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  1. H I I Have an issue with fmx android when run app it display a form Created in the first click But not in the second click , It work perfectly in Windows but not in android I use VertScrollBox as parent this is my code var f: TForm3; begin f := TForm3.Create(self); f.Layout1.Align := TAlignLayout.Top; f.TXTID.Text := ID; self.AddObject(f.Layout1); end;
  2. xorpas

    Display a form created in Fmx ANDROID Many time

    Thank you I resolve it ,Scrolbar not showing in android that all ,thank you
  3. How to resolve TNetHTTPClient Maximum number of redirections (5) exceeded ?
  4. Thank you The problem is in the Host url I fixe it thank you
  5. xorpas

    fmx listview items bidi mode on android

    Install rtl fixer http://www.fmxrtl.com/purchase.php or http://arabteam2000-forum.com/index.php?/topic/300470-واخيرا-الكتابة-بالعربي-للأندرويد-في-الدلفي/
  6. xorpas

    full screen view capture

    How you solved this problem Can you put Your Code Hier ?
  7. Hi I try to install 10.3.3 update3 when install finished Start it and have this message vcl 260.bpl n'est pas conçue how resolve it? thank you.
  8. Thank you not equal Have you Direct Link Please I cant Download from this website https://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30896 I need delphi not c++ if can
  9. I use the .ISO installer The length of the path environment variable can be a problem How can Change it
  10. I f you Have this two File I need them to replace in my path
  11. 1)yes ,vcl260.bpl exists. 2) Yes it have a "valid size". 3) No 4) I d'ont Knew
  12. Thank you MR Lars Fosdal I will reinstall Now I hope it work
  13. Hi I have a problem to animate an item in listview in the PlaceOffset ,How can Do it Like This image Thank's
  14. I can do it without animation Like this procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var item :TListViewItem; begin ListView1.Items.Clear; item:=ListView1.Items.Add; item.Data['Text1']:='Animate Me in postion x =136 y =256 '; // PlaceOffset.X:=8; // PlaceOffset.Y:=8; item.Objects.FindObjectT<TListItemText>('Text1').PlaceOffset.X:=136; item.Objects.FindObjectT<TListItemText>('Text1').PlaceOffset.y:=256; end; procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject); var item :TListViewItem; begin ListView1.Items.Clear; item:=ListView1.Items.Add; item.Data['Text1']:='Animate Me in postion x =8 y =8'; item.Objects.FindObjectT<TListItemText>('Text1').PlaceOffset.X:=8; item.Objects.FindObjectT<TListItemText>('Text1').PlaceOffset.y:=8; end; But How can Do it With TFloatanimation
  15. Thank 's for replay I want to change a position X and Y of item in listview from position.X = -56 to position.X = 144 and position.Y = 16 to position.Y =96 More Explain in image Hier
  16. No one Knew about this issue!!!!
  17. Is their a way ,Some thing Like this var item:TListViewItem; txt:TListItemText; begin item:=ListView1.Items.Add; item.Data['Text1']:='hellow word'; txt:=ListView1.Items[0].Objects.FindObjectT<TListItemText>('Text1'); TAnimator.AnimateFloat(ListView1 , txt.PlaceOffset.X.ToString , 500, 1); // TAnimator.AnimateFloat(ListView1 , 'Position.x', 500, 1); end;