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  1. Graham Murt

    DevExpress PDF Viewer

    I've committed my small changes to a fork here... https://github.com/gmurt/PdfiumLib
  2. Graham Murt

    DevExpress PDF Viewer

    Unfortunately, unless you’re running Windows 10, there simply isn’t a default pdf viewer unless the user has installed one themselves, or installed a piece of software which supports one. (E.g. chrome).
  3. Graham Murt

    DevExpress PDF Viewer

    Sure, I’ll fork the repo and add my changes later today. I’ll post a link here once I’ve got it ready.
  4. Graham Murt

    DevExpress PDF Viewer

    Hi guys, Thanks for all of your input. After a little more research it appears that the Pdfium wrapper from Andreas (https://github.com/ahausladen/PdfiumLib) fits my needs perfectly. I wasn't aware of this component before. The DevExpress pdf viewer worked perfectly also but as I only require the PDF viewer right now I didn't make sense to purchase the whole DevExpress component set (although these do look awesome and I hope to look at them more next year having watched some videos) I made some small tweaks to the source code to add a page border and drop-shadow and now it looks a little more polished. I'll see if I can post these changes back to the repo. Thanks again for all your suggestions, Kind regards, Graham
  5. Graham Murt

    DevExpress PDF Viewer

    Hey guys, I need to allow users to view PDF's in my Win32, Delphi 11 VCL app which could be installed on anything from Windows 7 onwards. Exe size is important as I'm pushing updates out several times per week. This rules Chromium embedded out for me. I'd also like it to not require any dependencies and be fully embedded in the *.exe. I've looked at TEdgeBrowser, this would work fine for Win10, where edge has PDF support but will cause support issues with earlier versions of Windows. So, I'm kinda left with options of either Gnostice or DevExpress. I've installed the DevExpress trial and the PDF viewer works great but the trial will only work with runtime packages enabled. Therefore I have no idea of the overhead it will add to my *.exe. So, (finally) to my question... does anyone have a DevExpress subscription? If you do, please could you add a PDF viewer to a blank app, compile it and let me know the increase in *.exe size? In the meantime, I'll see if I can try the Gnostice offering. Thanks, Graham
  6. We should probably move this to a new thread as this thread was initially about Stripe. I've just pushed a ksAws update which will hopefully improve support for Indy.
  7. Ah sorry this is a mistake. All credentials need to be created i the AWS IAM service. I’ll update this in the next push to the repo.
  8. Ok, I've just pushed an update to GitHub. I installed XE4 here and now it's working well I think. Required quite a few changes throughout but this has improved the codebase. Grab the latest code and let me know if you have any issues.
  9. I've installed XE4 here. Working on compatibility.
  10. Hi Edwin, Ok, I've merged ksSES and ksS3 into a single code-base. I've added a VerifySender method to the SES interface also. Lots of refactoring of the units will allow us to easily add more API methods and hopefully branch out into other AWS services. https://github.com/gmurt/ksAws I've also added support for NetHttp and Indy via a Http interface unit. To use Indy, simply remove the "." (period) character from this define in the ksAwsHttpIntf unit. {.$DEFINE USE_INDY_HTTP} I'll close down the existing S3 and SES repos later today and direct everyone to the new ksAws repo.
  11. Hi Edwin, I will modify the code today to abstract out the http interface. I was working last night on merging the ksS3 and ksSES code to use the same base classes. Working really well with both now sharing the same signature generation code. I’ve merged both ksSES and ksS3 into a more suitable ksAWS repo here which I’ll publish later today along with more functionality added to the ksSES interface. Kind regards, Graham
  12. I've updated the repo with the synacode.pas file.
  13. Yes, we need Synacode.pas from the synapse library to use the HMAC_SHA1 function. http://svn.code.sf.net/p/synalist/code/trunk/ I'm still not 100% of what I'm allowed to GitHub... am I allowed to include this source file from Synapse in my Repo? Obviously without changing it in any way. Let me know, if it's allowed, I'll include it. No problem, I'll add support for Indy for the next update.
  14. I'm not sure Stripe has any support for License Key managment. With regards to SES, No the target emails do not need to be verified, you only need to verify email addresses which you want to send emails "from", i.e. the Sender address. Not sure if it's of any use, but I've just uploaded my SES code to GitHub. Again, doesn't support all SES functionality but works well for me and can be added to if required. https://github.com/gmurt/ksSes
  15. I'm not exactly sure what you are asking here, Stripe is a payment gateway - license keys would need to be handled by your own software. If you're simply asking what email service I use, I use the SES service from Amazon Web Services. I also have written an interface to this service so I'll upload that shortly to my GitHub page.