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  1. xorpas

    Display a form created in Fmx ANDROID Many time

    Thank you I resolve it ,Scrolbar not showing in android that all ,thank you
  2. H I I Have an issue with fmx android when run app it display a form Created in the first click But not in the second click , It work perfectly in Windows but not in android I use VertScrollBox as parent this is my code var f: TForm3; begin f := TForm3.Create(self); f.Layout1.Align := TAlignLayout.Top; f.TXTID.Text := ID; self.AddObject(f.Layout1); end;
  3. Thank you The problem is in the Host url I fixe it thank you
  4. How to resolve TNetHTTPClient Maximum number of redirections (5) exceeded ?
  5. xorpas

    fmx listview items bidi mode on android

    Install rtl fixer http://www.fmxrtl.com/purchase.php or http://arabteam2000-forum.com/index.php?/topic/300470-واخيرا-الكتابة-بالعربي-للأندرويد-في-الدلفي/
  6. xorpas

    full screen view capture

    How you solved this problem Can you put Your Code Hier ?
  7. Thank you not equal Have you Direct Link Please I cant Download from this website https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30896 I need delphi not c++ if can
  8. I use the .ISO installer The length of the path environment variable can be a problem How can Change it
  9. I f you Have this two File I need them to replace in my path
  10. 1)yes ,vcl260.bpl exists. 2) Yes it have a "valid size". 3) No 4) I d'ont Knew
  11. Thank you MR Lars Fosdal I will reinstall Now I hope it work
  12. Hi I try to install 10.3.3 update3 when install finished Start it and have this message vcl 260.bpl n'est pas conçue how resolve it? thank you.