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  1. Oh hell. Just me then 🙂 Thanks for checking. I installed from GetIt, so maybe I'll try installing the traditional way to see if they appear on the palette. Thanks again, Richard
  2. Thanks Angus. I really appreciate all you do for us. This isn't an ICS problem, so I'm just hoping that some other C++ users will have encountered the same problem and found a better solution than my workaround. Richard
  3. I've recently noticed that in RAD Studio 10.3.2 I cannot access the ICS components from the palette when I am using a C++ form. In earlier versions of RAD Studio the Delphi-only components were available to be dropped onto C++ forms. I appreciate this isn't an ICS problem as it will probably apply to all DX-only components, but I'm hoping others here will have a better solution. than my workaround. The workaround I have is to create a Delphi form in a C++ project and then add the ICS component(s) to the Delphi form and then cut/paste the component onto the C++ form. This will only work for RAD Studio users, as C++ Builder-only users cannot create Delphi forms in their C++ project. Thanks in advance for any help/info you can provide. Richard