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  1. Lars Fosdal

    Closing an external App.

    Are you trying to prevent running the same app twice? https://lonewolfonline.net/prevent-multiple-instances-delphi-application-running/ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8688078/preventing-multiple-instances-but-also-handle-the-command-line-parameters As mentioned above, FindWindow need window class names or window titles. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/winuser/nf-winuser-findwindowa Unless you want to enumerate processes to find the main window(s), calling taskkill could be an alternative. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/taskkill
  2. Lars Fosdal

    Combining several applications into one

    We are trying to make a habit of assigning events / config in code, and not rely on dfm / unit event handler references. Frames are indeed a great way to plugin/unplug code. Although - I have been told that Frames are not quite as desirable in FMX? Can anyone offer their experience with FMX and dynamic creation of frames?
  3. Lars Fosdal

    Combining several applications into one

    We partly use the same model as Rollo62 does. Functionality that is shared across apps, is implemented as frames. The amount of work required to create a frame from a regular form, depends on the complexity - but quite often it is more or less just a cut and paste.
  4. Lars Fosdal

    [Fmx, Android] TBluetoothLE device disconnect

    It could be BLE version / chipset dependent. That out-of-range issue is a killer, really. Not being able to do a proper recovery there is pretty darn hopeless.
  5. Lars Fosdal

    [Fmx, Android] TBluetoothLE device disconnect

    Have you collected a list of devices / OS versions that have particular behaviours?
  6. Lars Fosdal

    Creating ActiveX

    What kind of app will be hosting the ActiveX component? The future of ActiveX is a bit iffy.
  7. Are there changes to the theme resources since 10.3.0?
  8. What about https://github.com/RRUZ/delphi-ide-theme-editor ?
  9. Lars Fosdal

    Styled DBGrid OnDrawDataCell

    What if you call Inherited before drawing the rect? I see that in some of my code I only do my custom drawing if State = [].
  10. Lars Fosdal

    Styled DBGrid OnDrawDataCell

    Have you tried without the lock/unlock? You are after all already inside a grid on draw event. A possible workaround could be to do an invalidate on the grid after a drag/drop. Also - how a mod 2 = 0 can draw every three rows, is a bit of a mystery 😉
  11. The link above contains the general ISO for Delphi / RAD Studio for license hoders. You need to be logged in, and possible have a subscription? Not sure about the last bit. The Community Edition (CE) of Delphi can be found here: https://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi/starter/free-download Are you on CE or Pro|Enterprise|Architect?
  12. Have you checked the integrity of the ISO image? CertUtil -hashfile <filename.iso> <MD2|MD4|MD5|SHA1|SHA256|SHA384|SHA512> i.e. CertUtil -hashfile delphicbuilder10_3_3_7899_nt.iso MD5 The output should match the MD5 signature in http://cc.embarcadero.com/item/30896 Personally, I prefer the Web Installer.
  13. Control Panel | System | Advanced System Settings | Environment Variables System Variables | Path
  14. Did you use the .ISO installer or the web installer? The length of the path environment variable can be a problem. Check that there are no old and obsolete paths filling it up.
  15. <Images of General Custer flashing by...>