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  1. Lars Fosdal

    What about additional free open source C++ libraries on GetIt ?

    Would it not be up to the author on GitHub to support GetIt? What does MS VS use? Nuget? In that case, the logical thing would be for C++Builder to support Nuget?
  2. Lars Fosdal

    Has anyone tried running Delphi on Windows ARM?

    https://www.theverge.com/22383598/parallels-desktop-mac-windows-10-install-m1-macbook I guess someone has to actually try it out to get an answer here.
  3. Lars Fosdal

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

  4. @Jim McKeeth - How can this user get some support?
  5. Lars Fosdal

    A BIG and very strange BUG with High-DPI, VCL Style and Form Constraints

    The BDS IDE itself also goes catatonic for a long time when changing DPI. The style management code in VCL SUCKS!
  6. Lars Fosdal

    Timer game delphi 7

    Ah, yeah... that is true. My explanation of TTimer events vs measuring an interval still stands.
  7. Lars Fosdal

    Timer game delphi 7

    A VCL:TTimer / FMX:TTimer is something that produces an event after a given interval, so not what you are looking for when you want to measure an interval. A TStopWatch is handy for measuring an interval. A TTimeSpan is an interval and has numerous methods for converting to various time units var t: TStopWatch; time: TTimeSpan; whenever you want to start measuring t := TStopWatch.StartNew; When you want to measure time := t.Elapsed; Alternatively t.Stop; time := t.Elapsed; Have a look at the TTimeSpan doc for how to get the various time units. Your Button1Click does not solve your problem since nothing else can happen while you are inside that code. Sometimes it helps to clarify how to solve a problem by writing the solution in regular text. That is as far as I will go in solving homework assignments.
  8. Lars Fosdal

    Timer game delphi 7

    Use TStopWatch from System.Diagnostics / System.TimeSpan.
  9. Lars Fosdal

    Build managed dll in Delphi

    You can't make managed code with Delphi. What you can make is an unmanaged DLL that can be wrapped from managed code in .NET. Oxygene is native .NET.
  10. Lars Fosdal

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    I was just wondering... Does C++Builder also output .map files? What if you had a C++ project that would build in both VS and RAD Studio and compared the VS .pdb with the map2pdb .pdb to spot any differences in structure and loading times?
  11. Try starting LicenseManager.exe and see if you have any stale or invalid licenses around. Delete those if any, and try again?
  12. Lars Fosdal

    I will be less active for a few weeks

    Thank you. I hope so too. The feeling of fatigue seems to diminish day by day, so I hope it stays that way. I have tripled the intake of Vitamin D enriched Cod liver oil, just to be sure 🙂
  13. Lars Fosdal

    I will be less active for a few weeks

    Update: I am no longer one-armed, but have about 1.65+ arms 😉 Mobility is decent and pain is limited, but there will be weeks of training to get back the strength and full use. To add insult to injury, I also caught the SARS-Cov-2 English mutation around March 16th, but I was lucky and got a very light progression, almost like a mild flu - but with an unusual amount of fatigue. Wife and stepson also got it, and they lost all sense of taste and smell, while I kept mine. Wife is currently getting her smell/taste back, but stepson still complains about food having no smell/taste or wrong taste, and that toothpaste tastes awful. We have no idea where we got it from, but I was visiting the hospital on that date, so it may even have been from there. The hardest part has been the fatigue. All my adult life, I have never been one to take a nap during the day, and typically have slept around 7 hours every night. The last weeks I've slept 7-8 hours during the night, and on several occasions 3-4 hours in the afternoon. I've been drained, both physically and mentally, and I still tire quickly, but it gets better every day. I highly recommend NOT contracting this shit! Keep your distance, wear that mask, wash those hands - and get vaccinated.
  14. Lars Fosdal

    Scalable IDE Toolbar icons?

    It is a fully working third party component for scalable icons. Edit: I missed that you wanted it specifically for the IDE. I don't know if that is on the road map.
  15. Lars Fosdal

    Scalable IDE Toolbar icons?