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  1. KenR

    Delphi 11 November Patch

    It is very annoying!!
  2. KenR

    Cannot build iOS 15.1 apps

    At last!
  3. KenR

    10.4.2 Keeps Crashing/Hanging

    Didn't work I'm afraid. Delphi just closes with no message at all.
  4. KenR

    10.4.2 Keeps Crashing/Hanging

    I do have EurekaLog IDE Expert installed but it is set to not catch IDE errors.
  5. KenR

    10.4.2 Keeps Crashing/Hanging

    I guess I'll have to stop using it too but more than 30 years of ingrained habit to overcome!
  6. This happens when selecting some code and right-mouse clicking on it to invoke the menu or when doing so and clicking on the main search menu. This only seems to happen in very large projects. Also happens in Delphi 11. Has anyone else experienced this or knows a work around as it is driving me crazy?
  7. KenR

    My Experience with D10.4

    Re iOS, macOS and Android. Beta versions of these are always available many months before they are made live which should give Embarcadero time to release an update. Instead of that, we are always behind and many times in the past are left unable to even upload to the platforms app stores.
  8. KenR

    Looking for Spreadsheet component

    I don't think you'll find anything better than the DevEx one but you will have to buy all of their VCL components,
  9. KenR

    Deploy Delphi 11 iOS 15 XCode 13

    Apple have still not come back to me about issuing it with the wrong Team ID (I have two). Hopefully they will come back to me soon as I contacted them three days ago.
  10. KenR

    iOS 15.1

    I downloaded and the PAServer patch shortly after it was made available and can confirm that it is
  11. KenR

    iOS 15.1

    I get the same. Surely they must have tested the patch with a new project!
  12. KenR

    iOS 15.1

    XCode 13 does not support iOS 15.1. You need XCode 13.1 andnot sure if that will then work with Delphi 11 patch.
  13. KenR

    Deploy Delphi 11 iOS 15 XCode 13

    Turns out that Apple are using the wrong Team ID when a development certificate is generated.
  14. KenR

    Deploy Delphi 11 iOS 15 XCode 13

    Yes, the deploy fails with this error message and BuildIPA is disabled.
  15. KenR

    Deploy Delphi 11 iOS 15 XCode 13

    Is there a way of running on the iPhone locally as I can't manage to do so.