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  1. mtepebag

    VCL - DevExpress

    Hey there, It's Mert, newest guy at the forum. Saw that community is talking for important topics. I would like to ask a question to you all. First of all, I asked it first to @ertank , He answered me with significant words. I appreciate it. Me and my team jumped to C++Builder 11.2 about 1 month ago. We were using Embarcadero's previous versions but we want to add new features to our project with new developed components. Everybody know that DevExpress is also developing lovely components to VCL environment. My question is; if we take away DevExpress cost, is it most likely necessary to use and build our project with DevExpress components. What's about Embarcadero's own developed components vs DevExpress features? Is Embarcadero doing good job with their new components or are they not caring enough? On the other hand, what's about DevExpress VCL features? Waiting comments from you all. Thanks.