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  1. Yes Darnocian, it was the goal, add fluent interface to record, so the main difference is that passing a record is a copy compare to a class Thanks Patrick
  2. Hi David, Thanks for your reply ; that's both function (and btw working) { rTxt } function rTxt.GetAsText: string; begin result:=StringReplace(FValue,'\r\n',CRLF,[rfReplaceAll]); end; function rTxt.WithValue(const aValue: string): prTxt; begin FValue:=aValue; result:=@Self; end; How should I write it then ?
  3. Hi All,, Just a silly question 🙂 if I can write this code, what is the pros and cons about it ? From a lasy view, you don't need to create it, free it, .. Thanks Patrick prTxt = ^rTxt; rTxt = record private FValue : string; function GetAsText : string; public property Value : string read FValue; property AsText : string read GetAsText; function WithValue(const aValue : string) : prTxt; end;
  4. Thanks a lot Peter, it was the answer I was searching for. Regards Patrick
  5. Thanks to all, I'll try to correct my post. Patrick
  6. ok, sorry, for me it was a class ... not an interface TFPropertiesCpt = class (TInterfacedObject,IFCompteurUpdate)
  7. Delphi 11.0 Hi All, I would like to have an advice on how can I get this class more useful, I'm annoying with the 'set of ..' and the property of the set. Is there a way to change this class so I can use it with other 'set of' without recreate a similar class to resume, be able to change SOTTypeOfProperties and TTypeOfProperties so I don't need to rewrite a specific class for a different type of set Thanks Patrick SOTTypeOfProperties = Set of TTypeOfProperties; TFPropertiesCpt = class (TInterfacedObject,IFCompteurUpdate) private FItems : TDictionary<integer,rCompteurUpdate<TTypeOfProperties>>; FProperties : SOTTypeOfProperties; procedure ResetCompteurs; procedure InitList; procedure SetMax(const aValue : integer); procedure Duplicate(const aValue : TFPropertiesCpt); public constructor Create; destructor Destroy; override; property Items : TDictionary<integer,rCompteurUpdate<TTypeOfProperties>> read FItems write FItems; property Properties : SOTTypeOfProperties read FProperties; function Add(const aTypeOf : TTypeOfProperties ; const aInc : integer = 1) : TFPropertiesCpt; function WithInit : TFPropertiesCpt; function WithInfo(const aValue : TTypeOfProperties ; aProc : TProc) : TFPropertiesCpt; function WithMax(const aValue : integer) : TFPropertiesCpt; function ResetCompteur(const aValue : TTypeOfProperties) : TFPropertiesCpt; overload; procedure Execute; function AllDone : boolean; class function Clone(const aValue : TFPropertiesCpt) : TFPropertiesCpt; end;
  8. PatV

    Task message

    Hi All, I'm trying to get message in my main thread from a task inside a procedure inside a pipeline without success. FPipeline := Parallel.Pipeline; FPipeline.Stage(AccountsGl_SearchSuggested) .Stage(AccountsGl_TryGet , Parallel.TaskConfig.OnMessage(TaskMessage)) .Run .Input.Add(TOmniValue.FromArray<rImport>(Items)); FPipeline.Input.CompleteAdding; In my procedure AccountsGl_TryGet I have this ; procedure TFImport.AccountsGl_TryGet(const input, output: IOmniBlockingCollection; const task: IOmniTask); var aValue : TOmniValue; begin for aValue in input do begin if task.CancellationToken.IsSignalled then break; AccountGl_GetSuggested(aValue.ToRecord<rImport>); end; end; and in AccountsGL_GetSuggested I have procedure TFImport.AccountGl_GetSuggested(const aSearch : rImport); var iTask : IOmniTaskControl; begin iTask := CreateTask(WorkerGetAccountSuggested, clsConnectionPool.GetTGUIDString ) .OnMessage(TaskMessage) .OnTerminated(TaskTerminated) .SetParameter('Msg' ,MSG_GET_ACCOUNTSUGGEST) .Schedule(FDbPool); end; from workerGetAccountSuggested I have the following call if not task.Terminated then begin aOVValue := TOmniValue.FromRecord<rAccountGl>(aValue); task.Comm.Send(task.Param['Msg'],aOVValue); end; So, the message ( task.Comm.Send(task.Param['Msg'],aOVValue) ) from iTask in the procedure AccountsGL_GetSuggested never achieve the TaskMessage procedure. Do you have any clues ? Regards Patrick
  9. PatV

