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  1. John van de Waeter

    RAD 10.4 Android KeyboardType NumbersAndPunctuation not working

    Sorry for responding to an old post, but I wonder if the issue I notice is related. Put on a form 3 TEdits Give them different Keyboardtypes. tap in an Tedit, the correct keyboard is shown. Don't use the returnkey, but tap in the next Tedit. On Android, this works okay, the correct keyboardlayout is shown. On iOS, the keyboardtype from the first edit remains visible. Is this an iOS issue or a Firemonkey issue? Thanks, John
  2. John van de Waeter

    Displaying the Full width Unicode Ampersand on Mobile

    Hi All, Delphi Sydney 10.4.1 I have a Combobox with items. One of those items reads "Tea & Coffee". The Ampersand is seen as an acceleration character, so it disappears and the next space is underlined: Tea _Coffee. Nice on Windows, but not very useful on mobile. Now I can replace the & by && to have it displayed normally, but when a combobox is tapped, iOS takes over and displays the items in a scrollable list at the bottom, now showing "Tea && Coffee" Okay, now trying to stringreplace the & by chr(65286), the unicode full-width ampersand or by chr(65120), the half width ampersand, so it's not recognized as an acceleration character. Looks okay in Windows, but shows the & lowered on Android and much lowered on iOS when used in a fmx-label or a fmx combobox. Is there a way to make such a unicode fullwidth ampersand line up with the other characters in a string? Or, if not, is there a (global) way to completely disable the acceleration character in all labels, combo's etc where the & needs to be displayed? Thanks in advance! John