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  1. Why so? if you use windows setting 115ppi then it is 115 ppi, don't get how this is not IDE fault not to handle HighDPI correctly. -Tee-
  2. Tommi Prami

    Please vote - SonarCube support

    Update not too long ago... Few monts, before that year betweeen releases, I think they did large internal changes
  3. I think it is Delphi IDE fault, not the Windows 1909, but still, annoying.
  4. Firebird Editor Pro. Made with Delphi (for Windows) 2.0 just released. Have had few problems related to third party components, which Author is using. He is pretty fast on developing and if have ideas or feedback, he usually fixes them pretty fast. https://www.texteditor.pro/firebird/ Also check out his text editor, which I use along with Delphi to do many jobs that are easier to do with that, than using Delphi IDE. -Tee- PS. Not my app, so feedback directly to the author.
  5. https://www.techradar.com/news/windows-10-has-a-nasty-bug-that-might-affect-people-working-from-home "Microsoft notes that any software which uses WinHTTP or WinInet might (and note that use of the word might – the problem isn’t guaranteed to manifest) experience issues reaching the internet." Just FYI -Tee-
  6. "Add Reset App-button into the Debugger Exception Notification and/or enable Crtl+F2 shortcut key to kill the app." if cae, vote please. https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-27925
  7. It seems that this was just resolved internally at Embarcadero
  8. Tommi Prami

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs again and again

    No sure if I suffer from same case, but IDE hangs once per week or so, lately not that often, but it happens. And at least what I get I need to kill bds.exe. Sometimes closing Tabs will hang/crash IDE (for me and one of my coworkers have complained about this) -Tee-
  9. Tommi Prami

    Test your product with UTF-8 beta setting

    Problem very poorly explained at : https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-21814 Please vote for it. Now we have seen many cases of this that customers have bought new computer and this setting has been on as default. And then at least our software stops working. Hope that you'll test this in on your own environments and products. and report your findings on that Ticket. I'll try to get on this also day, and report more exact findings. -Tee-
  10. Tommi Prami

    Test your product with UTF-8 beta setting

    Known fact or hoping for that? -Tee-
  11. Tommi Prami

    Test your product with UTF-8 beta setting

    This was tested in 10.3 But not with the latest. Anyone in 10.4 Beta should test this, on different kinds of apps. And if there are problems, report issues inside beta-channels.
  12. Tommi Prami

    Test your product with UTF-8 beta setting

    True dat.
  13. After couple o sleepless night my brain is shutting down. I need to do something like this. Foo( [ [1, 'First', 0.01], [2, 'Second', 0.02], [3, 'Third', 0.03] ]) So array of array of named and typed parameters. Think I've done something like this. In the method itself I could do something like if AParameters[1].IntValue = 2 then .... in Other words What I am trying to avoid is the I should do some kind of initialization of that array SetLEnght(LArray, 3); LArray[0].IntValue := 1; ... Foo(LArray); -Tee-
  14. https://lemire.me/blog/2016/06/27/a-fast-alternative-to-the-modulo-reduction/
  15. Yo duderinos. Could someone even slightly talk about the original subject, for courtesy πŸ˜„ -Tee-
  16. I was thinking that Record must be used in this... Sadly yes. That kind of constant one liner calling like that would be cool. Sometimes it is just handy.
  17. Most likely so, but on other hand without issue in bug tracker, chances it'll get fixed is even lower πŸ˜„
  18. Don't quite understand what you are saying. Could you rephrase?
  19. If I understand that algorithm could be used for sizes that are prime also. Not sure would it matter tough. (Did not read it through, just browsed it, so I might not understand it too well)
  20. I would rather use OTL, but can't justify committing it to our repository, for small utility app alone. All PPL tries have failed more than less miserably. And Embarcadero help doesn't have too good examples (Or I can't find them). Ot they are so synthetic and oversimplified. No need to do anything super complicated but still better examples would be good to have easier start... -Tee-
  21. Word! I would put OTL to our repository right away if it would be up to just me. And make all threading with it. -Tee-
  22. Coworker made new free Firebird tool with Delphi. 1.0 is just out... https://texteditor.pro/firebird/ There is also superb text editor, which I use in my Delphi coding daily, very good features...
  23. Tommi Prami

    New free firebird tool... (Didn't make it ;) )

    From website I think. https://www.texteditor.pro/support/ -Tee-
  24. Tommi Prami

    New free firebird tool... (Didn't make it ;) )

    Lasse released 1.10 version, some of the initial nastines fixed : https://www.texteditor.pro/firebird/