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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I am looking to create a console application to get a file from a specific ftp location. During research I found the best match OverbyteIcsConFtp sample from ICS_VCL-8.50-Tokyo\Samples\Delphi\FtpDemos Changed the project to have correct info and after connecting to ftp I am getting an error 530 I have tried another sample and I am getting same error. What am I missing? TIA, Costica
  2. Mark Williams

    Problem starting FTP Server

    I am trying to create a FTP server for the first time using TIDFTPServer. I have dropped a TFTPServer onto a form and changed properties only as follows: Active = True Bindings = < item IP = '**.**.***.***' Port = 21 end> ReuseSocket = rsTrue If I set the IP address as the external ip address for the server I get an EIDCouldNotBindSocket error and it advises that "Address and port are already in use" when I try to start it. I don't get this problem if I change the IP address to the server's local address ( Should the IP address always be set to the local IP? I've noticed that IDFTP has an ExternalP property and also ServerHOST property. There is help on the ExternalIP property, but no on the ServerHOST property. Would I be right in assuming these properties are used for external connections to the FTP server rather than anything in the FTPServer's settings? With respect to the ExternalIP address this also seems to require setting of the DataPort. I have tried connecting setting ExternalIP to the relevant IP address and DataPort to 21. Host is blank. When I try to connect I get an error message telling me a Host is required. I've tried setting Host to the external IP and also ServerHost, but either I get Host required error or time out.
  3. Hi, I use TSslFtpClient component for connecting to a server via SSL (TSL connections), and also TSslContext and TSslAvlSessionCache. I can connect and trasfer some file, but after a while (7/8 seconds, and about 145 files) the session (not the connection) closes, so I close also the connection and restart it. I would know if is it possible avoid expire the session and do a reconnect to the server. I have to transfer also thousands of file at a time Thanks in advance PS: if I try to copy many file with the OverbyteIcsXferTst1 example, that use TIcsFtpMulti, It give me "FTP Session Closed - Connection reset by peer (#10054)" after only having transferred 45 files