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  1. I have problems but only with very large projects!
  2. KenR


    This will be such a pain in the **** - I also renewed early for 3 years to avoid it for now!
  3. KenR

    TestFlight problems

    I've started having problems again with TestFlight/OSX in 11.3.1. Can anyone confirm what the requirements are now for this?
  4. KenR

    TWebBrowser: Remove Scrollbars not working

    Only some browsers, like FireFox, allow you to remove the scrollbars!
  5. Projects were recreated, and have different folders for DCU's. If I re-open Delphi the project compiles fine. The problem only exists when switching between 32 and 64 bit.
  6. With very large projects I find that compiling it in 32 bit mode then compiling it in 64 bit mode crashes Delphi. This happens every time with multiple projects!
  7. I have also struggled with this concept. I am currently using TMS Web Core with the db server created by using TMS XData. For most visual components I am using DevExtreme. This seems to work very well. The main advice I can give is to retrieve the absolute minimum amont of data with each request.
  8. KenR

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    I can't currently work out why but some of my FMX forms won't open even if just using Windows. Delphi just crashes can anyone think what would cause thsi?
  9. KenR

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    Opening an existing FMX package crashes Delphi and it completely closes with no error message!
  10. KenR

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    Lost all my library paths again except Win32!
  11. KenR

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    Getting a 500 internal error when trying to re-install GetIt packages.
  12. KenR

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    In this day and age isn't it about time that an update can be done without having to uninstall itself!
  13. Five stars for the TMS version. This has worked perfectly for me for a number of years!
  14. KenR

    TestFlight problems

    Not quite all roses. Need to leave the changes our of the entitlements for the debug version. What's the best way of doing this?
  15. KenR

    TestFlight problems

    Yes, it did.