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  1. I believe you need to give the PAServer read permission for the files in your scratch folder. Check permissions for PAServer in the Settings of your Mac. These permissions may get lost after an update of either the Mac or the respective application.
  2. Sherlock

    Crash starting delphi 10.4.3

    Honestly, I feel this right here is the best place to get information like that 😊
  3. Sherlock

    Crash starting delphi 10.4.3

    Yes. Since September....
  4. Sherlock

    Crash starting delphi 10.4.3

    Surely you mean 10.3.3 10.4.3 is up next year...
  5. Sherlock

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    At four times the price πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
  6. Sherlock


    Your welcome. Good job reading past the chatter, by the way.πŸ‘
  7. Sherlock

    XCode 12 compile error

    Sure, but then XCode 13 will be out....
  8. Sherlock


    Oh boy. Let's stop it right here, before this gets extragalactic off topic.
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    Whenever I'm in IDLE, I'm yearning to get back to the Delphi IDE. And IDLE really isn't that old, it's way younger than Delphi. It can always get worse...
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    Did you install using an ISO image? If so have to enabled GetIt to go online? Please find the following in the Delphi 10.4.1 release notes:
  11. Ah well, I chose Delphi because I like it. πŸ˜„ And if I can avoid a slow down whilst using Delphi I will try to do so. So thanks for the insight, and probably I'll do some benchmarking for my specific application, just to see if this refactoring is justified.
  12. So actually, while looking cool and trendy it really is slow and not so cool at all? I got some refactoring to do... gnarf!
  13. Sherlock

    git - do you 'pull' before/after switching branches?

    IIRC pushing something not from tip will just open a new branch... but that might also be an optional setting.
  14. Sherlock

    git - do you 'pull' before/after switching branches?

    1) That is what a diff tool is for. 2) Of course learning should be done with your own repository and your own server. But learning should also involve avoiding wrong uncomfortable patterns. And what you are doing is simply a waste of time and space. Everything you want to accomplish can be done with your first repository alone.
  15. Sherlock

    git - do you 'pull' before/after switching branches?

    You can pull anytime you feel you need to update your local repository. This does not change what you are currently working on. It is however frowned upon to push your work without pulling and merging recent changes into it. But that might depend on team size and individual work flows.
  16. Hi there. XCode 12 has been looming in the AppStore for roughly a week now. Has anyone gotten over themselves and installed it? If so, what did Delphi have to say?
  17. Sherlock

    a pair of MM test

    Same here. Plus the tons of bots that just randomly like our posts.
  18. Sherlock

    Add test to Stringgrid

    Just trying to figure out what level of expertise to expect, and how deep the explanations should go.
  19. Sherlock

    Add test to Stringgrid

    Do you know how to add any text to a TStringGrid? Do you know how to read the contents of a TEdit?
  20. Binary DFM are devils work and must be burnt at the stake whilst vigorously waving pitchforks and shouting obscenities. Version control systems handle them poorly (not that text DFMs are far better in this regard, but, you can manage, once you move any pictures to a datamodule). Actually they are just binary blobs most of the time and will consume unnecessary storage Everything else, the other guys said
  21. Sherlock

    is the site infected?

    No unusual stuff happening on my end. But I don't have deepest insight into the machine running the server. However it it seems more likely your cookies need some cleaning up.
  22. Sherlock

    Converting simple VCL form to FMX

    @Angus Robertson He has been there...
  23. Sherlock

    10.4.1 Update

    To distinguish between add-ons and components is like distinguishing between records and classes - a good thing to ease discussions with your peers.
  24. Sherlock

    10.4.1 Released today

    Wow! Macapi got a lot of attention in this release. All the stupid integers instead of boolean usages (you know: 1 is true and 0 is false) have been corrected to boolean. Plenty of work to correct that now in my application
  25. Sherlock

    CPP or C++ Category

    I'm pretty much with @Stefan Glienke this is a Delphi forum. C++ is sometimes mentioned here, but I believe we should not muddy the waters here, plus C++ users might not be satisfied with a mere sub forum. But in the end, this is up to @Daniel