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  1. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Any chance of getting a signed installer?

    Just a reminder about self-signed certificates: they're no more valid than no certificate for Windows, and that's normal. Nothing prevents someone from creating one with the same name as the original certificate and spreading malware in the software. The advantage of expensive certificates is that there is a check on the identity of the signatory or his company. This is the only reason to use certificates: to validate the issuer and ensure that the file has not been modified since it was signed. Self-signature can only be used within a company, with a key distributed to company devices for internal software. For external software, it's of no use at all. To create a personal certificate, all you have to do is go to the environment options in the Windows deployment level, and the IDE will suggest either using an existing certificate, or creating your own.
  2. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Any chance of getting a signed installer?

    There are 2 CSC levels, the first one is allowed for people, the second only for companies.
  3. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Any chance of getting a signed installer?

    Globally yes, I have to trust you... and Windows have to trust me. 😉 For current exe's we can assume that they have been downloaded and installed enough for me to sign them with my eyes closed and return the signed exe for troubleshooting and to avoid smartscreen, for the future it would be better if this was done at source.
  4. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Any chance of getting a signed installer?

    Certum has lower prices for open source projects, but it's a "by project" CSC : https://shop.certum.eu/code-signing.html (having sponsors could help in any case) For current Delphi 11 and 12 releases I can sign them for you if you want.
  5. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Any chance of getting a signed installer?

    Let's Encrypt deliver only website certificates, they are not compatible with code signing on Windows.
  6. Patrick PREMARTIN

    What do you think of "Local Global variables"

    Hi Just a question for me : why do you declare variables before the nested methods if this behavior disturbs you ?
  7. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Developer Pascal Lottery 2024

    Hi Not sure the calendar is the best way to announce it, but it's an event ending in 12 days, so I try. 😉 As you know GDK Software organizes the Delphi Summit 2024 in June in Amsterdam. They allow me to give a free 2 days pass to someone and I started to think how I can do it not only with my Twitch viewers. The best idea was to create a lottery and open it with other gift prizes. So here we are. If you want to try your chance and participate you can go to https://loterie.developpeur-pascal.fr/ every day until the May 29th at 1PM (GMT+2). The prizes are: - 1 pass for the Delphi Summit 2024 (IRL or online if you can't be there) - 10 "Delphi" collector mugs (only for European citizens for logistic reasons) - 50 coupons to access all my private contents about Delphi and web programming (videos, live coding replays, training courses, blog posts) for French speaking people (use the French version of the website to contest in this category) If you have any question or suggestion, don't hesitate to contact me.
  8. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Any font property editor for FireMonkey?

    Hi Jim For which platform do you need it ?
  9. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Firemonkey app and SSL.

    You mean using "https://" URLs to access to distant resources ? On which Delphi release are you ? If you use Indy components you need openssl.dll accessible somewhere (if it hasn't change since last year I checked). If you use "native" components (TNetHTTPClient, TRESTClient, TURLStream, ...) you only have to use the good URL, it uses system API.
  10. Patrick PREMARTIN

    A Memory Game in Delphi

    Hello. It's more a question of algorithm than language, in my opinion. Once you know how to organize the game, the display, the clicks on the elements, you'll have a multitude of solutions in Delphi. As for me, I have a FireMonkey version with a game whose board changes size depending on the game mode chosen. It's called Pairpix and here are the source codes (open today to answer your questions): https://github.com/DeveloppeurPascal/Pairpix You can have a look at it if you lack inspiration, but it won't be compilable (the images and other elements aren't public for copyright reasons). Generally speaking, a grid (a two-dimensional array) storing the number of the image and the images placed on the screen by looping over the grid (in X and Y) remains the simplest solution. To fill the grid have a 1D array or a List where you put your pairs (two elements with same image number). Use a random index to get them when you fill the grid and remove each element of the list when it has its place in the grid.
  11. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Unknown Delphi Version

    Hi. If you ned to check some versions numbers for a project, look at https://github.com/omonien/Delphi-Version-Information
  12. Patrick PREMARTIN

    Delphi 12 Update 1 is not displayed in the IDE About dialog

    Perhaps on Tuesday during the 29th birthday webinar.
  13. Patrick PREMARTIN

    TForm Destroys are not called when target is macOS ARM 64-bit

    It's not new : destroy of the main form and finalization bloc in units is not executed on Mac since years. On Mac, for the main form use the onClose event instead of onDestroy.
  14. I can't reproduce it on a new project. Do you have a sample project to share it or can you do a little video to capture your screen ? Do you have auto completion enabled or only on TAB ?
  15. Patrick PREMARTIN

    fmx advanced tutorials

    if you want to manage everything yourself, simply put an image on your form and draw on its bitmap canvas and if you need layers, use other images depending on the layers you need