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  1. Darian Miller

    New Inline variables mess up IDE

    Best choice for me
  2. Darian Miller

    FmxLinux bundling with Delphi and RAD Studio

    Now there's a marketing line for FMX :o
  3. Darian Miller

    Best delphi so far?

    It's true - and it the IDE stability issue has been pretty bad. Note that the question was a combination - best IDE stability and VCL win-32 development. In that context, I believe XE2's minor IDE quirks very much outweigh Delphi 2007's more limited dev capabilities. (+Generics, RTTI enhancements, Unicode support) If it's just IDE, then I pick Delphi 5. Super quick load time, no licensing quirks/worries.
  4. Your question was "Is this type of construct smelly code?" If you ever feel compelled to ask that about a specific chunk of code, then I would the assert that the obvious answer is YES.
  5. Darian Miller

    Best delphi so far?

    I believe Delphi XE2 was the best release for IDE stability and 32-bit VCL development.
  6. Darian Miller

    Java Updated License Terms and Delphi

    No, that is apparently the main problem here. I installed a licensed commercial product from Embarcadero and was presented with a popup from the Java update stating that the license provided on the update is for non-commercial use only. I assume the version installed with Delphi was an older version and you are simply disallowed from updating it to the latest version unless you get a commercial license. My question was - did Embarcadero manage a commercial license which covers our use? I had assumed this topic was already discussed in length...but apparently not. I assume people are just ignoring that warning in the Java update screen.
  7. Darian Miller


    (I've been coding in the automotive industry in the U.S. for 20+ years.) IMO, if you want to service the U.S. market and you are displaying the distance a vehicle has traveled to a user then use "Mileage" or "Miles" and convert KM to Miles for display. Very few in the U.S. will want to see KM for vehicle mileage (at least for personal vehicle mileage.)
  8. I've been mostly living under a rock for a number of months... I just came out and installed my brand new copy of 10.3.1 and quickly went to lunch while it installed. I came back and noticed the familiar Java update pending notice and started quickly clicking to get it updated before jumping into some dev work. I then noticed the Updated License Terms screen and the "This version of the Java Runtime is licensed only for your personal (non commercial) desktop and laptop use." disclaimer. Has this topic been beat to death yet? : ) Links please! Seriously though - for commercial Delphi android development, does Embarcadero cover our commercial license with whatever bundled license they have, or do we need to go direct to Oracle?
  9. Darian Miller

    JSON string value

    CORRECT. The "time for docu work" was BEFORE THE FEATURE WAS RELEASED.
  10. Clarity is certainly not one of his strong points.
  11. Darian Miller

    Saving a large project takes soooo Loooonnnnggg..

    You can rename the BPL but it's probably best to leave the BPLs alone and just mark them as disabled. see: https://wiert.me/2018/08/02/one-more-reason-to-disable-live-bindings-it-throws-exceptions-when-a-project-is-in-a-project-group/
  12. Darian Miller

    Saving a large project takes soooo Loooonnnnggg..

    Could be external in nature. If you have anti-virus running exclude the directories containing the .pas files (or enter a system-wide exclusion for *.pas, *.dpr, *.dproj) Otherwise check out IDE Fix Pack
  13. Darian Miller

    The Android 64bit deadline warnings have started

    Agreed. After being bought out last year by a PE firm, I can perceive their actions a little more clearly now. IMHO, there is no amount of bitching in this forum that is going to change their direction one bit.
  14. Darian Miller

    Initialize local variables at declaration

    I don't have 10.3 installed - so quick question on variables defined inline within a loop. I assume they uninitialized with each iteration, correct? (Or initialized exactly the same as normal stack variables) Technically then var AllocMsg :String := ''; in your example the null string default assignment is not needed? Also the variables TPQ and ArtSum are assumedly interfaces which are automatically released on each iteration?
  15. Darian Miller

    SQLite - FireDAC or ?

    That hit the nail on the head. I was missing that major issue. In addition, the last update to LiteDAC was November. A possible solution would be to dynamically link and keep that DLL up to date from the official source but I'd rather have statically linked. For future reference: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Rio/en/Connect_to_SQLite_database_(FireDAC) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34486325/how-to-remove-static-linking-from-firedac-sqlite https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23187853/delphi-sqlite-wrapper-with-static-linking-and-encryption-support/23193690 http://blog.synopse.info/post/2018/03/12/New-AES-based-SQLite3-encryption https://synopse.info/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=26794#p26794 In their Rio doc link above, they are using 3.9.2. I don't have 10.3 installed currently so I cannot confirm. It's been a number of years since I tried mORMot... time to dig into it again! Thanks