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  1. Updated for Cyber Monday and Cyber Week sales from Aquafold DevArt Helpinator Coursera Lulu.com
  2. Post updated to now include discounts for: Bergsoft CleverComponents Components4Developers DelphiParser DevArt EurekaLog HelpNDoc TMS Software And general dev resources: The Pragmatic Bookshelf Pragmatic Studio courses Pluralsight Udemy https://www.ideasawakened.com/post/black-friday-discounts-from-delphi-related-third-party-vendors
  3. If interested, I put together a blog post yesterday of links for Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts. This list currently includes discounts from: CleverComponents Components4Developers DelphiParser DevArt EurekaLog https://www.ideasawakened.com/post/black-friday-discounts-from-delphi-related-third-party-vendors There's also info on current discounts for RAD Studio/Delphi. If you know of any more, I'll be happy to update the list.
  4. Darian Miller

    Delphi 10.3.3 has been released

    Also happened to me. I completed the setup and didn't have a BDS.exe...seemed like everything else was there? I had to blow it all out and install to a new machine.
  5. These is one of Helix Teamhub's targets - as you can grant access to third party users and limit access to specific repos/branches. I hadn't seen Versionshelf before. The multi-repo offering is definitely cool. But a new user to their site would see that they had one blog post in 2017 and nothing since. I'd assume the offering from a solid company like Perforce would be preferred, depending on number of users and budget. It does help to make this Helix Teamhub an interesting offering.
  6. But it's not just a source repository. It has 70+ third-party integrations and offers tickets, milestones, kanban, wikis, code reviews. Other features like webdav file sharing, and multiple authentication enhancements like single sign-on, authorization by branch level. For those that want to host it themselves, there is a on-premise edition available. It's like a private GitHub repo with many features, including SVN support. It allows a mix and match of SVN, Git, and Mercurial repositories so if you are working with multiple teams with different types of repos you can support it with one system. If you only have 3 developers, and if your repo is under 1GB, then it might be something to look into so you get out of hosting it yourself and you get all the tools/integrations for free. I tried it out last night and the Wiki markdown support was OK, but the pages were all presented in a single list - there didn't seem to be the concept of child pages like on Azure Devops so I don't think I'll use it. Regardless, it's an interesting offering.
  7. A few blog posts online, one today on a pretty good offering from Perforce that I stumbled upon: Helix TeamHub: 5-users with 1GB of space and your mix/match choice of Git, Mercurial, SVN repos for free. Also comes with tickets, wikis, build artifact management, integrations. The article comes with a slight rant on Git... https://www.ideasawakened.com/post/subversion-isn-t-dead-get-a-1gb-repo-free-forever I'm currently using Azure Devops which is pretty nice, but over the last few days the system was so slow that I started looking for alternatives and I found this one today.
  8. Darian Miller

    RAD Studio 10.3.3 now available

    Ah yes, corrected
  9. Darian Miller

    RAD Studio 10.3.3 now available

    Web- based installer for free users is at: https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30894
  10. Darian Miller

    Delphi 10.3.3 has been released

    Plus an update to no longer require users to restart their app when changing from light to dark themes on iOS: https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30899
  11. I started up a new blog recently and just added a quick article on using SVG with TPath. I didn't know how easy it was to do in FireMonkey: https://www.ideasawakened.com/post/simple-svg-images-in-delphi-applications
  12. Darian Miller

    InterBase or Firebird?

    Ancient subject, but after years of progress on both sides... how does it look today for a new, small Windows desktop project? Don't need outrageous speed, or size, just a dependable data store. One nice feature is to be easy to backup/restore as needed. Another alternative is PostgreSQL. Does anyone even use InterBase anymore?
  13. Darian Miller

    SonarCube Plugin for Delphi

    If you would commit to some spending some money on their commercial version, the SonarSource guy might be worth a contact to help push things along. Olivier Gaudin, CEO/Co-Founder. (first.last@sonarsource.com) Too many people directly pleading for a free add-on would likely diminish the cause, but if there is money to be gained behind the suggestion, then it would probably help.
  14. Darian Miller

    SonarCube Plugin for Delphi

    Last time I tried his, it worked for me, but it's been a while. Note: please vote for a SonarSource supported plugin here: https://community.sonarsource.com/t/add-delphi-language-support/5492/15 I believe we have more votes than any other new feature request. But last time I contacted their CEO, he said "it wasn't on the roadmap for now". Maybe if we get enough votes that will change his mind... Darian
  15. Darian Miller

    Who's gonna be at EKON 23?

    Hopefully next year for me.