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  1. Tntman

    Database app good practice

    All answers helped me, i will google more things based in your answers, thank you for sharing your knowledge with people here
  2. Tntman

    Database app good practice

    Hi people. I wanna connect vcl app to sql express server but i have some questions for you about application design pattern .. I was doing simple things until now ( click on button perform queries and display results ).. Basically i was not dividing my code and now a lot of things are in main.pas file.. I would like to implement some MVC pattern and divide my code because its better practice, more maintainable etc.. Can somebody give me some simple example how this is done ?
  3. Tntman

    Delphi with T SQL

    Ty for answering, yes i know that sqlite and ms are different but i was talking about approach to both databases.. I just posted this sqlite video because i did not find other for ms access.. So basically approach is to make a db file for ms access database and point its location on pc and application will talk to it and perform crud operations
  4. Tntman

    Delphi with T SQL

    So can I install on my PC Mysql workbench for example and create DB file and than follow this tutorial -> to connect to database ? Also can I ship my .exe with that DB file to friend so he can use it? I mean i can obviously do that but is this a right way of doing things ?
  5. Tntman

    I am looking for this guy

    "tieus" is some IT company from canada, u can find them on linkedin also ... For some reason i cant open their official web site.. Maybe if u can open their site u will find some useful info
  6. Tntman

    Delphi with T SQL

    I found some delphi job online that says that candidates should know tsql.. I just wanted to check it out, i realized that it's pretty old stuff since there are not many examples online.. Yes, im talking about ms sql with t sql.. My bad i did not explained well in my first post.. Is there any older method except firedac
  7. Tntman

    Delphi with T SQL

    Have anyone used Delphi with Tsql ? What are advantages and disadvantages in your opinion ? I would like to try Delphi with TSQL but there are no relevant resources to learn online, maybe im googling it wrong but as i can see there are not so many resources to learn from ( with examples etc ) Can somebody give me some resources where I can read and learn more about this ? Thank you
  8. I have everything installed on my main PC that you mentioned above ( except VsCode ) and it work with no problems. I also have a lot of other tools ( php,composer,laravel,swoole,servers apache ngnix, android studio, + a lot of android vm's and more....) and everything works fine .. I mean if u dont want to risk and u have time install it on separate VM I never used Chocolate and i installed everything manually .. Thats all that i can say from my experience, hope it helps
  9. Tntman

    Drone control from mobile

    Order amount: $ 2.49 this is how much i payed for ESP8862 ( shipping included ). I got it 2 years ago and it is still working fine.. When we talk about arduinos and stuff like that i am always getting cheapest possible components and i never had problems.. One of the reasons why i am getting cheapest possible components all the time is that i am using them just for testing purposes, playing around and learning... I think that u can make it like client-server app, send converted image ( text ) over socket and display it in ur app.. U can display it in normal image component
  10. Tntman

    Drone control from mobile

    U can use cheap simple arduino for 2$ that can connect on wifi network and communicate over websockets, try searching for "esp32 websocket" .. that could be one of the solutions
  11. Tntman

    Looking for SVG support in Delphi?

    Are you saying that we could use SVG images in our delphi apps ? Wow this is great, i am having destop app that have really heavy user interface, i am struggling with making different size of images ( png and jpg ) images so it can look nice on my app.. SVG will solve everything, i will try it very soon
  12. Tntman

    Drone control from mobile

    Lol its not only you .. i can say that i am pretty crazy when we talk about that.. i am even making android cameras for my phone ( i mean its well known fact that every android have default camera app ) but its just so interesting 😄
  13. Tntman

    Drone control from mobile

    I mean it can probably work for me but i wanted to make something and learn .. I could also buy drone but its not interesting 😄
  14. Tntman

    Mixed resources type 12

    Guys, I am sorry. I had problems IRL, i abandoned all of my projects, I did not had time to play with them , but I will be back soon I guess and resume coding