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  1. Javier Tarí

    MQTT: advice wanted

    I'm planning to use MQTT to connect industrial devices (PLCs) to an ERP program running in Windows Never played with that, so I hope some of you could give me any advice The broker would be a Mosquitto As for the Delphi side, I need something that works without troubles, so was considering purchasing the www.esegece.com components, unless suggested otherwise Any advice would be more than welcome! Than you in advance
  2. I was just looking to purchase it as ebook; I read a lot of ebooks, but can't remember when did I read the last paper book Btw, in Amazon Spain the book is not listed
  3. Javier Tarí

    Duplicated SMTP messages

    Thanks for answering, Remy; I'm sure it's not Indy's fault, but I'm quite lost All and every email is sent to exactly the same recipients: the email addresses are used by an automated system, always from the same "From" to the same "To", CC" and "BCC" All the emails are sent successfully, and arrive successfully. Some of them (5%-10%) are received twice, and never more than twice I call TIdSMTP.Send once The source of the repeated emails, at least as seen on Thunderbird "source code" message option, is exactly the same, even compared with a text comparer On the source I can see some IDs (as I said, exactly the same on both emails): X-Cyrus-Session-Id: llcc507-a-18474-1651934775-1-2233586116162072206 ESMTP id 4KwVcR2Dvdz30vg ESMTPS id 4KwVcQ5F2Lz3072 ESMTPA id 4KwVcQ1gtSz2t2D
  4. Javier Tarí

    Duplicated SMTP messages

    I'm having a strange issue sending messages through TSMTP The emails are sent to a fixed destination, and CC'd to the sender email Although I only send them once from program, About 5% of them are sent twice To increase my confussion, I've added as BCC my own email, and that email doesn't get duplicates So I'm quite lost
  5. Is there any library/framework out there for D2007, wich makes easier using interfaces, DI , factories or anything on that line? I would jump on Spring4D, but some legacy issues doesn't allow me to go other Delphi versions for now I'm using interfaces for just a couple years now, and would prefer not reinventing the wheel if possible
  6. Javier Tarí

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available

    The installer is failing for me. These are some details for my subscription; This is what happens when I try to install from the web installer or the ISO installer: Just in case, I downloaded the activation file from the licensing page: and tried removing the license from licensing manager, and leting the installer use the new one Result: Delphi 10.3 and 10.4 keep running with the license, but Delphi 11 won't install
  7. Javier Tarí

    Need help finding the IDesigner

    Works perfect; thank you very much
  8. Javier Tarí

    PlasticSCM, Delphi, Semantic merge

    Has someone tried PlasticSCM with Delphi sources? The semantic comparison seems awesome, but I wonder if someone has tried it already, and has found how good it is - or is not Thanks in advance
  9. Javier Tarí

    Database app good practice

    If you can, sure. I work everyday on the same project, for more than 20 years, and it can't stop evolving So no chance of rewriting projects here
  10. Javier Tarí

    Database app good practice

    Testing Greater Platform independency Long term, evolutive applications Same happens with DB-aware; you just have some DBaware components
  11. Javier Tarí

    Database app good practice

    Very far from it; just an appetizer, an starting point to get a feeling on how MVVM could work If you are looking for a true MVVM framework, this is not for you
  12. Javier Tarí

    Is someone using MVVM?

    Could you expand that a bit? Do you mean in Delphi we don't need it? If that's what you mean, wich would be in Delphi the pattern that gives us the same as MVVM in other platforms?
  13. One possible solution could be allowing a two-phase declaration: tPolar2D = record Radius: Double; azimuth: Double; end; forward; //keyword just to say there are methods to be defined later tPoint2D = record x: Double; y: Double; function ToPolar: tPolar2D; end; tPolar2D = record finalization function ToCartesian: tPoint2D; end;
  14. I'm deeply interested on this, and would like if anyone here is using/used homegrown MVVM implementations, and wich was/is your experience. Works fine? Is not woth the effort? Is the best since sliced bread? Please, share your experience Thank you!
  15. Javier Tarí

    Database app good practice

    There are no MVC or MVVM frameworks on Delphi, other than the DMVCframework, wich I believe is not thought for Windows UI apps And anyway, that kind of frameworks are not oriented to let a form use a TDataset or a TDatasource So IMHO, as of today, RAD and MVC/MVVM are not friends