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  1. Andrea Magni

    How to even start? WSDL to REST

    Hi, now I get what you meant, sorry. To design your API in OpenAPI 3 format (for example) and to have the corresponding API implemented in MARS. This is something I'd like to add as a feature but I would say not in the immediate future. I've added (in the past) OpenAPI3 support to MARS, meaning the library will emit an OpenAPI3 description of your API (the other way around with respect to what you are asking). It would be a nice addition to cover your use case. I'll let you know if I'll find time to implement it (of course I would appreciate contribution as MARS is an OS project so if you feel to contribute, you are welcome!). Sincerely, Andrea
  2. Andrea Magni

    How to even start? WSDL to REST

    Hi, you can start following instructions to install the library, if you haven't already. Check this link: https://github.com/andrea-magni/MARS/blob/master/docs/Installation.md After that, find, compile and run the MARSCmd utility ( Utils/Source/MARScmd folder in your repository clone). It will guide you through a simple wizard to startup your first MARS application, cloning the Demos/MARSTemplate project group. You should have your first MARS REST server application up and running in 1 minute. Sincerely, Andrea
  3. Hi, I never faced this specific issue. I know for sure many people are successfully using MARS in different scenarios. Maybe this is a false positive (it happened more than once to see false positive with Delphi built software, even simple VCL applications). You may want to check the executable agains an online antivirus like virustotal or the like... Sincerely, Andrea
  4. Andrea Magni

    Handling webhooks using MARS

    Hi, yes you can easily read request's header: 1) using the HeaderParam attribute to decorate a field of your resource (or an argument of your method) to retrieve the value 2) accessing the IMARSActivation and the Request field to have a more direct access to the underlying request object Other thing is to use that header to provide authentication/authorization through MARS built-in facilities. We can explore that too, just let me know what you need and some examples of requests. Sincerely, Andrea
  5. Hello Ertan, you may want to check the AfterInvoke capabilities: - you can define a local method in your resource class that will be called after the request has been executed, yet before connection is closed; that seems a good place to cleanup temporary files - there is also a global mechanism ( look for TMARSActivation.RegisterAfterInvoke in Server.Ignition.pas in the MARSTemplate Demos folder). Hope this helps, let me know if you need something more. Sincerely, Andrea
  6. Dear Kostas, firstly I want to apologize not being much available these months. I've been very busy and many things fell behind. The easiest way to log errors in MARS is to provide an InvokeError handler: TMARSActivation.RegisterInvokeError( procedure (const AActivation: IMARSActivation; const AException: Exception; var AHandled: Boolean) begin CodeSite.SendError('Error: ' + AException.Message + ' Path: ' + AActivation.URL.Path); end ); There is an (empty) example of this in Server.Ignition.pas unit of the MARSTemplate (Demos folder). Hope this helps! Sincerely, Andrea
  7. Andrea Magni

    Identify incoming remote IPv4

    Hi @ertank, I managed to reply to your issue on GitHub: https://github.com/andrea-magni/MARS/issues/115 Sorry everybody for the late, I'll try to keep up with all questions ASAP. Sincerely, Andrea
  8. Andrea Magni

    How to iterate a TDictionary using RTTI and TValue

    I saw that too. I meant in the code above a genDictEnum.Free is missing somewhere before mc.Free call. Thanks
  9. Andrea Magni

    How to iterate a TDictionary using RTTI and TValue

    Hi @John Kouraklis and @Remy Lebeau, thanks for this topic that helped me too. Just wanted to add I think we should free the enumerator object (returned by TDictionary<>.GetEnumerator). I've used this approach in MARS REST library, as you can see here: https://github.com/andrea-magni/MARS/blob/41fd78e5416e38fad0f6a0451402a10824aa62c4/Source/MARS.YAML.ReadersAndWriters.pas#L222 Thanks again you both. Andrea
  10. Andrea Magni

    MARS and Delphi XE5 compatibility

    Hi @Galina, sorry for the late reply. MARS is pretty compatible with older Delphi version up to XE... This is true especially for the server side. The client side has some features relying on the Parallel Programming Library (thus XE7+) but should compile with older version too. Let me know if you encounter issue compiling with older Delphi versions, I will try to help. Sincerely, Andrea
  11. Andrea Magni

    Using an API endpoint as src for img tag ?

    As you can see here: https://github.com/andrea-magni/MARS/blob/f3c2396eeac4df9b1f9a4d4ef640d95bb6dd569d/Source/MARS.Core.MessageBodyWriters.pas#L217 It is a really straightforward implementation and I guess yours is not much different. The StreamToBase64 and StringToStream functions are also available just in case you need them. Let me know if there's anything I can help with! Thanks, Andrea
  12. Andrea Magni

    Using an API endpoint as src for img tag ?

    Hi @Stuart Clennett, you can try using TStream as result type. You can then use a TFileStream (or whatever other TStream descendant). MARS also has specific support to serve base64 encoded images (look for TStreamWriter class implementation). Let me know if you managed to use it. Sincerely, Andrea
  13. Hi @Stuart Clennett, sorry for the late reply! TMARSClientToken component has the capabilities to persist the token (and the related informations) through Load/Save From/To File/Bytes routines. I am considering to introduce also a way to update the component setting a bare JWT token but this would require to compile the JWT library (mORMotJWT or JOSE) on the client side. Let me know your thoughts about it. Sincerely, Andrea
  14. Andrea Magni

    Invoke function in other resource class

    Hi, nice question, sorry for the late of my reply. One thing you can do is to have an inheritance hierarchy. TResourceB may inherit from TResourceA. That way it should be easy to include data from GetSubData in the GetAllData result. You can still keep two distinct resources and MARS will inject everything on this or that class depending on the matching of the request path. Another way would be to pass the Context-Injected instance from one resource to the other. Through an overloaded method for example. Or through a property. I am going to make the injection mechanism more available to direct use in the future. Stay tuned. Sincerely, Andrea
  15. Andrea Magni

    MARSWebServer Service error logging

    Hi Kostas, the MARSWebServer demo has been created way before the InvokeError mechanism has been introduced. The resource takes care to send a 404 response when a URL is not matching a file system entry (no actual error is raised, a custom response is sent). This means it's unlikely you'll ever get to the InvokeError anonymous handler you registered. You have a chance to have it called if you are addressing a non existent resource (different from helloworld). If you will explain me your needs we may improve the demo or build a new one. Sincerely, Andrea