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  1. I think that Lajos is correct about that bookmarks are lost when closing the query in FireDAC, but if I remember correctly, it did work in Client Dataset.
  2. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    Refresh Current Record To Access Value Of Newly Inserted AutoInc Field

    I can not see why this should be a problem, you got your ID and stick to it until your record is finally posted to the database. You use it as a primary key on your mastertable and a foreign key on the detail table. The generator is running outside the transactions, and you are guaranteed to get a unique value each time you request for an ID.
  3. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    Working with Delphi and Excel

    You can load Excel sheets into a FDMemTable via Microsoft's odbc drivers.
  4. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    Maximized the main form

    You could use the Constraints property of the form instead of using the Event. Self.Constraints.MaxHeight := Screen.WorkAreaHeight; Self.Constraints.MaxWidth := Screen.WorkAreaWidth;
  5. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    Firebird transactions with Firedac

    Is there a reason why you can‘t use generators?
  6. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    Is anyone using IBX (Interbase Express) and compatibility question

    If I remember correctly, IBX does not officially support Firebird. I would rather go with the FireDAC framework instead. The FireDAC framework also seems to have much higher priority than IBX from Embarcadero.
  7. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    Firebird 3 Client Installation

    If you place the dll files manually into the windows system folders, you'll need to run regsvr32 to register them in Windows. If you use the installer it will register them for you. If you place them in your programs root folder, there is no need for registration.
  8. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    ADOTable vs ADOQuery

    With sql databases always use the query component, you have much more control with it.
  9. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    Date Time with filter in FDTable

    One way to get around that datetime field, is to create a View on the datbase, where you cast your datetime field to a date field, and then connect the table component to the view instead of the query. Is there a specific reason why you want to use a table compnent instead of a query?
  10. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    Date Time with filter in FDTable

    If you use a FDQuery instead of FDTable, you could cast your datetime field to date. Then you can filter on that date field.
  11. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    cannot load client library ibtogo.dll

    Have you checked in wich folder your dll file is located?
  12. Hans J. Ellingsgaard


    If you use the StartTransaction command, you have to finish it off with CommitTransacton or a Rollback. If you're not using a StartTransaction, the FDConnection will start it for you and make a commit when your datasets are closed.
  13. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    How to run Interbase developer in 10.4 and 11

    Yes, the developer edition can run via tcp. Have you checked wich port it's using? You can do that with netstat. You should also be able to telnet the portnumber..
  14. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    How to run Interbase developer in 10.4 and 11

    If you connect via tcp/ip, it should not matter where your Interbase binaries are located, as long as the interbase service is running. You also need to check wich port it is running on. Normaly it's on port 3050.
  15. Hans J. Ellingsgaard

    Delphi 10.4, FireDac, StartTransaction causes ODBC error.

    Your problem might have something to do with nested transactions. If your db or your odbc driver don't support nested transactons, make shure there is no ongoing transaction on the same connectionm, before you call StartTransaction. Something like this: if FDConnection1.InTransaction then FDConnection1.Commit; FDConnection1.StartTransaction;