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Found 2 results

  1. So I finally got a DigiCert certificate. The hardware USB token is in the PC. Now what?? I don't see any way to link my Windows program to this USB token in the IDE... Okay, I now managed to export the Certificate to a file: It is a .cer file. It is not a text file. But when I try to add a Certificate File in the IDE, it asks for a .pfx file (a Personal Information Exchange) file. That looks to be something totally different. Thanks, Bart
  2. Is there a way to back up my keychain and certificates and my project on the MacBook ? I am not familiar with a Mac just got one to compile Delphi apps I use git on windows to back up the Delphi project code just asking u guys to see if u have any tips or best practice for backing up the Mac with all the keychain ,certificates,ect Thanks for any suggestions