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  1. Darian Miller

    String into TArray<Byte>

    Example. Start a new VCL app, drop an Edit and a Button on a form. In the click event of the button: procedure TForm7.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var x:TArray<Byte>; begin x := TEncoding.Unicode.GetBytes(Edit1.Text); ShowMessage(IntToStr(Length(x))); end;
  2. Sorry for the double post...double clicked the Submit button I guess
  3. Darian Miller

    Common dialogs not correctly skinned

    I don't recall if this is on by default: TStyleManager.SystemHooks := TStyleManager.SystemHooks + [shDialogs]; But also look at: http://delphiprogrammingdiary.blogspot.com/2019/05/how-to-apply-vcl-style-to-delphi-common.html
  4. Darian Miller

    Is datasnap Webbroker a good approach?

    There are quite a few different avenues you could take to support API development. The first step in any is to get it "to work" which you seemed to have accomplished! Your next question is valid - will it scale? The question remains, how much do you need it to scale? How many concurrent connections are planned, what sort of total throughput is required and what are acceptable latencies? Once you define those, you can test those things yourself by using tools like JMeter and BlazeMeter and see if your performance is acceptable. If it's not, then you can look at scaling methods, either locally with Windows Clusters or migrating to cloud services on AWS or Azure. If the performance isn't satisfactory, you could also look into different implementations. One of the most commonly used frameworks is mORMot which has been highly optimized. If you join their community you'll likely get some help getting started. There's a LOT of code available, and much you can ignore to get started. Another option is to get a commercial finely-tuned multi-tier approach from Components4Developers. This option has been around a very long time and is quite mature, and quite performant. Another commercial option to look into is the Remoting SDK from remobjects. This also has been around quite a long time and is widely used. For a real simple and performant commercial toolkit, also look at RealThinClient components. There are plenty of other choices out there. The next step that I would recommend is to analyze your projected usage and start establishing some real testing metrics that you can validate current and future decisions on. Get the tools in place to back up your API infrastructure with measurements and validation. In addition to API testing, get line-by-line performance measurements with ProDelphi or Nexus Quality Suite to track down different implementations.
  5. Darian Miller

    FireDAC Add On discountinued? (Good by Embarcadero?)

    That's a honest question, when you know the answer?
  6. Darian Miller

    FireDAC Add On discountinued? (Good by Embarcadero?)

    DevArt subscriptions default to 1 year of support and upgrades. You have the option to buy 2 or 3 years up front at a discount. It's a perpetual license, but you won't get any updates after your subscription expires if you don't renew. Renewals are typically 40-50% of the price of the initial subscription, but you are correct, they don't display that cost. I assume you can get a close guess of what the cost of annual renewal will be by comparing the 1 year to the 2 year initial price, and add about 10%. (Rough estimate) Before purchase, I sent them an email and specifically asked what the renewal price was. I purchased pgDAC Pro last year for $500, which is the current list price. I can renew the annual subscription today for $250. It's getting close to be a real good time to buy tools and components. As I posted on my blog last year, many component vendors offer Black Friday discounts: https://www.ideasawakened.com/post/black-friday-discounts-from-delphi-related-third-party-vendors DevArt is apparently using the same URL as last year and this page contains discount codes good from Nov 23-29th, saving 20-50% off. https://www.devart.com/blackfriday.html I'll probably do a 2020 blog post with Black Friday deals once more are announced from various vendors.
  7. Darian Miller

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    Roadmap released: https://blogs.embarcadero.com/rad-studio-roadmap-november-2020/
  8. Thanks. I don't think I ever torqued him off and got banned, but then again I don't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday...
  9. Thanks! Maybe I angered the moderator....called him a Visual Basic programmer or something.
  10. Thanks. I am a member of these 3 facebook Delphi groups: Delphi Dev: https://www.facebook.com/groups/delphidevelop 3.3k members Delphi Developers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DelphiDevelopers 4.4k members Delphi Programmers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DelphiProgrammers/ 6.2k members For the Facebook group link you provided, I get an error message below so it must be a private group. Or maybe I've been banned! 🙂
  11. Thanks. I guess I don't have access to that group. Can you invite me?
  12. Curious - which Delphi facebook group? I didn't see your post listed in the few groups I checked. (I'm wondering if I'm missing a group.) Also - have you received your payment yet? Try contacting their "VP of Product" Kurt Smith. The email I have for him is firstname at fastspring.com
  13. Darian Miller

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    I think a new roadmap is past due.... any news @Jim McKeeth or @Marco Cantu?