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  1. Hello, Yes, I send SMS messages in one of my applications. A cell phone or modem that supports the AT command set is what I used. There is not an SMS protocol specification. If only sending messages most providers use the same commands. Receiving messages, clearing storage, etc., not all providers support those actions. We tested with Nokia and Samsung phones. I know customers are using other MODEM brands with success. Good luck, Mark
  2. Mark-

    TEdgeBrowser and 10.2.3...

    The results. All seems to be working. The TDictionary.TryAdd missing was solved with two lines of code.
  3. Mark-

    TEdgeBrowser and 10.2.3...

    > Can TEdgeBrowser be used in 10.2.3? Changing the code in Vcl.Edge. Thanks for the response.
  4. Mark-

    TEdgeBrowser and 10.2.3...

    Well so far, so good. [ Changing the code in Vcl.Edge. ] I had to make changes to every location an inline var or const is used, a few dozen, not too must trouble. Only real pain is when the same var name is used in a function, in different blocks of the function, and the type is different in each block. Now, one line of code that uses TDictionary.TryAdd which does not exist in 10.2. I have not used TDictionary so I need to see if I can change the line to get the same operation using existing TDictionary functions and/or a few more lines of code.
  5. Mark-

    TEdgeBrowser and 10.2.3...

    Yeah I read about it. Thanks for the response.
  6. Mark-

    TEdgeBrowser and 10.2.3...

    Don't know, hence the asking. Thanks for the response.
  7. Mark-

    TEdgeBrowser and 10.2.3...

    Hello, Can TEdgeBrowser be used in 10.2.3? I can download and install 10.4 in a VM, copy the component/files to 10.2.3 if it will work. Ideas, other than to switch to 10.4? Thanks. Mark
  8. Not sure where the problem is located. Changed the column type from TEXT to VARCHAR(4095) and now all the characters are fetched. Anyone used the TEXT data type of MySQL with FireDAC (using ODBC) and a DBGrid? When the type is TEXT is appears in the grid as {WIDEMEMO}. Perhaps a setting I am missing that limits the fetch size for WIDEMEMO.
  9. Ralf, thanks for the response. I am using ODBC and updated the driver from 8.0.10 to 8.0.21, no joy. I did find if I issue an SQL statement for a specific record all the data for the fields is returned.
  10. Hello, Delphi 10.2 connection to MySQL 8.0.18 The TFQuery fetching is controlled by a TDBGrid. The table has 5 records. I have a TFDQuery accessing a table. For the most part no problems. Two table fields are “TEXT” and have about 400 characters per record. The TFDQuery is not fetching or at least not allowing me to get all the characters. For example, one field is 432 characters and accessing the text with .filedValues or .fieldByName.asString or any of the “as” text only returns 308 characters. The break is not on anything weird, in this instance the break is between an “n” and “e”. Looking over all the properties of TFDQuery and TDBGRid, everything seems fine and not limiting the fetch. Ideas? Thanks, Mark
  11. Mark-


    Same here plus, I can verify all the design and functionality goals are achieved. In some cases I write the documentation before the code. Especially when the goal is stated in one line but contains many facets.
  12. Mark-

    Unit uDGVMUtils and 64 bit...

  13. Mark-

    XML to SVG

    Our main product is very graphic intensive. The customers design and animate the graphics, in an editor we created, for their operators to use for controlling...anything that can be controlled. I asked a few years ago if SVG was important and was told no. I am going to reopen the question.
  14. Mark-

    XML to SVG

    I do not want to download and use the SVG code. The project source looks good. No idea about the SVG definition. The Pascal stuff is fine for testing. Why the test? Do you have a reason for the code other than an experiment?