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  1. Not very convenient, I think. -Tee-
  2. This would help in some cases, still would have manual steps. Better than nothing tough. if it would highlight position in the DFM IDE things where problem is, that would make this pretty good, IMHO. Problem is, I think, I believe sometimes you can't open project, I think, if there is some special case (I think I've encountered this) Would not help if RLINK fails at compile time, which is kind of corner case. But problem still. DFMCheck Andy released is very good, unfortunately we have one or more components that has structure that will not work with it. We are looking into it, could we fix it somehow.
  3. Not overstating, but if something takes few seconds or even 30sec if you forget the file name few times, still it is extra work. And finding the error,. in trivial case, just take a diff and see. But consider this, you stumble upon old form. Then you fix all the naming conventions, change components from one that should not be used to equal one and so on. There might be easily hundreds of changes. and try to find error from there. Not common, usually Delphi does not screw it up,. but as I stated, sometimes it is easier to edit the dfm with text editor. And even if you look at the dfm in text form in ide, you might touch keyboard in such a place that it is nightmare to find the error, if lot of changes. I think I would benefit from this, not weekly but monthly maybe when I am doing something massive search and replace stuff etc. One step closer would be that IDE and RLINK would tell the line on which error is. At least bes guess..
  4. And find file from disk and the spot, sure diff to repo will help, but still, would be life saver when this happens. Not for everyone for sure.
  5. Would be nice IDE would always convert binary to text, if there are one. Got hit by that this summer, there still was few binay dfm's in our repository.
  6. Vote if you care : https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-30991 IDE Could/Should open dfm in text form, if it/RLINK will find some problem with it. (and show the position in way or other) -Tee-
  7. Am I missing something but nothing appears into here, if Ill Click the "Filter ..." and then OK, I am expecting it then always to filter that exception in that project. So I decipher the UI. -Tee-
  8. Sometimes one have questions that answer is not that easy 🙂 Or need quite bit of work. Lately I've had two. Where this unit is linking from? Which units in this project has initialization and/or finalization sections? I bet there are tons of these good questions we sometimes would need answers for 🙂 There might be something for these. Plain search for files does not help usually, because all depends what is linked into the specific project. -Tee-
  9. Tommi Prami

    IDE plugin to remove Explicit* from .dfm files

    But not for 10.4 and I bet Andy has little or none motivation to support 10.4+. Won't expect that, he has done his part many fold. Should figure out how he does his magic 🙂 -Tee-
  10. We tried to do one of our own, but appears that it's not that easy. Seems that we can remove them but IDE will, sometimes at least, write them back after that. Or there is no event for dfm when it is saved (Not making the plugin myself so don't know the latest details.) Maybe there is some cool, Andy Magic Of The Hackering, in the DDevExtensions to do this?? Does anyone have ideas how to get that working? -tee-
  11. That was way easier than I previously thought. Thanks!
  12. If remotely possible, make an intermediate build with this feature. I think many would love test drive it (me included, other hand should check out how to build and install myself).
  13. Tommi Prami

    Just-in-time compiling for Delphi's Regular Expressions

    That flre is interesting, should check that out to do some testing with it.
  14. Tommi Prami

    Buggy Optimizer in Delphi 10.4

    Kind of my point exactly. I was just asking is there a way to restructure code away from GOTO. I had just gut feeling that is not always possible or that easy...
  15. Good starting point at least. Thanks.. -Tee-