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  1. Mark Williams

    TStringStream inconsistent results

    That seems to be the answer. Many thanks. I think I initially went with LoadXMLData because it created the XMLDocument for you in the same step. A false economy it seems!
  2. I have an ISAPI DLL written in Delphi 10.4 running on my server. I exchange information in XML format with the DLL via an app also written in Delphi 10.4. Both the server and the user computer are using Microsoft XML 6.0. I use the following function to convert the exchange xml streams to a string and then to load into IXMLDocument. Function ConvertStreamToString(stream:TMemoryStream):String; Var ss:TStringStream; begin if (Stream <> nil) and (stream.Size>0) then begin Stream.Position:=0; ss:=TStringStream.Create; try ss.CopyFrom(stream, 0); Result:=ss.DataString; finally ss.Free; end; end else Result := ''; end; I load the xml data with: Doc := LoadXMLData(ConvertStreamToString(Response)); This works fine for data received from the server, but not for data submitted to the server. The data is received complete by the server (I save the received stream data to file to test), but something goes wrong with the convertStreamToString function and the LoadXMLData function throws up an error: If I change the stream conversion function to: SetString(Result, PChar(Stream.Memory), Stream.Size div SizeOf(Char)); This works for the DLL on the server, but fails on the local app. It returns a load of junk throwing up an AV on the call to LoadXMLData. I could have a different functions for the server and the local app, but I would rather have some idea as to why this is happening. I guess it is to do with encoding, but can anyone give me a steer as to how I resolve it please?
  3. Mark Williams

    FireDac Array DML Update query - omitting certain fields

    Yes. As I explained that would work, but I would have to submit a mass of additional data to my server that is unnecessary if you use COALESCE. No. Trying to write it as flexible as poss
  4. Mark Williams

    FireDac Array DML Update query - omitting certain fields

    You're a genius. I'm an idiot. Why didn't I think of COALESCE. Thanks
  5. Mark Williams

    FireDac Array DML Update query - omitting certain fields

    Possible, but I'm posting data to a server which then submits the query and it could be an awful lot of unnecessary data to post.
  6. I'd like to use Array DML to update a table, however, I don't want to update all fields every time. In some instances I would like to leave the existing database value untouched for a particular record. In a normal update query I would do something like "UPDATE persons set name=name". I can't see how it's possible to do that for Array DML. SQL.Text :='UPDATE persons SET name=:NAME, email=:EMAIL WHERE id=:ID'; Params[0].DataType:=ftString; Params[1].DataType:=ftString; Params[2].DataType:=ftLargeInt; Params.ArraySize:=2; Params[0].AsStrings[0]:='Delphi'; Params[1].AsStrings[0]:='praxis'; Params[2].AsLargeInts[0]:=794; Params[0].AsStrings[1]:='Mark'; Params[2].AsLargeInts[1]:=795; Execute(Params.ArraySize); The first set of values is intended to overwrite name and email fields. The second set of value is intended to overwrite just the name field and leave the email field as is in the database. I thought (but not with much optimism) that not seeing the parameter for the email field may leave it as is. In fact it sets the value to an empty string. I can't see any method or property of TFDParam that seems to fit the bill. Was hoping there might be an "AsIs" property, but sadly not. I'm sure it can't be the case that I would need to submit multiple array DML's depending on which values I want to change and which ones I want to leave untouched.
  7. Mark Williams

    FireDAC ArrayDML returning ids

    Should have mentioned @J. Robroeks in the original post as J posted the solution referred to on SA.
  8. Mark Williams

    FireDAC ArrayDML returning ids

    I posted a question on this a while back. Trying to establish whether there was a way of retrieving the ids for new rows inserted using ArrayDML. I had tried using "returning id". That didn't work or rather it didn't work as I had hoped. From memory it inserted just one row and returned the id for that row, By chance I came across this post on stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66704349/firedac-array-dml-and-returning-clauses I have tried this and get "syntax error at or near {". I can't find anything on "INTO" in this context. Also, using PostgreSQL to test.
  9. Mark Williams

