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  1. Jacek Laskowski

    MMX for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    I'm not sure it's a good lead, but I have an observation related to the MMX suspension. If just before ctrl+E (entity edition) I press ctrl+S (save changes in files) I have no suspension, and every time MMX suspends Delphi I forget to press ctrl+S. This may be some kind of key 😉
  2. Jacek Laskowski

    MMX for Delphi 10.3 Rio

    Every now and then, irregularly, MMX kills my IDE (10.3.2). The Check Packages option is turned off - thanks to this hangs are much less frequent, but they have not disappeared. I am still using MMX version 15 and waiting for a fix.
  3. Jacek Laskowski

    FireBird, TFDConnection and concurrency

    No, he doesn't need to create TFDConnection, he can use TFDQuery alone and get the connection from the pool in it: FDQuery := TFDQuery.Create(nil); FDQuery.ConnectionName := RegisteredConnectionDefinitionString;
  4. Jacek Laskowski

    FireBird, TFDConnection and concurrency

    In multithread application you must use separated connection per thread.
  5. Jacek Laskowski

    TArray vs TList with VirtualStringTree

    Why can't I find PList property in TList<T> of Delphi 10.3.2? Where exactly is it hidden?
  6. Delphi is very backward when it comes to coding and refactoring support tools.
  7. Jacek Laskowski

    Android in VMWare

    How to install Android in VMware?
  8. Jacek Laskowski

    Unknown attribute

    Thanks for tip!
  9. Jacek Laskowski

    Firebird SQL 3.0.4 content encoding issue

    Try DBWorkbech
  10. Jacek Laskowski

    Unknown attribute

    There is no access to such a warning! In turn, the compiler directive does not work globally, but locally (per unit), so it is useless.
  11. Jacek Laskowski

    Unknown attribute

    This bug is ...resolved: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-20384
  12. Jacek Laskowski

    Unknown attribute

    In previous versions of delphi I did so, in 10.3 it doesn't work, that's why I asked a question.
  13. Jacek Laskowski

    Unknown attribute

    How to set Delphi compiler to stop with error on classes where unknown attributes were used (no appropriate units in the uses section)? Delphi 10.3
  14. Jacek Laskowski

    Delphi Security Components SecureBridge Got a Huge Update

    There is another subforum for announcements and information about third-party packages: https://en.delphipraxis.net/forum/13-delphi-third-party/
  15. Jacek Laskowski

    Working Find Unit...

    RFindUnit is for me the second, after MMX, the most important IDE extension! It is irreplaceable and "almost" perfect.