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  1. Removed the experts from my Tokyo installation, works not, not optimal tough...
  2. Yep, I also had XTokyo one, but will it just load wrong one...
  3. Seems that there is only one ParnassusCoreEditor.dll in my system drive, and it is of version 1,6.0, and most likely not compatible with older plugins. -Tee-
  4. Tommi Prami

    Long standing SOAP bug, please vote

    https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-23624 -Tee-
  5. I can confirm this... Damnation. 10.2 installation is pretty useless... ๐Ÿ˜ž Wouldn't matter too much, but that will be main IDE for a couple of weeks or so ๐Ÿ˜ž -Tee-
  6. Tommi Prami

    Property editor - on the finest art

    I would like to see this plugin to get more support, now that code is already there, and installer, maybe, to speed up the start... Edit, how anyone can understand what I menat, coz I can't ๐Ÿ˜„ Would be nice to have installer for different IDE-versions, so it would be easier to start using it. I would suggest, if possible, add some standard colorizxation of properties, but it should be configurable, but editing INI-file would be OK, to me anyways. Because there are so many components and different properties, and some are interested in very different properties... -Tee-
  7. Tommi Prami

    Property editor - on the finest art

    Seems pretty cool. Would like to have some way to set this up, maybe an .ini-file etc, to give some custom properties. Did not check the code, so don't know that was it your plugin, but colorization of properties would alonne help a ton. Sometimes you spend very long time for property like Name etc. -Tee-
  8. This seems to be simple problem, but nothing but trivial. I think is very hard to get 100% right. Depending on use cases. Is it about user input or random set of Xml-files to read etc. This is one of those things that if there would have been solved by any standard from dawn of times. Too much variations. Dates and/or times are even worse, at least the Date part. If someone has tons of time and good test sets, would be good to have "Fuzzy string conversion library" which would at least try to make conversions like this. -Tee-
  9. Tommi Prami


    Sounds like a interesting project. Would be way better to use library for that kind of things than to make one of your one. most likely. -Tee-
  10. Tommi Prami

    Allocation-Free Collections

    Thanks for info. Benchmarking and measuring is not easy indeed.
  11. Tommi Prami

    Allocation-Free Collections

    Has anyone done benchmarking against regular Delphi lists (Generic or not). Would be interesting to see how much this helps. I was just pondering that I can't even make guess what the difference will be.
  12. Tommi Prami

    How to get position of Top-level TMenuItem of Main menu

    Could this be messed up with visual form inheritance. It works in clean demo app, basically your code, with those name changes I've made. Have to typecast the constant because otherwise I'll get an Constant violates subrange bounds error, but not even that matter/happen in a clean new App. -Tee-
  13. Tommi Prami

    How to get position of Top-level TMenuItem of Main menu

    type {$A8} // default quadword-alignment PSTMenuBarInfo = ^TSTMenuBarInfo; tagSTMENUBARINFO = record cbSize: DWORD; rcBar: TRect; hMenu: HMENU; hwndMenu: HWND; { fBarFocused:1: BOOL;} { bar, popup has the focus } { fFocused:1: BOOL; } { item has the focus } FocusedBits: BYTE; end; TSTMenuBarInfo = tagSTMENUBARINFO; function STGetMenuBarInfo(hend: HWND; idObject, idItem: Longint; var pmbi: TSTMenuBarInfo): BOOL; stdcall; external user32 name 'GetMenuBarInfo'; function GetWindowMenuItemRect(const AHandle: THandle; const AIndex: Integer): TRect; var LMenuBarInfo: TSTMenuBarInfo; begin FillChar(LMenuBarInfo, SizeOf(TSTMenuBarInfo), 0); LMenuBarInfo.cbSize := SizeOf(TSTMenuBarInfo); {$RANGECHECKS OFF} {$OVERFLOWCHECKS OFF} {$WARN SYMBOL_PLATFORM OFF} Win32Check(STGetMenuBarInfo(AHandle, Longint($FFFFFFFD), AIndex, LMenuBarInfo)); {$WARN SYMBOL_PLATFORM ON} {$OVERFLOWCHECKS ON} {$RANGECHECKS ON} Result := LMenuBarInfo.rcBar; end; Changed types and method name to make sure it uses different types, added some far fetched compiler defines. Same code works using rest of your code. But failed on app that woulรถd actually need to use it :). Have an idea tough... Gives me System Error. Code: 1400. Invalid window handle LEt me see... btw... Thanks for help!
  14. Tommi Prami

    How to get position of Top-level TMenuItem of Main menu

    Thanks, Can't see any difference but if I copy record and external method declarations from github, it compiles. weirdest thing ever ๐Ÿ˜„
  15. Tommi Prami

    How to get position of Top-level TMenuItem of Main menu

    Thanks, I see nothing wrong in that, but I just can't see why Compiler does not like it. It might be something trivial, but I just can't figure it out. TMenuBarInfo = tagMENUBARINFO; // <- [dcc32 Error] : E2029 '=' expected but identifier 'TMenuBarInfo' found