    TControlBar wraps toolbar controls

    I'm trying to use TControlBar for the first time to host controls, mainly TToolBars I have found that when you copy toolbars into the TControlBar it often breaks the toolbar over two rows. This seems to happen where there are 8 or more buttons. I can't find any property either of the controlbar or toolbar to prevent this happening. Most hopeful was TToolbar's Wrappable property, but setting this to false does nothing when the toolbar is placed in a controlbar.
  10. Mark Williams

    Library Path Add button disabled

    I have found the solution. I was working in idiot mode. The path I was trying to add was already in there.
  11. Mark Williams

    Library Path Add button disabled

    I haven't tried to add a new library path for at least year and now I can't add anything. Whereas the Add button is meant to enabled once you select a folder, it no longer does so. Also, if I select an existing path the Replace button does not enable. Anyone have any ideas what may cause this?
  12. Mark Williams

    SearchBuf is deprecated

    Unit2.pas Unit2.dfm I have made slight changes. Both of my own functions are now called with the same parameters. The strUtils one works as expected. The AnsiStrings one reports -1 Thanks
  13. Mark Williams

    SearchBuf is deprecated

    Thanks to Stano the function now compiles. However, I cannot get the AnsiStrings function to work as I would expect ie in the same way as the strUtils unit. The code is: {Ansitrings:} Function FindWordInText(Const Text:PAnsiChar; Const FindText:AnsiString; index:integer):Integer; {StrUtils:} Function FindWordInText(Const Text:PWideChar; Const FindText:AnsiString; index:integer):Integer; var {AnsiStrings:} P:AnsiChar; {StrUtils} P:PWideChar; Size:word; Options:TStringSearchOptions; begin Size := length(text); //Buffer := StrAlloc(Size+1); Options:=[soDown]; P := {System.AnsiStrings.}SearchBuf(text, Size , 0, index, FindText, options); if P <> nil then Result:=P-text; end; StrUtils function correctly returns the position of a word within the text, AnsiStrings function always returns -1. I assume it is to do with the difference between PWideChar and PAnsiChar, but how do I handle that please within this function?
  14. Mark Williams

    SearchBuf is deprecated

    Sorry should have spotted that myself, although the help file in the StrUtils unit only refers to the functuion being deprecated for C++. I am now getting an "Ambiguous overloaded call to SearchBuf" error. I am calling SearchBuf in a functions declared as follows: Function FindWordInText(Const Text:PAnsiChar; Const FindText:AnsiString; caseSens, WholeW: boolean; index:integer):Integer; var P:PAnsiChar; Size:word; Options:TStringSearchOptions; begin {irrelevant code removed} P := SearchBuf(text, Size , 0, index, FindText, options); end; After changing my reference to strUtils in uses to AnsiStrings this would not compile. Reason being that TStringSearchOptions is in strUtils. So I also added StrUtils back in to my uses after AnsiStrings. As soon as I did so, I get the ambiguous error. The parameters passed into my function are correct for the SearchBuf function in AnsiStrings unit. I also get the same error if I add the AnsiStrings unit after StrUtils in my uses clause. If I change my functions parameters as follows: Function FindWordInText(Const Text:PWideChar; Const FindText:AnsiString; caseSens, WholeW: boolean; index:integer):Integer; var P:PWideChar; Size:word; Options:TStringSearchOptions; begin P := SearchBuf(text, Size , 0, index, FindText, options); end; It compiles and executes fine. Presumably, it is calling the StrUtils function. But why am I getting an ambiguous error with PAnsiChar as a parameter, but not PWideChar?
  15. Mark Williams

    SearchBuf is deprecated

    I am using Searchbuf from SysUtils. I am getting the above warning. Often when the compiler warns that a function is deprecated it points you to a new function that performs the same or advanced role. Not in this case. Anyone know what if anything has replaced SearchBuf?