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  1. Is it bad to use official DLL ? Several questions: * are you limited in distributing capabilities of this DLL (license, space, what ever) ? * who will support you, when something is broken, and you are using non-official connectivity ? * with whom you you can discuss your connectivity problems on INet, if you are using some from 3d party ? * how long will live your software, when 3d party provider is out of business, and DLL "insides"/protocol are changed ?
  2. This is IProviderSupport or IProviderSupportNG.
  3. Dmitry Arefiev

    FireDAC - Change Expired Password

    Yes, it is.
  4. Dmitry Arefiev

    FireDAC - Change Expired Password

    This issue was (most probably) fixed in 10.2.2. Your workaround is almost correct.
  5. You can do, when both conditions are met: * TOracleDataSet and TgQuery both are inherited from TDataSet * and properly implement IProviderSupport methods: procedure Form1.Proc1( aQry : TDataSet ); begin ... aQry.Close; (aQry as IProviderSupport).PSSetCommandText('select * from xyz'); aQry.Open; ... end;
  6. Dmitry Arefiev

    Check for override

    Could you please provide some tickets to better understand what and where.
  7. https://www.wireshark.org/ https://www.telerik.com/fiddler
  8. In this case I would try to capture HTTP packets sent from 10.1.2 and 10.2.1 clients. And will try to understand what is the difference between them, which may lead to this failure ...
  9. This is not related to REST client. But is related to REST server, which is accessing to InterBase server. And due to some reason the database specified in FireDAC connection parameters is not available. Start from checking your InterBase interbase.log ...
  10. Dmitry Arefiev

    Erro 10.3.1 java.lang.IllegalStateException

    The patch and instruction is published there: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-23656
  11. Dmitry Arefiev

    Please faster json library

    @RDPasqua, depends on RAD Studio version. In 10.3 standard JSON library is much faster and reliable.
  12. Dmitry Arefiev

    Improve speed in IDE

    This issue is fixed in 10.3 Rio. And more is comming in Updates. If to stay with 10.1, then search and install IDE HotFix Pack.
  13. Dmitry Arefiev

    SQLBindParameter error with TFDQuery / ODBC

    https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-20857 Will be fixed in 10.3 Update 1
  14. Dmitry Arefiev

    Firedac and SQL Server DB with "." in name