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  1. So, I can destroy TsslHttpCli from any another application event (like CancelButton.OnClick, Form.OnClose, etc) without any special care ? No matter is TsslHttpCli idle or process some request ?
  2. Hi, I create and use TsslHttpCli like this: Http=new TSslHttpCli(NULL); SslContext=new TSslContext(NULL); Http->SslContext=SslContext; Http->OnRequestDone=HttpRequestDone; Http->URL="https://api.server.ru/api/data-list/"; Http->GetASync(); If I call GetASync() can I destroy TsslHttpCli at any time before they fire OnRequestDone event ? For example, if user close program can I run code like this: delete Http; // or Http.Free; on pascal Or I must call TsslHttpCli.Abort or AbortComponent and wait until they ready for destruction (in this case - how to understand is it's ready for destruction)? Thanks for help !
  3. Max Terentiev

    Control TDataSet strings encoding (auto encode to utf-8)

    I solve problem by overriding setting/getting fields content like this: TUTF8StringField = class(TStringField) private FAutoUtf8Conversion: Boolean; protected function GetAsString: string; override; function GetAsVariant: Variant; override; procedure SetAsString(const Value: string); override; public constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override; published property AutoUtf8Conversion: Boolean read FAutoUtf8Conversion write FAutoUtf8Conversion; end; //============================================================= constructor TUTF8StringField.Create(AOwner: TComponent); begin FAutoUtf8Conversion:=false; inherited Create(AOwner); end; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ function TUTF8StringField.GetAsString: string; begin if FAutoUtf8Conversion then Result:=UTF8ToString(GetAsAnsiString) else Result:=inherited GetAsString; end; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ function TUTF8StringField.GetAsVariant: Variant; begin if FAutoUtf8Conversion then Result:=UTF8ToString(AnsiString(inherited GetAsVariant)) else Result:=inherited GetAsVariant; end; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ procedure TUTF8StringField.SetAsString(const Value: string); begin if FAutoUtf8Conversion then inherited SetAsAnsiString(UTF8Encode(Value)) else Inherited SetAsString(Value); end; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Hi, I moving my project from D2007 to Rio. My project uses ElevateSoftware DBISAM database engine. I was very happy with it but it's not support unicode and I got problems with saving string data from new unicode-enabled delphi controls to TDBISAMTable: i got ???? instead of unicode symbols. I can handle this problem by manually encode/decode string fields values to/from UTF8. But I need to do it in several thousands places in my code :(((( Maybe somebody already found elegant solution for this problem ? Maybe overriding some methods in TDataSet ? I found TStringField.Transliterate and TDataSet.Translate it's almost that I need but function function TDataSet.Translate(Src, Dest: PAnsiChar; ToOem: Boolean): Integer; have PAnsiChar params and I have data loss (???? instead of unicode) here, so I can't use it for background UTF8 conversions. But I need something similar ! Thanks for help !
  5. Max Terentiev

    ICS Wish List

    What about IOCP sockets (on windows) and EPOLL (on linux) for better performance and scale on multi-core CPU ?