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  1. If I remember from the video, the LLVM will use shl/shr (never remember which) tric on the intermediate version (Like it'รคs bytecode), but it'll use the LEA at the binary if it just can. I always thought shl/shr would be the fastest way.. -Tee-
  2. Tommi Prami

    Any chance of getting a signed installer?

    Don't know what is the current situation, and it most likely varies greatly by certificate vendor and so on. But... CoWorker wanted to sign free apps, and it was huge mess. What I can remember he could not get the certificate, because he is individual and not the company, and would have needed lawyer and so forth to validate to certificate vendor that he is who he says he is. Or something like that. And this clearly is large problem, IMHO, Open Source or free apps people or teams are releasing for free and not for business, should have reasonable priced certificate, with reasonable byreogracy. Most likely ones that can solve this might not be here reading this. But this seems like solvable problem. But is anyone have some ideas how to get certificate for OpenSource/free project, at reasonable price (all of our mileage might vary) and so on, leave comments. -Tee-
  3. Tommi Prami

    Delphi on Surface Pro with Qualcomm CPU?

    I went to the roadshow and was left into understanding that those come out after summer. So most likely no one has tested that, if has, most likely is not allowed to talk much about it. -Tee-
  4. I don't. Why would I complain about it if it would be my own fault ๐Ÿ˜„ But there are people that has this habit, in component vendors, open source library writes, possibly in coworkers etc...
  5. Tommi Prami

    XX3_64Bits -hash really flies

    https://xxhash.com/doc/v0.8.2/index.html There are some Delphi implementations of some version of xxHash, bot not low level optimized version. -Tee- PS. posted this in wrong group ;(
  6. Nicely summed up...
  7. I think this way too. My main reason is not that much of the how "clean/good" the code is in this case, but is mentally frustrating. Very difficult to keep track what happens and when... If code is cleaner and better, that is definitely a big bonus. -Tee-
  8. I think that is not the point of nested methods. To me that that Nested methods see those variables is not the point of the nested methods, that is just as how they work. Like hammer is nice tool but don't hit random people in the head with it... ๐Ÿ™‚ -tee-
  9. Yellow, Could not think what else to call then as "Local Global variables" So let me show. function Foo(...) var LListOfVariables: TSomeType; procedure Bar1; begin // Complex proc that might or might not use variables defined above, and/or change them end; procedure Bar2; begin // Complex proc that might or might not use variables defined above, and/or change them end; ... begin // Func main body that might or might not call local procs end; For me this is very hard to wrap my brains around. For me this pattern requires lot of thinking and overloads my limited memory, to keep in mind that call to local procedure might touch the local variable, even it is not directly passed into them. I don't have anything against local methods, they wrap nicely some local need, that is specific for that parent method, and only for that. But fight are they good idea at first place, is another matter. -Tee-
  10. Tommi Prami

    Possible Delphi 12.1 inheritance bug, could someone test also

    This appears to be problem with the : Options > User interface > Form Designer > Enable VCL Styles -setting. Disabling the Mimic* and Enable VCL Styles settings, inheritance works as expected.
  11. Do you have patch installed? K12.1 patch 1?
  12. Tommi Prami

    JSON feed, replacement form RSS/Atom

    I was not thinking this as a traditional website feed, mainly. Buit standard to use in our apps to pass messages/info. Like your homepage to your app, to pass known bugs, new features etc... As far as I know Wordpress has rss-feed polugin, maybe some other CMS also has. And then you could start to publish something on your website and get the feed to your app. -Tee-
  13. https://www.jsonfeed.org/version/1.1/ Looks much cleaner and sane than RSS/Atom. Hope this catches on, RSS is/was very nice concept, but was kind of sidelined, can't remember why it is not that popular anymore, there was some major reason popularity dropped. -Tee-
  14. Tommi Prami

    Possible Delphi 12.1 inheritance bug, could someone test also

    Interesting... I'll get back to it when Coworkers has tested that also. Some got the same error on production app, but I'll wait for them to check out the trivial test app also. -Tee-
  15. Tommi Prami

    Possible Delphi 12.1 inheritance bug, could someone test also

    Did not help.