabling skins (2a above) might also help. One benefit, however, of putting the skinning in DataModule's is that you can have one with just the controller component and other ones with the skins uses clauses. You could then choose the "Only Bezier" for one distribution and "All Skins" for another. HTH (Hope this Helps). Regards! I'm aware DX skins can be loaded dynamically, this post do not apply to that usage of DX skins.