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  1. haentschman

    New to delphi

    Hi... ...please show us your search pathes of Delphi.
  2. haentschman

    How to edit a config file

    Hi... Why if RHini = nil if if the variable is local ? better: RHini := TIniFile.Create(AppDir+'\RemoteHost.cfg'); try RHini.WriteString('RemoteHost','User',UserName); finally RHini.Free; end;
  3. haentschman

    Use Interbase Developer license on 2 Windows PCs?

    Hi... If you can...change to Firebird. The "mother" of Firebird (many years ago) is Interbase. The licence is free. https://firebirdsql.org/en/server-packages/
  4. haentschman

    Looking for a couple of good "starter" Delphi books

    Hi... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=delphi+tutorial+english ...maybe there is something for you.
  5. haentschman

    Print TDBGrid

    ...sorry, it is new for me.
  6. haentschman

    Print TDBGrid

    Hi...😎 ...wrong. 😉 FastReport Delphi Edition... The right way: 1. use a reporting tool (print, export, preview) 2. do not print the visual component (TDBGrid) ... print the data in the dataset 3. design the report 4. finish...😛 FastReport videos (VCL): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6ntcbqF0MU https://www.youtube.com/@FastReportsAcademy ...nothing is quick and easy. 🙄 You have to learn something new every day.
  7. Delphi: Only the subscription expires. The license remains valid.
  8. haentschman

    Encrypt ini file

    Hi... ...encrypt not the file, only the information. 😉 XML like INI: <Password>xbWONK6X9KT/Pq1LFcV+4VRA8tePadM1yL+iVp3hA4rkgkbckH/EG00NYnuCkN22Zyg=</Password> There are several methods of encryption. DEC for example: https://github.com/MHumm/DelphiEncryptionCompendium
  9. haentschman

    D12 Welcome Page

    ...die mit den Bonbons. 😋
  10. haentschman

    D12 Welcome Page

    Hi...😎 https://dwp.gksoft.ch/en/Delphi-Welcome-Page-Plugin.html ..it is my:
  11. haentschman

    Help with Query at run time

    Hi... procedure TfrmDino.BitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Application.Terminate; end; Terminate is the last option to end the program. With Terminate NO more events are executed. Better to terminate is self.close or close
  12. haentschman

    BDE Installing

    Why BDE with D12?
  13. haentschman

    Help to find database error

    FDquery1.Open(query); //or FDquery1.Open('Select * from DAT2'); ...What about queries with parameters...then that doesn't work. 2 notations with or without parameters...no.
  14. haentschman

    Help to find database error

    Hi...😎 The Query needs the connection. Via ObjectInspector or via code. Check this...😉 FDQuery1.Connection := FDConnection1; // or via ObjectInspector FDQuery1.SQL.Text := query; FDQuery1.Open; // better