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  1. Jacek Laskowski

    MMX 15.0.18 - font bug

    @Uwe Raabe I got it! I managed to repeat the effect a few times, I recorded the screencast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmsQHrr3muU&feature=youtu.be
  2. Jacek Laskowski

    Ctrl Tab Ide Plugin

    Extension's cool and needed. Thanks for that! After a minute of use, I see one flaw... if I have a lot of code cards open, the window with ListBox does not scroll and pressing the Tab key hides the cursor outside the window after a while.
  3. Jacek Laskowski

    MMX 15.0.18 - font bug

    I know, but I can't reproduce. When something like that happens to me, I'm undo the change and repeating the edit, but the second time is okay. I'm really trying to understand that and... for now I'm too stupid 🙂
  4. Jacek Laskowski

    MMX 15.0.18 - font bug

    MMX from several versions already works really well, does not slow down, does not suspend the IDE, works quite smoothly. Thanks! I have only one more problem with it. Unfortunately I can't find the rule, although I've been looking for a month. Sometimes, very rarely, after editing a method in a class by ctrl+E and after approving the editing window by enter, MMX flips the header of the edited method from the public section just below the name of the class, as shown in the picture below. This problem is from about 3 versions back.
  5. Jacek Laskowski

    MMX 15.0.18 - font bug

    Now is ok, MMX works, thanks! Just a small remark, the labels do not fit in the frame 😉
  6. Jacek Laskowski

    MMX 15.0.18 - font bug

    I'm updating the MMX, setting the cursor on the method, press ctrl+E and... The same thing happens when I try to enter the MMX options (menu MMX -> Properties...) I've traced that MMX looks for FontName and FontSize in the registry, in the IDE settings in the Theme subnode, if there are no FontName and FontSize, this is an exception. I don't have these settings. I've written it down and it works, but... something is wrong. Delphi 10.3
  7. I know. I'm not taking away your right to rest 😉 I asked here to get help from other S4D users, there are more people here. Thanks!
  8. I have type: ISQLConfig = IDictionary<TSQLConfigIdentifier, IDBSQLRun>; How to register this type in Spring IoC container?
  9. Jacek Laskowski

    TPainBox, Handle and PostMessage()

    Okay, I didn't know that Invalidate() would send a separate wm_paint message. It changes a lot. Sending a message from the work thread to the main one was an idea to communicate with the main thread, one of the possible ones. But actually the timer will be better. The data is already written to the appropriate structure, and it is enough to read and draw it periodically. Thank you all for your comments.
  10. Jacek Laskowski

    TPainBox, Handle and PostMessage()

    There is a big difference between notifying the main thread about the event and calling the drawing method in the main thread (from working thread). In the first case I can decide what I will do, I can even do nothing, in the second case drawing will ALWAYS be forced.
  11. Jacek Laskowski

    TPainBox, Handle and PostMessage()

    Calling Queue from the thread is a bad idea here. There are several threads, each of them processes some data, and one visual control displays them. If each thread is forcing a refresh, it will be a heavy load. And if the light gets messages, even from a few threads, it will decide how to refresh itself. ps. How to handle the message the parent got? I don't know who the parent will be?
  12. Jacek Laskowski

    TPainBox, Handle and PostMessage()

    Thanks, this idea seems interesting to me, because it focuses drawing in one place (several threads can add data). But there is a problem. The control inheriting from TPaintBox does not have Handle. How to get around it?
  13. Jacek Laskowski

    Differences in displaying the tab character

    Thanks, this works!
  14. Jacek Laskowski

    TPainBox, Handle and PostMessage()

    Is possible to send message to PaintBox? PaintBox inherits from TGraphicControl: TGraphicControl = class(TControl) private FCanvas: TCanvas; procedure WMPaint(var Message: TWMPaint); message WM_PAINT; protected procedure Paint; virtual; property Canvas: TCanvas read FCanvas; public constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override; destructor Destroy; override; end; As can be seen TGraphicControl receives a WM_PAINT message. But how to send it? Where to get the handle for the control? I need to notify the TPaintBox control of the need to repain from the worker thread.
  15. Jacek Laskowski

    Differences in displaying the tab character

    Thanks, but this solution not working with VTV. Possibly VTV not support change this parameter.