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  1. I switched to 10.4.1. and this code complete, ctrl-right click is a nightmare again. Very slow or it doesn't work at all. I also switched back to Classic Code Insight and indeed you get a wait cursor every few seconds. I thought that these very important IDE issues would be solved by now. I rememberthat this issue was already many Delphi versions ago. (XE versions)
  2. Die Holländer

    Conflict JVCL and Styles

    It seems that is not the JVCL component that bugs me but the dialog used by this component. The TJvFilenameEdit is using the TOpenTextFileDialog and when I execute this component the same problem with Styles occur. I've also tried the standard TOpenDialog and also no luck. When I use the TFileOpenDialog (from the Vista Dialogs) then indeed a different filedialog is opened and no problem with styles occur when I close my application.
  3. Die Holländer

    Conflict JVCL and Styles

    I placed the TJvFilenameEdit on a new project form with a project style selected and now no access voilation occurs. I've no idea why the access voilation happens in my existing project..
  4. Die Holländer

    Error when installing JCL from GetIt

    During my install of the library I noticed that a destination path in the installer was suddenly pointing to a "Y:" disk that was not even mounted on my machine..
  5. Die Holländer

    Conflict JVCL and Styles

    Hello, I upgraded to Delphi 10.4.1. and now I got a conflict between JVCL and when an application style is selected. I use the TJvFilenameEdit and when I open the folder to select a filename in runtime and later close the appliction an access voilation error about the style will occur and at the end the famous Runtime Error 216 is displayed. Is this a known problem with JVCL? Anyone a suggestion how to use the JVCL and Styles? For now I have disabled the styles because I use the JVCL a lot in my applications. I come from Delphi 10.2 and there was no problem. Thanks.