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  1. I am defending a very important, and very well respected, member of the Delphi community. That's all.
  2. In defence of Mathias his madExcept library is superb and very actively maintained. And his response to your comments in the thread seem reasonable. Why expect him to work on freeware? Anything he does is a bonus. It looks like your frustration is getting the better of you.
  3. There are simply some rules of use for certain types of library that cannot be enforced effectively by the compiler, or even by runtime checks. For these rules you need documentation and developers that are prepared to read documentation. My personal view is that if a developer is not prepared to go to the trouble of reading the documentation, then any problems they have are their concern and not that of the library developer.
  4. David Heffernan

    IDE adds {$R} between units

    Can you show a minimal dpr file and tell us which version of Delphi you use.
  5. David Heffernan

    Passing back a string from an external program

    It really is
  6. David Heffernan

    [out] and [in] in records

    Where are the attributes defined?
  7. David Heffernan

    64-bit type libraries still not supported by the IDE ?

    Posting here is not going to have any impact on development of the Delphi IDE by Embarcadero. You would need to submit a QP report, although I guess at least one already exists. I assumed that your post was driven by a desire to get something done. Which can only be to import some actual type libraries. Hence my comments.
  8. David Heffernan

    Google Play Store - request extension for Delphi apps

    Choosing a better tool for mobile development is surely an option
  9. David Heffernan

    Passing back a string from an external program

    https://stackoverflow.com/q/19054789/505088 https://stackoverflow.com/q/19054789/505088
  10. David Heffernan

    64-bit type libraries still not supported by the IDE ?

    You can locate the library and run the typelib importer on it using the command line tool. The format is the same for 32 and 64 bit. The issue is just that a 32 bit process doesn't see the 64 bit registry. But once you pass the 64 bit com dll to the type lib importer it will be fine. Often you just import the 32 bit version of the COM dll and the same import unit works for both.
  11. David Heffernan

    64-bit type libraries still not supported by the IDE ?

    There are plenty of command line tools for this.
  12. David Heffernan

    Relaxed JSON

    I don't think that toml is widely used, although I admire its goals. I also believe that it has some limitations. And I don't think there is a Delphi parser for it.
  13. David Heffernan

    August 2019 Roadmap released

    I expect that's exactly what happened, many times, but the money people decided otherwise.
  14. David Heffernan

    Relaxed JSON

    Yeah, seems pointless. Use YAML if you want more readable files.
  15. Documentation is always an option. Don't rule it out.
  16. David Heffernan

    parsing Google search results

    Isn't this the wrong approach. Don't you use the REST API?
  17. David Heffernan

    How to reliably know if there is data selected in TVirtualStringTree

    What if the user has clicked without using the mouse?
  18. David Heffernan

    handling predicate conditions

    The downside of adding checks is that the code bloat is huge. Imagine a function that accepts three args and just forwards them on to another method. You then have three checks against nil, and a single line to forward the call. That burden adds up. Having this checked statically, or even at runtime like range checking would be a boon. Of course, none of that helps with the much more invidious error of passing a reference to an already destroyed object.
  19. David Heffernan

    handling predicate conditions

    Not something I've ever experienced being a Windows only delphi dev.
  20. David Heffernan

    handling predicate conditions

    Erm, yes.
  21. David Heffernan

    handling predicate conditions

    Every function you write that accepts a reference type, you check that it is assigned on entry to the function?
  22. David Heffernan

    handling predicate conditions

    Examples aren't much use without understanding the rationale behind them. If exceptions are a PITA you must be doing something wrong. It's error handling without exceptions that is a PITA.
  23. David Heffernan

    handling predicate conditions

    Reasonable at certain interfaces between modules, but not in every single function.
  24. David Heffernan

    handling predicate conditions

    Why even bother writing those checks? An exception will be raised as soon as you attempt to use the nil instances.
  25. David Heffernan

    looking for design ideas for an easily editable list

    I guess it depends on what motivates you. Do you want to optimise for the quality of your program's UX, or is it more important to you that you can create the UX as quickly as possible, irrespective of how well it works?