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  1. I use FreeAndNil, unless the object is handled by a try/finally block, or it is in a destructor. It speeds up finding stupid mistakes in loops or singletons.
  2. Vote here Native ARM64 compiler for Windows for ARM https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-38298 Context: https://www.theverge.com/2022/5/24/23139475/microsoft-visual-studio-2022-native-arm-vs-code
  3. Lars Fosdal

    Do you need an ARM64 compiler for Windows?

    It is called off-topic 😛
  4. Lars Fosdal

    FDMemtable with localsql

    If you can programmatically add an index - i.e. without using SQL - it should work - but I've never tried it.
  5. Ghostery shows the link on a confirmation page for me to decide on whether to continue or not.
  6. There is a tracker redirect behind that link. AdBlockers hate those.
  7. Lars Fosdal

    FDMemtable with localsql

    In https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Local_SQL_(FireDAC) the "Query" section seems to indicate that it does not?
  8. Lars Fosdal

    Array within an array??

    True, it is only a problem if you pass the values around to be modified.
  9. Lars Fosdal

    Array within an array??

    A warning: Using records instead of objects in containers carries the penalty of duplication. LabelRecord1.iValue:= 123; LabelRecord1.iColor := 234; LabelMatrix[1,1] := LabelRecord1; LabelRecord1.iColor := 567; At this point, LabekMatrix{1,1].iColor will still be 234. It is the same the other way around. Modify the array value, and the variable stays unchanged. A workaround would be to use pointers. type PLabelRecord = ^TLabelRecord; and use variables and arrays of that type. You would need to New/Dispose each reference, but at least there is no duplication as you pass around the pointer reference to the original allocation instead of copying the record like in the original example.
  10. Lars Fosdal

    Delphi 11.1 Stuck While Opening Project

    Are there file references in the project that points to a fileshare that may or may not exist?
  11. Lars Fosdal

    2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

    Temporarily disabling the ad-blocker solved that for me.
  12. Lars Fosdal

    Do you need an ARM64 compiler for Windows?

    EMBT are playing with their cards tightly held to their vest - which I guess is a tactic to avoid getting negative feedback for not delivering something that they put on the roadmap but didn't get time to do. I wish EMBT were more open and better at communicating their plans - but if you are a subscriber, I recommend joining in on any beta invite that you may receive. Please note, though, that those that get invited must sign NDAs - so it is like Fight Club: Rule #1 - Don't talk about Fight Club. But yeah... Public indicative roadmaps would be great.
  13. Lars Fosdal

    Lazarus build for Linux

    This site focuses on Delphi. It is more likely you get the info you need for Lazarus here: https://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php?action=forum
  14. Lars Fosdal

    Do you need an ARM64 compiler for Windows?

    In theory - except there is an OS layer there somewhere.
  15. Lars Fosdal

    Do you need an ARM64 compiler for Windows?

    When MS is actually porting VS to Native ARM for Windows - there is no doubt that they are serious about ARM this time. I am running the Windows for ARM preview on my MBP 16" M1 Pro. And I am now also running VS 2022 for MacOS - which already is ARM64 🙂
  16. When creating frames runtime in VCL, there are a set of tweaks that need to be applied to make the frame behave properly after creation (setting parent/owner etc). Are there similar tricks needed for FireMonkey, and are there other pitfalls related to dynamically creating frames at runtime? Is it better to drop the frames on the main form at design time?
  17. Lars Fosdal

    TortoiseGit with Delphi 10 Seattle

    Kinda hard to do proper multi-branch management from within the Delphi IDE.
  18. Lars Fosdal

    TortoiseGit with Delphi 10 Seattle

    I use GitKraken outside of the IDE, following the same modus operandi as @Roger Cigol
  19. Lars Fosdal

    problem upgrading to Delphi 11.1 Patch 1

    I ran the patch from GetIt in the IDE directly. No such messages for me on my Windows 10.
  20. Lars Fosdal

    RAD Studio 11.1 Patch 1

    For those that do High-DPI, are we now at a point where a multi-developer team w/mixed DPI systems can work on the same project without screwing up the layout / scaling?
  21. Lars Fosdal

    GameVision Toolkit

    I haven't been on Facebook since 2018, and I am not going there again.
  22. Lars Fosdal

    How to get json array from string?

    Another method to do JSON to Object. unit StructureTestTypes; interface uses REST.Json, System.SysUtils; type TStructure = class(TObject) // '{"RESULT":200, "IDLIST":[1,2,3,4,5]}' private FIDLIST: TArray<Integer>; FRESULT: integer; public constructor Create; virtual; destructor Destroy; override; property RESULT: integer read FRESULT write FRESULT; property IDLIST: TArray<Integer> read FIDLIST write FIDList; end; implementation { TStructure } constructor TStructure.Create; begin SetLength(FIDLIST, 0); end; destructor TStructure.Destroy; begin SetLength(FIDLIST, 0); inherited; end; end. Test Program: program JsonStructureTest; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} {$R *.res} uses System.SysUtils, REST.Json, StructureTestTypes in 'StructureTestTypes.pas'; var Test: TStructure; begin Test := TJson.JsonToObject<TStructure>('{"RESULT":200, "IDLIST":[1,2,3,4,5]}']); try try Writeln('Result: ', Test.RESULT); Write('IDList:'); for var i in Test.IDLIST do Write(' ', i ); Writeln; except on E: Exception do Writeln(E.ClassName, ': ', E.Message); end; finally Test.Free; Writeln; Write('Press Enter: '); Readln; end; end.
  23. Lars Fosdal

    Survey of Delphi Versions in use??

    It may make sense to use an external survey service and post a link to it on prominent Delphi sites. That will enable better version coverage in the survey.
  24. Lars Fosdal

    Free eBook : Delphi High Performance

    Or just buy it and support the author.
  25. The lack of an Enumeration constraint is one of my big annoyances with Delphi Generics. No support for ord, pred, succ, or set of, in, or other set operators.