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  1. Now all we need is a Twitter account... I don't have one.
  2. haentschman

    So Many fdQueries

    [Breainstorming ] Version1: In my applications i have a Interface for every database system. In the interface all queries are created dynamically. The connection is created in this interface. All use this connection... For you: Give your datamodule a public property (example: "CurrentConnection") . Connect all queries with this "CurrentConnection". If you change the "CurrentConnection" with the "LiveConnection" then the queries works with the "LiveConnection". Datamodule.... private FCurrentConnection: TFDConnection; public property CurrentConnection: TFDConnection; ... // All queries Query.Connection := FCurrentConnection; Application... Datamodule.CurrentConnection := FDLiveConnection; // or Datamodule.CurrentConnection := FDTestConnection; Version2: Create separate INI with the connection string for Test / Live. Over a build configuration the application loads his own INI.
  3. haentschman

    So Many fdQueries

    Hi... ...another variant: https://en.delphipraxis.net/topic/219-dimowa®-sql-resource-creator/
  4. ...everybody knows it...i think
  5. Hi all... The last version was imho XE. I've written to Uwe before... without an answer. Everyone who knows Uwe has no contact more... @Uwe Schuster: We need only the SourceCode...please.
  6. Perfect for GIT... But you have to know that you have to learn a lot to use it wisely. Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO251AKqx8iSssbN66eECLA
  7. Hi... ...how many users? My favorite is GIT. But NOT over the IDE. I use TortoiseGIT. It looks like the explorer with overlay icons. ...and WITHOUT console.
  8. haentschman

    Test Bits in a Byte

    @Kryvich You miss understand. I aggree with you... I am a fan of Enumerations. Better: If you MUST work with it permanently, you want meaningful names. Sorry.
  9. haentschman

    Test Bits in a Byte

    I have an old project in maintenance. This is full of bit operations. If you don't work with it permanently, you want meaningful names.
  10. haentschman

    Amazing support at TMS

    ...for Bruno.
  11. haentschman

    Discount Offer from DelphiStyles.com

    I miss OfficeBlue style...
  12. haentschman

    DIMOWA® SQL Resource Creator

    Hi... ...nobody interested in this? ... crazy
  13. haentschman

    Strange thing in System.Generics.Defaults.pas

    Hi... ...one is still missing. The film https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hitchhiker's_Guide_to_the_Galaxy_(film) cutout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aboZctrHfK8
  14. haentschman

    ImageName vs. ImageIndex

    Hi... Why? It take 5 minutes...
  15. haentschman

    DevExpress: element '' has no parent window

    Just because a callstack contains personal data. When i remove it, i open the ticket again. They have the same information like you... Edit: Ticket reopened. Edit: Ticket closed (16:00) Edit: Ticket reopened (delete Files.zip)