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  1. Lars Fosdal

    Having fun with Delphi

    That would be poor design of a class lib, IMO. 😞 Unfortunately not a rare thing in newer Delphi releases.
  2. Lars Fosdal

    Having fun with Delphi

    @Attila Kovacs What about System.IOUtils.TPath.Combine?
  3. I pay an arm and a leg for WordPress' own hosted version for https://larsfosdal.blog so I that wouldn't have to think about these things. I wonder if that also leaks these things?
  4. Lars Fosdal

    Common callback functions, or not?

    @Dany Marmur Unless they added new warnings in 10.4, they do not? It is perfectly legal to capture a variable or property whose content may change during execution, while you wanted to capture a specific value of that variable or property. It is easy to miss. The workaround is to always assign that variable to a local variable that you reference in the anon method.
  5. Lars Fosdal

    Common callback functions, or not?

    I like anon procs too - but unfortunate variable captures can be easy to miss.
  6. Lars Fosdal

    LiveBindings question

    I don't use LiveBindings, but intuitively that doesn't strike me as something that I would do in a data change driven event? But - then again, I don't use LiveBindings.
  7. Lars Fosdal

    CrystalNet - .Net Runtime Library for Delphi

    Yeah, I wondered about that one too. Maybe it is just smoke and mirrors...
  8. I think I have seen at least four posts about this issue, so here is a sticky.
  9. Did you use the offline installer or the web installer? If you used the offline installer, please see: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Release_Notes.
  10. My bad. Tokyo of course. Still valid for W7SP1. It does look like something on your PC. If you have a good workstation with Windows 10 Pro, you can enable Hyper-V and easily run a Windows 7 installation in a VM. Having Checkpoints when you are happy with an installation allows you to quickly roll back if something breaks.
  11. Lars Fosdal

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    Give me patience. NOW!
  12. 10.2 = Berlin - and it is supposed to work under Windows 7 Service Pack 1 However - I am pretty sure that Berlin didn't change two months ago. As far as I can remember, the folder that File Open uses has always followed the file you currently have in front in the editor . There is one exception: if you have the welcome page in front, the directory appears to be the directory of the most recently opened project.
  13. Lars Fosdal

    CrystalNet - .Net Runtime Library for Delphi

    Just wondering how they do it. Seems they have a .NET Core lib in the works as well.
  14. https://www.crystalnet-tech.com/RuntimeLibrary/RuntimeLibrary4Delphi Have any of you tried this lib?