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Found 2 results

  1. John van de Waeter

    Displaying the Full width Unicode Ampersand on Mobile

    Hi All, Delphi Sydney 10.4.1 I have a Combobox with items. One of those items reads "Tea & Coffee". The Ampersand is seen as an acceleration character, so it disappears and the next space is underlined: Tea _Coffee. Nice on Windows, but not very useful on mobile. Now I can replace the & by && to have it displayed normally, but when a combobox is tapped, iOS takes over and displays the items in a scrollable list at the bottom, now showing "Tea && Coffee" Okay, now trying to stringreplace the & by chr(65286), the unicode full-width ampersand or by chr(65120), the half width ampersand, so it's not recognized as an acceleration character. Looks okay in Windows, but shows the & lowered on Android and much lowered on iOS when used in a fmx-label or a fmx combobox. Is there a way to make such a unicode fullwidth ampersand line up with the other characters in a string? Or, if not, is there a (global) way to completely disable the acceleration character in all labels, combo's etc where the & needs to be displayed? Thanks in advance! John
  2. Hi, I moving my project from D2007 to Rio. My project uses ElevateSoftware DBISAM database engine. I was very happy with it but it's not support unicode and I got problems with saving string data from new unicode-enabled delphi controls to TDBISAMTable: i got ???? instead of unicode symbols. I can handle this problem by manually encode/decode string fields values to/from UTF8. But I need to do it in several thousands places in my code :(((( Maybe somebody already found elegant solution for this problem ? Maybe overriding some methods in TDataSet ? I found TStringField.Transliterate and TDataSet.Translate it's almost that I need but function function TDataSet.Translate(Src, Dest: PAnsiChar; ToOem: Boolean): Integer; have PAnsiChar params and I have data loss (???? instead of unicode) here, so I can't use it for background UTF8 conversions. But I need something similar ! Thanks for help !