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  1. I have been using the DLL version from Chilkat for quite some years now. I learned a lot from their example website. The owner, Matt, is very helpful. Previously I was using different component sets which made it more difficult to mantain.
  2. pcoenen

    The Delphi 11.2 release thread

    I had to update one Library Path: Options > Language > Delphi > Windows x64 because of DCP error when trying to build to Windows 64 bit. From $(BDSCOMMONDIR)\Dcp to $(BDSCOMMONDIR)\Dcp\$(Platform)
  3. pcoenen

    Announcement: Magenta Hardware Components

    >3 - Directory Changes Monitoring Component, that notifies changes in a directory such as file or directory Create/Delete/Modify/Rename. Thank you very much Angus.