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  1. Mark-


    Same here plus, I can verify all the design and functionality goals are achieved. In some cases I write the documentation before the code. Especially when the goal is stated in one line but contains many facets.
  2. Mark-

    Unit uDGVMUtils and 64 bit...

  3. Mark-

    XML to SVG

    Our main product is very graphic intensive. The customers design and animate the graphics, in an editor we created, for their operators to use for controlling...anything that can be controlled. I asked a few years ago if SVG was important and was told no. I am going to reopen the question.
  4. Mark-

    XML to SVG

    I do not want to download and use the SVG code. The project source looks good. No idea about the SVG definition. The Pascal stuff is fine for testing. Why the test? Do you have a reason for the code other than an experiment?
  5. Mark-

    XML to SVG

    #1 You need to get a grip. #2 I insinuated nothing. Your "drug dealer" rant springs from your own mind. #3 I see you edited the original post to say you are not affiliated with the product. #4 I never said anything about free. Where you jumped to ""EVERYTHING" must be free..." is mind boggling. #5 You need to get a grip. @Lars That said - $299 for 8 licenses with source code is not over the top for what appears to be a capable piece of code. I thought the same but the page said "includes source code repository access" and while I understand all the words the phrase gives me pause. "Source code included" is the standard phrase, concise and non ambiguous. Good luck.
  6. Mark-

    XML to SVG

    Source code for what? What you are selling?
  7. Mark-

    XML to SVG

    Hello, I was VERY interested until I read "(no source code)" and "(includes source code repository access)". Not sure what the later means. Never purchase components without source code. My2c. Mark
  8. Mark-

    Unknown error... #87

    I concur and it is done. Thanks for your help.
  9. Mark-

    Unknown error... #87

    OK, here is how. This program was started 13 years ago. Still going strong. 😉 Using the current version of ICS. I have 40+ old/still using forms/DMs with TWSocket on them, created years ago. All these DFMs had 1 the for the low and high property. I did not change/set/alter the ReqVerHigh or ReqVerLow properties. No, problem all works and has been for years. In the previous two months an THttpCli was added and it is called/loaded/used first in the program. It is dynamically created and the default for the CtrlSocket(TWSocket) is indeed 2 as you stated. Now, the program starts, Winsock 2 is used by the THttpCli, one of the old DFMs is used/loaded and kaboom. > ReqVerHigh or ReqVerLow would only be saved in the DFM if you changed them from the default of 2, ReqVerHigh = 1 and ReqVerLow = 1 was in all the DFMs that had a TWSocket. I grepped and replaced them all with 2 and problem solved. Perhaps I should remove them all and let the current version default value apply.
  10. Mark-

    Unknown error... #87

    OK I found the error. We added some code, earlier in program execution, nothing to do with the TWSocket generating the error, using THttpCli. It is initialized first and CtrlSocket.ReqVerLow and CtrlSocket.ReqVerHigh are indeed set to 2. Now creating the TWSocket port, when the form opens using 1, as was streamed with the form, causes the crash. So we change all the TWSockets to 2 or set the THttpCli to 1.
  11. Mark-

    Unknown error... #87

    Thanks for the response. > ReqVerLow after TWSocket has loaded, and why would you want to? I would not want to and if this is the ReqVerHigh and ReqVerLow in the object inspector they are both set to 1 and I did not set them.
  12. Hello, I have a customer when opening a form with a TWSocket on it gets the following error: Error reading PrimaryTCP.ReqVerLow: Not a Winsocket error (#87 in SetReqVerLow: WinSock version can't be changed now). I have no idea the cause. Any ideas? Thanks, Mark
  13. Dude, I was giving potential customer feedback. Not telling him he MUST do something or preventing him from selling how he wants to sell or infringing on his "rights". SMH
  14. > Yes, I can't keep developing the package without some income. No, I am purchasing a product (as is), not funding your future work. > But if you had read a bit further it says: I read the complete page. Why should I be forced to take steps to end a subscription I did not want? Why not have a checkbox, when ordering, to provide for a subscription verse forcing a subscription?
  15. I looked at your page, thought it interesting and considered downloading the demo and give it a test. Then I read this "If you by a license, it will include a subscription that is renewed automatically every 12 months." And closed the page. My2c.