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  1. haentschman


    Hi... NOT with WITH: with TFDQuery.Create(self) do
  2. haentschman

    ImageLists. One or Multiple??

    Hi... ...+1
  3. haentschman

    What is good replacement for FastReports?

    ...nothing. 😎 Why you want to change?
  4. haentschman

    Syntax error in From clause

    Hi...😋 ...not query?
  5. haentschman

    Syntax error in From clause

    Hi...😎 ...always! Per table or better per database. 😉 Per database = the ID is complete unique. id varchar(10) not null primary key, ... never string! ID int not null primary key,
  6. haentschman

    Syntax error in From clause

    Hi...welcome here. First: ...why ACCESS and ADO? 🤢 ...😉 For the future: can you change the database? 😉 const ISQL = 'INSERT INTO JobCard (ID ,OrderNo ,JobName) VALUES ( :ID :OrderNo, :JobName)'; ...better than the ADD orgy. It is even better to store the SQL outside the "form" or "datamodule" as SQL file. 😉 ...i know. No problem. Learning by doing... 😉
  7. haentschman

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Two month...What is the status? Which MVP? Imho 10% uses high-dpi. ...make a version without high-dpi. All waiting! Please... PS: why don't you publish it on github or something...?
  8. haentschman

    Which version BDE

    Hi...😎 ...which database?
  9. haentschman

    Code feedback

    👍 Remember: sometimes it is required to load the complete project, including DPR, DFM...then the ZIP format is your choice. Background: if the external server is closed, the thread here is incomplete.
  10. haentschman

    Code feedback

    Please at the next Thread: Attach files HERE...not at a external server ZIP, PAS, PNG ... thats all what you want.
  11. haentschman

    IB -> FB Data Transfer

  12. haentschman

    Firebird Admin Tool

    Hi...😎 once...https://dbeaver.io/ What tool do you have with Interbase?
  13. haentschman

    Pos, SplitString

    Hi... I hope this SQL is only for you in the development? For editing SQL by users...have you heard of SQL Injection? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL_injection
  14. haentschman


    Hi... try aDatabase.Starttransaction; ... aDatabase.Commit except on edatabaseerror do begin aDatabase.Rollback; end; end; Please use the "Code Tags" </>
  15. haentschman

    Interbase - Update & Select

    Hi... via SQL or code?