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  1. Hi all... did you ever see when the stackoverflow thread was written?
  2. haentschman

    Is editing posts disabled?

    Hi... BC -> Before Christ
  3. Hi... Definitely yes. The advantage of inheritance is that when you make changes in the base form, you have the same changes in the other forms. Caution: With too many inheritance levels the overview is then again bad. I prefer max 3 levels. Example (picture): Form.ChoiceFilesDialog -> Form.BaseDialog -> Form.Base
  4. Hi... News from Uwe? Did someone contact him via Twitter? PS: I have found the "Favorites" (Berlin) in a picture from his Twitter account. The project is alive...i hope.
  5. haentschman

    Git UI tools

    Hi... TortoiseGit with overlay icons in the explorer and BeyondCompare as Merge/Diff Tool.
  6. Now all we need is a Twitter account... I don't have one.
  7. haentschman

    So Many fdQueries

    [Breainstorming ] Version1: In my applications i have a Interface for every database system. In the interface all queries are created dynamically. The connection is created in this interface. All use this connection... For you: Give your datamodule a public property (example: "CurrentConnection") . Connect all queries with this "CurrentConnection". If you change the "CurrentConnection" with the "LiveConnection" then the queries works with the "LiveConnection". Datamodule.... private FCurrentConnection: TFDConnection; public property CurrentConnection: TFDConnection; ... // All queries Query.Connection := FCurrentConnection; Application... Datamodule.CurrentConnection := FDLiveConnection; // or Datamodule.CurrentConnection := FDTestConnection; Version2: Create separate INI with the connection string for Test / Live. Over a build configuration the application loads his own INI.
  8. haentschman

    So Many fdQueries

    Hi... ...another variant: https://en.delphipraxis.net/topic/219-dimowa®-sql-resource-creator/
  9. ...everybody knows it...i think
  10. Hi all... The last version was imho XE. I've written to Uwe before... without an answer. Everyone who knows Uwe has no contact more... @Uwe Schuster: We need only the SourceCode...please.
  11. Perfect for GIT... But you have to know that you have to learn a lot to use it wisely. Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO251AKqx8iSssbN66eECLA
  12. Hi... ...how many users? My favorite is GIT. But NOT over the IDE. I use TortoiseGIT. It looks like the explorer with overlay icons. ...and WITHOUT console.
  13. haentschman

    Test Bits in a Byte

    @Kryvich You miss understand. I aggree with you... I am a fan of Enumerations. Better: If you MUST work with it permanently, you want meaningful names. Sorry.
  14. haentschman

    Test Bits in a Byte

    I have an old project in maintenance. This is full of bit operations. If you don't work with it permanently, you want meaningful names.