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    [Firedac] SQLServer Table Locked

    Hi All. I'm using Firedac to connect my VCL Application with SQLServer. Since some weeks, I have strange Lock on tables. I have a FDQuery whit a simple "Select * from MyTable". I show the result with a DBGrid (a simple DBGrid). Another User opens a form with a FDQuery: "Select * from MyTable where ID = 1". The FDQuery is in Cached Update. When the user POST the data, the application of the user that has the first form whit the DBGrid, freeze. And also the user that has posted the data will be freezed. An important think is that the table on DB has 2 triggers that fire when the table has changed and that makes computation on field of the table. I have created a T-SQL function that gives to me information about lock: the dataset that are opened for that table are in the list. There is something that I need to do to prevent this error? Thanks, Flavio
  2. Flavio Basile

    Connection Pooling

    Hi All; when we define a connection as pooled, we define also the maximum number of items of the pool; there is a way to know how many items are occupied for the pool? if I define 50items for the pool, at 51esima request I have error: there is a way to catch this error? Thanks, Flavio
  3. Flavio Basile

    Firedac Json Reflection from XE7 to Rio

    ............... I think someone has more experience on this and could help me with this. Firedac's reflection has its own json format: I think that if there are changes in it, it is more immediate to hear from someone else who knows
  4. Flavio Basile

    Firedac Json Reflection from XE7 to Rio

    Hi All; we have a big commercial project; It is coded with C++ Builder XE7. We have many Web Broker that after a call returns a dataset by Firedac Json Reflection. We would like to migrate our code from XE7 to Rio but we would like to know if there are difference between Json Reflection format of XE7 and Rio. There are also some important difference in Firedac between XE7 and Rio that we need to evaluate? Could we migrate our code without any important problems? Thanks, Flavio