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  1. jon eskandi

    Digital Persona UAreU 4500 Fingerprint Reader ActiveX

    Thank you. but that document doesn't match the "TOposBiometrics" Delphi component. i already get some sample using vb.net. i'll try to convert to delphi. thank you all 🙏🙏🙏
  2. jon eskandi

    Digital Persona UAreU 4500 Fingerprint Reader ActiveX

    yes, it has activex SDK and i already import to delphi. OposBiometric Control, and it has a component on ActiveX Palette called "Toposbiometrics". The problem is, i don't have any document or reference about that "component" 🙏
  3. i had "Digital Persona UAreU 4500 Fingerprint Reader" device, which it had ActiveX SDK in Delphi. TOposBiometrics. i don't know how to apply it in Delphi. Initialize, Capture, Recording and Verify. did someone had tried to make their app with this activex. Please guidance. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
  4. it is true Remy Lebeau if we use TEncoding.ASCII will result strange character on some platform. so probably best we use "Default". good point Remy thank you.
  5. finally i found the problem is like Cristian Peta said before. just use byte SND := TEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes(AValue); should be SND := bytesof(AValue); that's it. thank you all
  6. i've try your code and face the same problem. a white line printed for each loop. could you show the working code ? thank you
  7. jon eskandi

    How to print Bitmap to bluetooth thermal printer

    thank you. i'll learned that 🙏
  8. i'am struggling to print bitmap to bluetooth thermal printer (Zjiang). here is the Printer Manual for Print NV Bitmap [Name] Define NV bitmap [Format] ASCIIcode FS q n [xL xH yL yHd1...dk]1...[xLxH yLyHd1...dk]n Hexadecimal code 1C 71 n [xLxHyLyHd1...dk]1...[xLxHyLyHd1...dk]n Decimal Code 28 113 n [xLxHyLyHd1...dk]1...[xLxHyLyHd1...dk]n [Name] Print NV bitmap [Format] ASCII code FS p n m Hexadecimal code 1C 70 n m Decimal Code 28 11 n m i just confuse how to convert bitmap to TByte for this format : [xLxHyLyHd1...dk]1...[xLxHyLyHd1...dk]n Please assisted 🙏🙏