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  1. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Mobile Permssions component (adrianos santos version)

    Hi Please open a request on the project if it's a bug and of course give the solution if you have it.
  2. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Permissions Android 13

    Can you extract the not working part in a sample program and reproduce the problem ? If yes, share it here, we could check on our devices.
  3. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Behind the Build: RAD Studio and C++Builder 12.0 - Webinar Replay

    it's a beta preview and a sort of roadmap. they are obliged to add this information for legal reasons.
  4. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Android Create SQLLite Database at Runtime.

    Hi @Robert Gilland Can you give us the code you used previously ? It's very strange you need to create a file before using it as a SQLite database. I've never needed to do that. Perhaps you need some permission about external storage or use a not authorized folder ?
  5. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Permissions Android 13

    Hi You have the changes here https://developer.android.com/about/versions/13/behavior-changes-13 What did you used on previous releases ?
  6. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Backup MacBook Delphi app and certificates

    in Xcode preferences you can export your developer account to use it on more than one computer without generating other certificates and having looping nightmares
  7. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Call for Delphi 12 Support in OpenSource projects.

    In my opinion (as I understand the NDA), if you condition parts of the code with the next version's compiler, it's to use a possible feature of that version. In that case, it's a violation of the NDA, which doesn't allow us to talk publicly about potential developments in that version.
  8. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Help with Delphi Community Edition

    This use of the Community Edition is in an infringement of its license. You have a license as a professional, you should use it on your computers.
  9. why don't you simply use Paint or an other image editor to create a bitmap with the good dimensions ?
  10. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Call for Delphi 12 Support in OpenSource projects.

    Even if the beta is "public", it's still under a NDA between Ambarcadero and the beta tester. Any threads or changed in public repositories about Yukon features violate the NDA.
  11. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Windows ARM support ?

    I globally agree but ARM is a real future of computers processors. Windows ARM is already used by a lot of us, in VM, yes, but for daily use.
  12. If you don't have a frame for your device, just put a PNG of the good dimension (at least the size of the screen of the device in pixels).
  13. Patrick PREMARTIN

    I have created MBP (My Blood Pressure)

    Hi Thanks for sharing this program and giving its source code as a link on your website. Perhaps you could open it on a code repository like GitHub to gain a little more visibility for it ? (not all parts of the program if you have some external licenses or don't want to share the wav files) About the program, nothing to say, I don't have material to check my blood pressure, but the screen capture and the idea to have an audio help looks great.
  14. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Use testflight with Delphi

    Hi Just deploy the app in Delphi and use Transporter to upload it to the AppStore. In the app AppStore page, you have a TestFlight option where you can activate a binary you uploaded for test purposes. The Delphi part in only to compile/deploy the project to have an IPA. After that it's an Apple process. Check their documentation without searching "Delphi testflight" but only "mobile iOS testflight" or something like that.
  15. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Delphi CE application accesses unknown IPs

    If it's in your program (executed without debug mode), nothing else the IP you try to GET should be called. Are you sure the problem come from TNetHTTPClient ?