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  1. Vincent Parrett

    GRPC Client

    I looked at sgcWebSockets today - but the price is really steep - I don't need the rest of the library but http/2 is only in the most expensive version - and then I need to get gprc working on top of that. I'm actually leaning towards doing this project in c# (the server is already c#) - testing with .net 8.0 AOT compilation so far produced a 4.5MB exe (+ a 12MB dll for google protocol buffers). Obviously it will be larger than that once done. As much as I want to use delphi for this project - the libraries are just not there - contrast to dotnet - grpc is a first class citizen (and the performance is impressive). I was able to get up and running in less than 10 minutes - contrast that to having spent most of today looking for a delphi grpc client that works.
  2. Vincent Parrett

    GRPC Client

    I've been looking at that - since the DelphiGRPC makes use of it. Down the rabbit hole I go..
  3. Vincent Parrett

    GRPC Client

    Can anyone recommend a GRPC client library for delphi. I have had a quick look around and only found a 1 open source lib - https://github.com/ultraware/DelphiGrpc (no updates in 5 yrs), and nsoftware (which I will not buy as no source available). Any others I have missed (open source or commercial with source code).
  4. Vincent Parrett

    How to attach a DigiCert Token certificate to exeutable

    In the context of code signing, where do you get a pfx these days? the only certificates being issued are on tokens or HSM's, neither of which allow exporting the private key. We can debate the merits of the decisions taken with regards to the future of code signing but the reality is what we have in front of us right now... and that is what people are struggling with.
  5. Vincent Parrett

    How to attach a DigiCert Token certificate to exeutable

    No, you only need to do that if the machine you are signing on is different to the one where the usb token is installed. pfx files are a thing of the past (except for self signed certificates), so forget about that bit. Do not expect the IDE to support code signing with tokens. You need to understand how to call signtool.exe You could perhaps setup a post buld event for your project to do the signing - but bear in mind signing takes time so only add it to the release config. Alternatively - (vendor plug) - use FinalBuilder to generate your release builds - in which case code signing is pretty easy.
  6. Vincent Parrett

    How to attach a DigiCert Token certificate to exeutable

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  8. Vincent Parrett

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    This is awesome, embarcadero have no excuse for poor performance now! 🤣Nice one As someone who uses runtime packages (due to the plug architecture of my application) - this is a god send - I have profiled the crap out of my code, found a lot of small improvements and a couple of large ones - but quite often the profiler shows the majority of the per ends up somewhere inside the RTL - this will allow me to do another round of profiling. The only down side is I have an amd cpu, and uProf is nowhere near as good as VTune (although both suck when it comes to UI/UX).
  9. Vincent Parrett

    Script Errors galore when launching Delphi

    I can reproduce this here (only tested with berlin).
  10. Vincent Parrett

    Call for Delphi 12 Support in OpenSource projects.

    FWIW, all my open source delphi projects at https://github.com/VSoftTechnologies/ support Delphi 12.
  11. Vincent Parrett

    Library for modifying windows PE files?

    Interesting, license is "as is" - so does that overrider the gpl of the other project - it doesn't appear to be any attribution of the original project - kinda disingenuous to misrepresent another's work as your own and then apply a GPL license to it 💁‍♂️
  12. Vincent Parrett

    Library for modifying windows PE files?

    Yes thanks, I have seen this (and learned from it). I'm looking into building a remote signing tool - so that I can sign from multiple machines without needing the token drivers installed - right now we have to run all code signing on a single build agent that has access to the token - it's caused us a lot of work splitting out the code signing on all our build processes - which results in longer build times as we move files between agents and the server - ie agentX builds, sends artifacts back to server, server sends them to agent5 (the one that can sign), agent 5 signs them and sends them back to the server, which then sends them to agentX to continue the build process (pacakging and deployment etc). All very unsatisfactory. I haven't been able to work on it for a few weeks as other more urgent tasks popped up (like replacing confluence) but hope to get back to it soon.
  13. Vincent Parrett

    Library for modifying windows PE files?

    Yes seems so, I saw that and decided against using it.
  14. Vincent Parrett

    Library for modifying windows PE files?

    Thanks, hadn't seen this one.
  15. Vincent Parrett

    Library for modifying windows PE files?

    Actually this is really useful - I've been working from some C based examples - I do actually need to add another section so this is is exactly what I need thanks.