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Found 3 results

  1. I have an unusual requirement and wonder if it's possible with ICS. I have an embedded device that can serve web pages using HTTP. The device is usually installed on a private network, so I cannot access it over the Internet. The device has the means to make a socket connection to any port, so it can escape the private network and firewalls. I use a TSslWSocket to listen for a connection from the device and then manually send an HTTP GET command to the device and wait for the reply. There's no SSL involved. This works well for simple GET commands, but I'd like to do more. Is it possible to pass the socket from TSslWSocket to a component like THttpCli? It would be nice to find a way to have a browser in my app talk to the device. Thanks in advance for your help. Richard
  2. Hey there! following the documentation of TWSocket.Addr, i tried to connect to a WebSocket "wss://ws.twelvedata.com/v1/quotes/price?apikey=api_key" using the "C:\Users\Public\...\icsv870\Samples\Delphi\SslInternet\OverbyteIcsSimpleSslCli64.dproj". without success. i always got error like: 'Winsock Resolve Host: Cannot convert host address 'wss://ws.twelvedata.com/v1/quotes/price?apikey=api_key' - Host not found (#11001)'. Processus OverbyteIcsSimpleSslCli.exe (25544) can you point me to the right direction? thx
  3. Hello Community, since last week I have been trying to let a TsslWSocket and a TsslWSocketServer communicate with each other. I want to get a long-term stable connection between a TCP client and a TCP server that is secured with TLS1.3. However, after a runtime of a few minutes, the data transfer breaks down. There is a client thread and a server thread. In the respective Execute method I create the socket and initialize it, call Listen (server) or Connect (client) and run the MessageLoop. After a successful SSL handshake, my client sends 128KB data packets to the server. The data arrives at the server, TwSocketClient.onDataAvailable is triggered, the bytes can be read there with TwSocketClient (Sender).Receive (pBuffer ...). When the server has received 128KB, it sends an "ACK" packet to the client (An AnsiString "ACK", 3 bytes). When the client receives the packet, it sends again 128KB of testdata. This works a few thousand, sometimes some tenthousands times, until TwSocketClient.onDataAvailable is suddenly no longer called. There is no OnSessionClosed, no onError, no onException and also no onBgException that would indicate a problem. Apparently the problem is on the client side: A running Wireshark shows an [ACK] packet from the server to the client as last entry. Further clicks on the "Manual Send" button do not lead to any further lines in the Wireshark log. When this state has been reached another client can connect to the server without any problems, so the server is not completely dead. I have no idea what I could do wrong ... Maybe it's not ok to send in the context of another thread? But how is that supposed to work when the client thread is blocked by the MessageLoop? Simultaneous web browsing leads to the problem faster. When I look at any website, it usually takes less than half a minute to see the problem. My test project is attached. I would be interested to know if you have observed the same problem and if anyone has a guess as to what might be the cause ... The project is complete, the Win32 folder also contains the certificate used for testing ... Usage: Enter your own IP address, press the "btCreateStart" button, then the "btSendData Manual Send" button. The "logICStest.log" file in the program directory grows until the problem occurs ... Thanks in advance... P.S: I have already tried not to send after receiving the ACK packet, but cyclically via timer or thread. If you can select both in the test project with checkboxes, the result is the same. The problem does not only occur with TLS1.3, also with TLS1.2. I even think it shows up without encryption, just takes longer ... I crossposted this in the german Delphi-Praxis in german language (https://www.delphipraxis.net/205223-stabile-tcp-verbindung-mit-ics-ich-kriegs-nicht-hin.html)... Test Overbyte ISC Client und Server.7z