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  1. Yo duderinos. Could someone even slightly talk about the original subject, for courtesy 😄 -Tee-
  2. I was thinking that Record must be used in this... Sadly yes. That kind of constant one liner calling like that would be cool. Sometimes it is just handy.
  3. After couple o sleepless night my brain is shutting down. I need to do something like this. Foo( [ [1, 'First', 0.01], [2, 'Second', 0.02], [3, 'Third', 0.03] ]) So array of array of named and typed parameters. Think I've done something like this. In the method itself I could do something like if AParameters[1].IntValue = 2 then .... in Other words What I am trying to avoid is the I should do some kind of initialization of that array SetLEnght(LArray, 3); LArray[0].IntValue := 1; ... Foo(LArray); -Tee-
  4. Most likely so, but on other hand without issue in bug tracker, chances it'll get fixed is even lower 😄
  5. Don't quite understand what you are saying. Could you rephrase?
  6. If I understand that algorithm could be used for sizes that are prime also. Not sure would it matter tough. (Did not read it through, just browsed it, so I might not understand it too well)
  7. Word! I would put OTL to our repository right away if it would be up to just me. And make all threading with it. -Tee-
  8. Tommi Prami

    New free firebird tool... (Didn't make it ;) )

    From website I think. https://www.texteditor.pro/support/ -Tee-
  9. https://lemire.me/blog/2016/06/27/a-fast-alternative-to-the-modulo-reduction/
  10. Tommi Prami

    New free firebird tool... (Didn't make it ;) )

    Lasse released 1.10 version, some of the initial nastines fixed : https://www.texteditor.pro/firebird/
  11. Thanks for all of your help. Good chat 🙂 .Tee.
  12. OTL is pretty big library, PPL is already there. In our company it is pretty strict what libraries can be imported to our codebase. I rather use OTL for many reasons, but most likely can't justify it. But I think I am solved all problems, only problem is that with PPL code is pretty ugly. Because no proper way to pass workload and receive result. Not too many lines in this case. PPL would benefit some higher level abstraction and helper classes and so, and most important would be documentation. -Tee-
  13. Tommi Prami

    Spell Checker implementation?

    Active Hunspell wrapper project would be cool. Jus saying... 🙂
  14. Always one way to go. Would save some lines of code with PPL. OTL is super cool tough. -Tee-