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  1. Mark-

    Where is the error in Parallel.for?

    Never used it so SWAG, two parameters?
  2. Mark-

    Time Between

    Yes, which is: Result := Frac(AValue);
  3. Mark-

    Time Between

    I wondered that also. Time and Now put the same value in MyTime, according to the debugger inspector. I "thought" the compiler would remove the date porition of Now because MyTime is TTime not TDateTime. But if I turn off the "Visualizer" in the watch properties and look at MyTime (Now) as a float it is 44689.4217036343. And MyTime (Time) as a float it is 0.422856287... So for me, use Time and for safety "Frac" the result of "dm.SettingBACKUPHOUR.AsDateTime;" BackUpStart := Frac(dm.SettingBACKUPHOUR.AsDateTime);
  4. Mark-

    Time Between

    If you set the time values, per the code I used, the "if" does work. Which leads back to "BackUpStart := dm.SettingBACKUPHOUR.AsDateTime; // which is 20:30". If you replace it with: BackUpStart := EncodeTime(20,30,0,0); // which is 20:30 "if" does work. Right? Back to "BackUpStart := dm.SettingBACKUPHOUR.AsDateTime;". Later; I am wondering if the debugger inspector knows it is defined as TTime and truncates the date portion for display. Not sure that is possible. If you change BackUpStart to TDateTime, does it display the same value in the debugger?
  5. Mark-

    Time Between

    OK, so what is the problem? Did you examine the value of "BackUpStart" in the debugger?
  6. Mark-

    Time Between

    Hello, If you made the code: MyTime := EncodeTime(20,45,0,0); BackUpStart := EncodeTime(20,30,0,0); // which is 20:30 BackUpEnd := BackUpStart + EncodeTime(0,30,0,0); // which is 21:00 The "if" works so something in the first three lines is amiss. I suspect "dm.SettingBACKUPHOUR.AsDateTime" is returning a full date AND time. TTime is a TDateTime. Remove the date portion if present. Good luck, Mark
  7. Hello, Thanks for the reply. >...it is normal for that to have friendly name and email address. Good, so I will make the change to send both in all instances. Cheers, Mark
  8. Hello, We and our customers have used many email servers/services to send notification emails. A customer wanted to use Outlook.com and was unable to send a test message. Normally we put the email address in the “RcptName” list and the person’s name in the “HdrTo” property. I investigated and found Outlook.com required the header “to” field must be or contain the email address. We used: RcptName.Add('example@123ABC.com') HdrTo:=’Bob’ With OutLook.com we had to use: RcptName.Add('example@123ABC.com') HdrTo:= 'example@123ABC.com' Or RcptName.Add('example@123ABC.com') HdrTo:= 'Bob <example@123ABC.com>' Anyone predict a problem using: “HdrTo:= Bob <example@123ABC.com>” with all servers/services? Thanks, Mark
  9. Mark-

    DelphiAWSSDK v0.3.0

    Has anyone used this code?
  10. Please publish the results, I am most interested.
  11. Are you planning any testing/bench marking to verify they are a better option?
  12. Mark-

    CPas - C for Delphi

    Thank you.
  13. Mark-

    CPas - C for Delphi

    Benjamin says otherwise.
  14. Mark-

    CPas - C for Delphi

    Your view of the landscape appears to be limited.
  15. Mark-

    CPas - C for Delphi

    I think it is interesting but we need 32 bit.