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  1. Bjørn Larsen

    Custom media type

    Hi @Andrea Magni, Thanks for another great solution. I went with your solution for defining a new media type. This way I can mix the returning media types without a lot of clutter. Most of the methods returns records, so I just "faked" a new writer this way 🙂 [Produces(MEDIATYPE_APPLICATION_SCIM_PLUS_JSON)] TScimRecordWriter = class(TRecordWriter); At first I could not get it to work, but finally I figured out that I had to registered the writers in the correct order. Otherwise the first writer would always be triggered. Best regards, Bjørn
  2. Bjørn Larsen

    Custom media type

    Hi, I need to implement RFC 7643 (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) where the content-type must be "application/scim+json". Is it possible and how do I add this as a new media type? I have tried [GET, Path('users/{UserID}'), Produces('application/scim+json')] but this results in loosing all quoting of names and values in the JSON result. I am able to archive the desired result by using TMediaType.APPLICATION_JSON and manipulate the TWebResponse directly, but then I need to also set content-encoding. Doesn't seems like a smooth solution. Is this the best way to solve this? Best regards, Bjørn
  3. Bjørn Larsen

    How to add FireDAC Datamodule as per the demo?

    Hi, Have you made sure that your unit is listed under uses and included in the filter that is specified in the AddApplication procedure? FEngine.AddApplication('DefaultApp', '/default', [ 'Server.*']); -- Bjørn
  4. Bjørn Larsen

    Master switch for use of tokens

    Hi Andrea, Thank you for quick feedback and a perfect solution! Always nice to get first class feedback from the author 🙂 Best regards, Bjørn
  5. Hi, I need to implement a solution where the administrator must be able to specify if the apis requires use of tokens or if its publicly available. Can someone give me a hint on how to solve this with MARS? Is it possible to specify different attribues depending on a setting? Or how to solve this? Best regards Bjørn
  6. Bjørn Larsen

    Microsoft Team Foundation System and Delphi

    We are using Delphi, SourceTree and TFS (git repos and the web frontend). The TFS web frontend has improved a lot. It's a flexible and stable combination that works very well. We have a full CI/CD setup where the Delphi packages are handled using a ProGet server for the build process.