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  1. The classic way to do that is a page control where every tab has TabVisible set to False
  2. Antagonising your customers and making them hate you is never a good business plan.
  3. If this is true, you can't even buy what they claim you need. You have to purchase new licences. You can't purchase maintenence once it has expired.
  4. David Heffernan

    FastMM4 and False Positives

    The component vendor is applying a development methodology known as "wishful thinking". FastMM4 doesn't get this wrong.
  5. David Heffernan


    The reason you don't call FileExists is that CreateFile will fail and GetLastError will tell you that the file does not exist. You have tell us why you believe that CreateFile should fail in the scenario that concerns you. Another program already opened the file? With what flags? Rather than have us spend time trying to guess how to recreate the problem, can you provide a complete console app that reproduces the issue.
  6. David Heffernan


    Why do you call FileExists? A single call to CreateFile can tell you what you need. The code as it stands won't tell you whether or not the file is in use. What is hdl? Use THandle as stated above. As for the problem, debug it! Use GetLastError if CreateFile fails. If CreateFile succeeds then there's presumably something wrong with your logic.
  7. David Heffernan

    MacOS development environment

    Not Delphi!
  8. Task dialog is not suitable for that. However, the form you described, which led me to suggest task dialog, is a very different beast from these forms. The forms you described did not have an edit control or 7 check boxes!!!! Very hard to give advice when you don't describe the actual problem.
  9. That's an odd comment. For dialogs with a message, and couple of checkboxes or buttons then they are perfectly flexible. If you want to customise every individual form then what are you even asking? Just design each one in the designer.
  10. Kinda pointless to measure a getter that just returns or sets the field. Try measuring one that does some work.
  11. No. I'm not even sure what such a framework would look like. Sounds like massive overkill.
  12. I wouldn't consider using the designer for such a thing. I would build the form dynamically in code. Your example of a dialog with a handful of checkboxes and buttons is just the Vista task dialog.
  13. David Heffernan

    Jumping to methods via procedure list does not expand region

    Any developer or organisation that cares about quality should be flexible enough to accept bug reports from a variety of channels. Clearly if the reporter can enter a high quality report in the project bug tracker, then that is the ideal. But in reality that is not always possible. Sometimes these reports are unclear and imprecise and the project owner has to edit the report. And sometimes the reporter just won't take the required steps. Sometimes the reporter is stubborn and for inexplicable reasons refuses to give their email address and a password to sourceforge 😉 But what developer would here of a bug in their software and not want to fix it? Any developer that is prepared to let bugs pass if they aren't in the tracker should just give up. Incidentally, it grinds my gears that Emba killed QC without transferring open reports to the replacement. On numerous occasions I have been asked by Emba staff to resubmit to QP the litany of open floating point related bugs that I submitted to QC. It makes no sense to me at all that any developers that care about quality would do that.
  14. David Heffernan

    Git UI tools

    I'm sure you are right. It just seems weird that any git program could have performance issues when all they are doing is wrapping git.
  15. David Heffernan

    Memory leak in UnicodeString to string conversion

    Before knowing how to fix it, you need to know what causes the leak. That's where the minimal reproduction comes in.