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Found 2 results

  1. Development

    sspi error with TWSocket

    Hi, I upgrade the ICS Overbyte version I used to be able to use this Library with RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo (C++ Builder). I already have a version on a separare computer that works with Rad Studio XE5. Since I add a TWSocket component on a form, I can't compile the project anymore. I have an error : You must define one of SECURITY_WIN32, SECURITY_KERNEL or SECURITY_MAC from sspi.h file. I Added #define SECURITY_WIN32 at the beginning of my project by the problem is not solved. Can you help me ? Best regards,
  2. Hello, I'm sorry if this topic was discussed several times, I was able to find only a REALLY low amount of information and none of them seemed to work. I need to create a TSslHttpServer (in runtime) and serve the client requests. Everything went fine in my test app so I started to port it to it's final state but it refused to work. Port is opened but no events are being fired. Since I already met this with the standard TClientSocket / TServerSocket so I quickly put my message pump generator in the Repeat...Until Terminated cycle in my main thread. No joy, so I started to investigate. I already found that I should do something with the NOFORMS directive but I was unable to make it work. Result is always the same: connection to the opened port is possible, but no events are fired in my Delphi app, nor the connection responds. - I added the NOFORMS directive to the ICS install package and rebuilt all - I added the NOFORMS directive to my app and rebuilt all - I added the {$DEFINE NOFORMS} to my app's dpr - tried enabling or disabling the MultiThreaded property - Tried moving to my messagepump to SslHttpServer.OnMessagePump - Tried SslHttpServer.ProcessMessages, .MessagePump, .MessageLoop I also mixed the above, meaning tried each combination of each message processor method with each directive. TMyThread = Class(TThread) strict private myhttpsrv: TSslHttpServer; [...] Constructor TMyThread.Create; Begin myhttpsrv := TSSlHttpServer.Create(nil); myhttpsrv.OnClientConnect := WebServerClientConnect; myhttpsrv.OnMessagePump := WebServerMessagePump; [...] Procedure TMyThread.Execute; Begin Repeat If Not _httpsrv.ListenAllOK Then _httpsrv.Start; // myhttpsrv.ProcessMessages; // myhttpsrv.MessageLoop; // myhttpsrv.MessagePump; Until Terminated; [...] Procedure TMyThread.WebServerClientConnect(Sender: TObject); Begin WriteLn('Client connected...'); [...] Procedure TMyThread.WebServerMessagePump(Sender: TObject); Begin If PeekMessage(msg, 0, 0, 0, 0) Then Begin GetMessage(msg, 0, 0, 0); TranslateMessage(msg); DispatchMessage(msg); End; [...] What I am doing wrong? Any ideas on how I can make it work? Thanks!