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  1. John van de Waeter

    iOS Metal and bitmap.savetofile

    Thanks Enesgeven I finally upgraded to 10.4.2 and it seems to be solved. Thanks for responding :) John
  2. John van de Waeter

    iOS Metal and bitmap.savetofile

    Hi All, In a FMX IOS project, I turned on Metal to have a much more smoothly scrolling scrollbox. In project source: if TUIScreen.Wrap(TUIScreen.OCClass.mainScreen).nativeScale=TUIScreen.Wrap(TUIScreen.OCClass.mainScreen).Scale then begin GlobalUseMetal :=true; GlobalEventDrivenDisplayUpdates := true; GlobalPreferredFramesPerSecond := 60; end; Works great. But in another part of the same project, I have image1.bitmap.savetofile(docpath+'filename.png') This works okay if Metal is not used, but crashes if Metal is used. Delphi 10.4.1 Is this a bug or am I missing something? tia, John
  3. John van de Waeter

    Switching network, ipv4 and ipv6, Indy

    Hi All, When a user goes outdoor with his phone, network-connections may switch from WiFi to Mobile data. There's no problem when both networks are ipv4 or ipv6, but sometimes the WiFi is ipv6 and the Mobile data connection is ipv4, or vice versa. In that case, putting a hostname (in idUDPclient or idHttp) between square brackets (coming from ipv6) results in a "connection refused". Now this https://delphiworlds.com/download/libreachability-a-for-arm64/ does a nice job. It tells me that the networks has switched, so I can take appropriate action and check for ipv4 or ipv6 connection. Works great on Android 32 and 64, and probably IOS 32 bit (I cannot test). However, the library for IOS 64 bit (libReachability64) doesn't work anymore for IOS 64 bit. Compiling fails. Does anyone know if this library is updated so it can be used in Delphi 10.4.1 ? Or another way to be informed when network changes? tia! John
  4. John van de Waeter

    IOS deployment error [PAClient Error] Error: E0776

    Hyeong, what happens if you create a new, blank app? (just use the same name and provisioning as the original app)
  5. John van de Waeter

    IOS deployment error [PAClient Error] Error: E0776

    Most of my problems with deploying iOS apps disappeared when I: - deleted the IOSDevice directory - deleted the Launchscreen.TemplateiOS, - deleted Entitlement.TemplateiOS.xml - made sure every icon in project/Options has its own file and rebuild Not sure if this helps you though... I'm no iOS guru...
  6. John van de Waeter

    RAD 10.4 Android KeyboardType NumbersAndPunctuation not working

    Mateus, tnx, works like a charm 🙂
  7. John van de Waeter

    GeocodeReverse on Android

    Found it, I guess... In System.Android.Sensors, class procedure TAndroidGeocoder.GeocodeReverseRequest The FGeoRevAddress was filled with data from the previous request. The code only fills the fields that are empty. So after one request, the fields where not empty and new data never got into the fGeoRevAddress. I applied just a quick fix for what I needed (city, postalcode, adminarea) of course this needs a more proper solution... 🙂 My quick fix: else begin Addr := FGeoRevAddress; Addr.adminarea:=''; // <--- added addr.postalcode:=''; // <--- added addr.locality:=''; // <--- added
  8. John van de Waeter

    GeocodeReverse on Android

    Hi Rollo62, It's not a matter of UI-refresh. I added a counter to the callback of the reverse geo lookup. It counts and it displays the counter. Like City=Amsterdam 1 City = Amsterdam 2 .... The lookup is executed, just returning the same result every next time (on Android).
  9. John van de Waeter

    Content not filling screen on iPhone 6

    Not sure if this is of any help, but I had similar problems. After several unsuccessful attempts I tried this: - Deleting ALL IOS stuff from the sourcedir (templates, directory iosdevice64, directory launchscreen.Template) - Deleting ALL stuff regarding my app from the Mac - Setting up newly all Icons in Projects/Options making sure that every icon (splash, app, launcher) have their own file The last one in bold!. I cannot look behind the scenes where delphi collects the files for the deploy-list, but it seemed to me that that it would not add a source file if it was already there. Lazy as I am, I used the same 1024x1024 for several images in the project/options/icons list. Only 1 appeared in the deploy-list. When I gave every icon its own file, they all appeared in the deploy list. - Rebuild, worked!
  10. John van de Waeter

    FMX app not working on some Android versions

    Hi Tufik, Hard to say. You included camera, Database, ZXing, min/targetedSDK tweaking, etc. Too many things that can cause problems. Start with a blank app. Make sure it runs on all tested devices. Then add features one by one.
  11. John van de Waeter

    GeocodeReverse on Android

    Well, actually because I always doubt myself, I tried this demo on Android. Start it, enable LocationSensor. Works, adress info is correct. Leave the demo app running, start walking a couple of hundred meters. The location coordinates and map synchronizes with the position, the current address does not. Stop LocationSensor, start LocationSensor: still old address. Stop app, restart app, address info ok.
  12. John van de Waeter

    GeocodeReverse on Android

    Pat, Still, no, no LocationSensor involved. I already have coordinates. I just want to lookup (georeverse) the postalcode from a set of lat/long. Meta code: 1: Input lat, long; Find postalcode using georeverse Works on both iOS and Android 2: Input another different set of lat/long; Find postalcode; Works on iOS, but gives result of first lookup (1) in Android.
  13. John van de Waeter

    GeocodeReverse on Android

    Pat, It's not from a webbrowser, it's from a Delphi-FMX app.
  14. John van de Waeter

    GeocodeReverse on Android

    Hi All, In my app I tried this sample to test Geocode Reverse, to find a location's postal code. Works great on iOS, but works only once on Android. (tested on Android 6 and 9). First time lookup Geocode reverse works, but subsequent lookups give the same result as the first one. Have to kill the app and restart to have a new lookup. I tried to dispose the TGeoCoder, so it would be recreated at every lookup, but it didn't have any effect. Any ideas? tia! John
  15. John van de Waeter

    RAD 10.4 Android KeyboardType NumbersAndPunctuation not working

    Sorry for responding to an old post, but I wonder if the issue I notice is related. Put on a form 3 TEdits Give them different Keyboardtypes. tap in an Tedit, the correct keyboard is shown. Don't use the returnkey, but tap in the next Tedit. On Android, this works okay, the correct keyboardlayout is shown. On iOS, the keyboardtype from the first edit remains visible. Is this an iOS issue or a Firemonkey issue? Thanks, John