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  1. If you only want to know if two buffer or strings are identical, you can use CompareMem (from System-Sysutils) : https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Athens/en/System.SysUtils.CompareMem Of course the size of the two blocks should be the same (to be identical 😉 ) .
  2. DelphiUdIT

    Delphi 12.1 is available

    For me is working for Win32 e Win64 project.
  3. DelphiUdIT

    boost in C++ Builder 12.1 Modern Compiler

    I think that was one question about, on which the organizer responded.
  4. DelphiUdIT

    boost in C++ Builder 12.1 Modern Compiler

    Somewhere I read that boost libraries will be release soon ... but I don't remember were I read this. EDIT: Uhmm, may be in the last webinar ....
  5. DelphiUdIT

    ICS V9.1 announced

    Go there and download (in the "Download OpenSSL Binaries" section) the release that you need: https://wiki.overbyte.eu/wiki/index.php/ICS_Download
  6. DelphiUdIT


    Some changes are refuses from Indy team, 'cause some of them (changes) are only for the next new release (11), like I write in the recent post. Other motivations surely there are. This repo exists only to help everyone that want to update the Indy version that came with IDE. That is still with legacy technologies (no Oauth2, no TLSv1_3), and the Indy official repo is not compatible with Embarcadero and some tirdh-party components (like those installed from getit that need Indy). If this is not the right way, I switch the repo in "private" ... no problems. You are right about Remy, I don't want any test from him, my request may be misunderstood.
  7. Hello ALL. I make a repository with a copy of original Indy repo with all changes to help updating Athens 12.1 Indy version and make it compatible with the IDE and third-party components. https://github.com/SiveaITA/Indy-Athens12.1 Please Remy give a look. UPDATE: seems that what I have done is not the right way, so the repository will be shutdown.
  8. DelphiUdIT

    Delphi 12.1 is available

    Look there, or you should wait...
  9. DelphiUdIT

    'Automated' install of Indy??

    In the batch "clean..." there was an error ... "ren" cmd is not working if the destination file name has a path. In the normal condition (without extension options) this is an error. So I change the cmd file, including the new directories for Athens12.1 in the zip file attached. Clean_IDE.zip
  10. DelphiUdIT

    New quality portal for bugs is open

    Right observation
  11. DelphiUdIT

    New quality portal for bugs is open

    @Chief I had the same issue, but if you go inside in one post, automatically you will be added to enabled group. Go there for example (taken form another post): https://embt.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/RSS-441 Bye
  12. DelphiUdIT

    'Automated' install of Indy??

    Yes, and I tried it this time (I mean now). My apologize to don't advertise you in time, but in my system (with standard installation of Rad Studio, so in "c:\program files (x86)\....") and of course with admin priviledge the files indicated where not backuped ("cannot backup xxx" was the message, the rename did't work ???) ... the files were deleted. In the weekend I try to understand what was the problem. Another thing about this topic: in that "cmd files" some changes are needed cause new distribution of the files in Athens 12.1 (some bpl in bin64, new "MODERN" compiler, IOS simulator) . I already adjusted the file, but I should test it (and look for backup issue).
  13. Oh yes, I remember something about Delphi7 ... but now these things should never be present, neither like options ... a code refactoring is a must. We are talking in these days about safe memory .... and there are still those "options". But this is my personal opinion.
  14. In Delphi is allowed to change typed const, look here ... simple, if the relative option is set. Never used ... is terrible...
  15. Constant when you write the code, variable when the code is running