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  1. Bernard

    SetFocus issue

    Tried BringToFront after the LoadFile Command and I am still getting the same issue. I accept there is a good chance this is a vendor issue. I am going to stick with my workaround at the minute... procedure TfrmCAD.flbCadClick(Sender: TObject); begin LoadFile; btnDetect.SetFocus; flbCAD.SetFocus; end; and send a bug report to the vendor. I appreciate all the help guys.
  2. Bernard

    SetFocus issue

    Hi Guys thanks for the swift replies and sorry for the delay in getting back to you all. When I do not call the loadfile; Focus remains on the TFileListBox component as is expected; When I do call the Loadfile on its own... The loadfile loads a cadfile into an activeX component and at this point focus is lost. I have also noticed that, at the point focus is lost, the tab button no longer gives focus to any of the other controls on the form. The activex control is a visual control EWDraw 3D. Is there something I am missing in the activeX end. Do I need to catch the tab key and send messages from its keyboard event?
  3. Bernard

    SetFocus issue

    Hello All, I have had an annoying issue in Delphi 10.3.2 setting focus back to a TFileListBox component after loading a file into an ActiveX control. Here is the code for the Click on the FileListBox procedure TfrmCAD.flbCadClick(Sender: TObject); begin LoadFile; flbCAD.SetFocus; end; On execution I would expect the focus to return to the flbCAD TFileListBox control. This does not happen. If I do the following code it does... procedure TfrmCAD.flbCadClick(Sender: TObject); begin LoadFile; btnDetect.SetFocus; flbCAD.SetFocus; end; Is this a bug in the VCL or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  4. Bernard


    "the distance a car or a tyre has travelled in its lifetime." Could be written as distance clocked. I clocked 250000 miles on my old VW Golf. I probably only clocked 60 miles on the last set of tyres. And that made me sad.