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  1. tinyBigGAMES


    Integrate with OpenAI's ChatGPT API seamlessly from Delphi. Features Easily access the GPT API from a single class Supports both GPT3 and GPT4 models API key can be read from ChatGPTApiKey environment variable if defined Automatically sanitizes input to minimize errors Ability to define proxy settings Adjust personality response with a precision range of 0-1, from precise to creative Stream responses just like in the ChatGPT web interface Usage Get your API Key: https://platform.openai.com/account/api-keys Define environment variable ChatGPTApiKey and assigned your API key. You may have to reboot your machine for it to take effect. // Basic example showing how to query ChatGPT uses AskChatGPT; var LChat: TAskChatGPT; begin LChat := TAskChatGPT.Create; try // set chat params LChat.Model := GPT3; // use the GPT3 model, or GPT4 for the GPT4 model LChat.Creative := 1; // 0-1, 0 being most percise and 1 being most creative // ask question LChat.Question := 'What is Delphi?' // print question PrintLn('Q: %s', [LChat.Question]); // process and print response if LChat.Process then PrintLn('A: %s', [LChat.Response]); finally LChat.Free; end; end; Media Download https://github.com/tinyBigGAMES/AskChatGPT
  2. 1. If you have not done so, make sure you have excluded all Delphi related folders + your project folders from real-time virus scanning 2. ASLR is enabled by default so there may be places in your code that are now suddenly invalid whereas it worked perfectly before. There may be places where you must use NativeInt/NativeUInt instead for example. So, check for ASLR related issues that may exist in your code base. After doing the above, the constant AVs and crashes diminished for me.
  3. Quick and dirty example using CreateFileMapping IPCTest.mp4 IPCTest.zip
  4. lol, I will assume that you never used CreateFileMapping? So, with just three calls with no other dependencies, you can setup IPC between EXEs. With just two calls you can allocate virtual memory into the address space of your EXE or those same calls with different parameters, you can map a large file into your EXE address space and access it as it was contiguous memory. The power of CreateFileMapping at your disposal. Why does it need to overlay complicated?
  5. CreateFileMapping, shared memory between processes. Creating Named Shared Memory - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn
  6. tinyBigGAMES

    SDL3 for Pascal

    SDL3 for Pascal If you want to get your hands dirty and directly use the new SDL3, I got you covered. ­čśÄ Add SDL3 to your uses statement and it will be linked into your executable with direct access, no DLLs to maintain. You also get miniaudio (for audio), Nuklear (for GUI), pl_mpeg (for video) and stb (for images & fonts) and more. Added a contrib folder and accepting PRs, if you wish to add a contribution. To start the ball rolling, I added ziparc archive utility for making standard password protected zip archives, using zlib/minzip from SDL3pas only. Enjoy! https://github.com/tinyBigGAMES/SDL3
  7. tinyBigGAMES

    GamePascal Toolkit

    Hi, thanks. Oh no worries, I welcome all feedback. I just committed a huge update to the repo today with all of that and more. There is a new unit GamePascal.Framework, there is a new class TGame that you can derive your games from with all of what you suggested built in. TGame, TActor, TActorList, TActorScene together allow you to have a dynamic and responsive OOP system to manage your game. All the examples have been updated to take advantage of this.
  8. tinyBigGAMES

    GamePascal Toolkit

    I'm working on this demo, which will be in the next update.
  9. tinyBigGAMES

    GamePascal Toolkit

    Also, you can always spin up a TCompiler instance (see GPCC if you want to play around with it now) and compile your source standalone via the built-in CaaS (compiler as a service). There will be more information/examples about CaaS in future releases. The allows for the move toward a standalone game engine/ide environment in the future.
  10. tinyBigGAMES

    GamePascal Toolkit

    Point taken.
  11. tinyBigGAMES

    GamePascal Toolkit

    GVExamples in the distro (unzip and run). This is just v0.1.0, more examples and features coming in subsequent releases. GV was folded into DGK when I switched to SDL2 and it optimized for more recent versions of Delphi. GPT uses SDL3, it is designed to work on more compiler/windows versions and will have more/advanced features that will eventually be included. Will not be hampered by limitation of a compiler version not having feature X which prevents you from using it. As long as your compiler version can target win64 and have Unicode, then it should be able to work.
  12. tinyBigGAMES

    GamePascal Toolkit

    GamePascalÔäó is a professional indie game toolkit that allows you to do 2D game development using the Object Pascal language. Officially supporting Embarcadero Delphi┬« and FreePascal compilers on desktop PC's running Microsoft Windows┬« and uses Direct3D┬« for hardware accelerated rendering. It's robust, designed for easy use and suitable for making all types of 2D games and other graphic simulations. You access the features from a simple and intuitive API, to allow you to develop your projects rapidly and efficiently. There is support for textures, audio samples, streaming music, video playback, loading resources directly from a compressed and encrypted archive, a thin object-oriented actor/scene system, collision detection and much more. GamePascal, make 2D games in Pascal. Easy, fast & fun! https://gamepascal.org
  13. tinyBigGAMES

    Digitally Sign Applicaiton

    Put in a .bat file and then call the .bat file from the post build event.
  14. tinyBigGAMES

    Crowdstrike killing Delphi 11.2

    You MUST exclude all Delphi folders + YOU_PROJECT_FOLDER from your real-time virus scanning, else world of hurt ensues. I use Window Security and if I do not do this, it will chew on Delphi/generated exe and interfere with many aspects of the normal code and debug process.
  15. tinyBigGAMES

    Luna Game Toolkit

    Yea, I know, I know. So many eyeballs however and the response tends to be much higher. That being said, I see a new option show up on my twitter account, communities so experimenting with a group for twitter. Will be here: Luna Game Toolkit Community / Twitter