    GMail Inbox

    Thanks a lot for the explanation Remy ! Patrick
  10. PatV

    GMail Inbox

    Hi Remy You are right about the extra spaces, I've got another message, now. S:C1 UID STORE 193 -X-GM-LABELS (\Inbox) R:C1 BAD UID STORE not allowed now. If found also the link you mentioned How to remove a label from an email message from Gmail by using the IMAP protocol? as this one too on witch you have replied. what-belongs-in-aexpectedresponses-parameter-to-tidimap4-sendcmd I've tried also the "move" command but I didn't get the good UID, my goal was to read messages header through RetrieveHeader, and move later message selected on a TVirtualStringTree, but It seems that once I close the imap connection, those uid are no more correct. IDImap4.SelectMailBox('INBOX'); IDImap4.SearchMailBox(aSearchInfo); iUID:=0; with IDImap4 do for i:=0 to High(MailBox.SearchResult) do begin iMsg:=TIdMessage.Create; iMsg.Clear; RetrieveHeader(MailBox.SearchResult[i],iMsg); sUID:=IntToStr(MailBox.SearchResult[i]); iUID:=MailBox.SearchResult[i]; rMess.WithMessage(iMsg).WithUID(sUID).WithNode(Nil).asUnSelected; AnArray.add<rMsg>(Msgs,rMess); end; FillVST; IdIMap4.Disconnect; I'll test the function tomorrow. IdImap4.UIDStoreValue(rMess.UID, sdRemove, 'X-GM-LABELS', '\Inbox'); Thanks again Patrick
  11. PatV

    GMail Inbox

    Hi Remy, Thanks for your component and your support, I've tried it also and get an error too. IdImap4.SendCmd('UID STORE ' + rMess.UID + ' -X-GM-LABELS (\Inbox)', ['OK','BAD','NO'], true); S:C1 UID STORE 189 -X-GM-LABELS (\Inbox) R:C1 BAD Could not parse command IdImap4.UIDStoreValue(rMess.UID, sdRemove, 'X-GM-LABELS', '\Inbox'); I didn't look at this function, I'll go with it Thanks Patrick
  12. PatV

    GMail Inbox

    Hi All, I'm searching a way to remove the Tag 'Inbox' from message. I try to send command, via IdImap4.SendCmd('C1','UID STORE '+rMess.UID+' -X-GM-LABELS ("Inbox")',['OK','BAD','NO'], true); Without success. Any clues ? Regards Patrick
  13. Hi You can still use record and forget pointers TReminderItem = record FEmployeeID: Integer; FEmployeeName: String; FHireDate: TDate; FLastDate: TDate; FNotes: String; end; PReminderItem = ^TreminderItem; TForm1 = class(TForm) Button1: TButton; procedure Button1Click(Sender: TObject); private procedure GetReminder(AList: TList<TReminderItem>); { Private declarations } public { Public declarations } end; var Form1: TForm1; implementation {$R *.dfm} procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var LList : TList<TReminderItem>; LReminderItem : PReminderItem; begin LList := TList<TReminderItem>.Create; try GetReminder(LList); ShowMessage(Format('Name: %s', [LList[0].FEmployeeName])); finally // for LReminderItem in LList do // Dispose(LReminderItem); LList.Free; end; end; procedure TForm1.GetReminder(AList: TList<TReminderItem>); var LReminderItem : TReminderItem; begin // LReminderItem := TReminderItem.Create; LReminderItem:=default(TReminderITem); with LReminderItem do begin FEmployeeID := 1; FEmployeeName := 'Test Name'; FHireDate := Now; FLastDate := Now; FNotes := 'A Note'; end; AList.Add(LReminderItem); end;
  14. Hi Dalija, I've got your book, congrats, it is very helpful !!! Patrick
  15. Hi All, I'm using Parallel.Async to send an email, even if it's working, I would like to know if my approach is correct ; procedure TTFrmPanelPrint.SendMailParallel; var sRacine : string; sFrom,sName,sSubject,sBody : string; begin sRacine:=TPath.Combine(FReport.Directory ,FReport.FileName); sFrom := rUser(FReport.Print.Values[pspUser]^).Mail.GetMail; sName := rUser(FReport.Print.Values[pspUser]^).Name.FirstLastName; sBody :=Comment.Lines.Text; sSubject:= FFile.External; end; Parallel.Async ( Procedure(const task : IOmniTask) function AddAttach(const aRacine : string) : TStringList; var sFile : string; begin Result:=TStringList.Create; Result.Add(aRacine+cExtPdf); Result.Add(aRacine+cExtXlsx); for sFile in LBAttachments.Items do Result.Add(sFile); end; var sAttach,sTo,sBC,sCC : TSTringList; begin sAttach := AddAttach(sRacine); sTo :=TStringList.Create; sCC :=TStringList.Create; sBC :=TStringList.Create; sTo.Add(CbCommunication.Text); Task.Invoke ( procedure begin FMail.WithFrom(sFrom) .WithFromName(sName) .WithTo(sTo) .WithSubject(sSubject) .WithBody(sBody) .WithAttachments(sAttach) .WithPrcMailLog(LogAdd) .WithPrcOnDone(MailSendDone) .Send; sTo.Free; sCC.Free; sBC.Free; sAttach.Free; end ) end ); end; Thanks a lot Patrick