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  1. Vincent Parrett

    Run Time Sub Menu Gap

    Looks like this was solved on the adug forums 😃
  2. Vincent Parrett

    Test Insight not drawing correctly

    I have no idea what version or commit is available from GetIt (one of my many issues with it) as I'm not involved in getting it on there. The latest version can always be found on Github - https://github.com/VSoftTechnologies/DUnitX
  3. Vincent Parrett

    Test Insight not drawing correctly

    Make sure you are using the latest version of DUnitX and TestInsight.
  4. The same author has another json parser library - see here https://github.com/neslib/Neslib.Json/issues/5 - I have not used it yet but plan to very soon.
  5. It's this rich api that makes Spring4D collections worthwhile. The perf hit is still worth it for this alone. In a real world application (FinalBuilder) I have not noticed any perf issues that could be attributed to the spring4d collections, but then I'm rarely enumerating huge collections - certainly in my profiling efforts there were plenty of areas to optimise, but spring4d wasn't showing up as an area of concern in the profiler (vtune). Now if only we could have non ref counted interfaces (ie no calls to add/release) and we could implement interfaces on records - best of both worlds 😉
  6. Vincent Parrett

    OmniPascal: Auto-Implementation of methods not working

    I very much doubt embarcadero would have any interest in doing anything for freepascal - as for VSCode - they have their hands full just getting LSP to work properly for the delphi IDE (it's a work in progress right now).
  7. Vincent Parrett

    OmniPascal: Auto-Implementation of methods not working

    No idea if this is true or not, but last I heard (don't remember where I heard this) he was working for embarcadero on their LSP.
  8. A few months ago I replaced all RTL collections (apart from TStringList) with spring4d 2.0 collections and I saw noticeably smaller binaries (exe/bpl) and faster overall application performance. Spring4D collections are just so much nicer to use, being interface based is a plus for me, and the LINQ like functionality makes it really easy to do sorting, filtering, projections etc - if only Delphi had lambdas so the predicates etc were not so damned verbose! I'm extremely thankful for the work @Stefan Glienke has put into Spring4D 👍
  9. Vincent Parrett

    Child Table in BDE shows only Last 62 records of 262

    Can't say I've used woll2woll or the BDE in the last 20 years... but just a guess - is paging perhaps enabled somewhere, with a page size of 200? Perhaps it's just showing the last page?
  10. Vincent Parrett

    SSL certificate for VCL Application Exe

    https://www.ksoftware.net/code-signing-certificates/ OV certificates for $84 per year - EV for $349 per year. Either way, be prepared to jump through hoops to prove you are who you say you are. EV's are typically issued on a dongle and are a pain. You can automate them to a degree - but not when running from a windows service (ie on a ci server) https://www.finalbuilder.com/forums/t/signtool-with-ev-certificate-fails/6535/22
  11. Vincent Parrett

    Delphi 10.4.2 always recompiling in IDE

    Confirmed - this only happens when Classic Code Insight is enabled.
  12. Vincent Parrett

    Delphi 10.4.2 always recompiling in IDE

    That could be it, I have LSP turned off due to issues, so perhaps it's Classic insight vs LSP that determines whether it occurs?
  13. Vincent Parrett

    Delphi 10.4.2 always recompiling in IDE

    100% reproducible with a new VCL project, no IDE plugins installed.
  14. Vincent Parrett

    Delphi 10.4.2 always recompiling in IDE

    When I saw this post it triggered something that has been bugging me for a while, which is how long it takes to run after I have already compiled - so I watched the exe date time and observed the change - I don't use MMX but thought perhaps it was another (or any) plugin - so I removed them (and confirmed they were gone) before testing again - it's 100% reproducible with my main project - I didn't test with a new project though.
  15. Vincent Parrett

    Delphi 10.4.2 always recompiling in IDE

    I'm seeing this issue here and I do not have mmx installed - I did a full build, waited 1 minute and then hit Run - the exe is most definitely re-linked - oddly the exe size changes each time too. I did have GExperts and your Stefan's uses helper plugin - disabling them made no difference - the exe is still regenerated every time! So this looks like an IDE issue not MMX or any other plugins.