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  1. For all who want to try to get the DDevExtensions Delphi IDE plugin to work with Delphi 10.4 can now clone the DDevExtensions git repository. It contains the project files for Delphi 10.2 and 10.3. I'm not able to help with any Delphi 10.4 issues, so you are on your own. GitHub repository: https://github.com/ahausladen/DDevExtensions
  2. Dave Millington (personal)

    ANN: Parnassus Parallel Debugger

    A new IDE plugin aimed at helped debugging multithreaded apps! https://blogs.embarcadero.com/new-ide-plugin-parnassus-parallel-debugger/ The plugin: Displays all thread call stacks next to each other Lets you step over, run, etc a thread by itself, not the whole process Shows CPU usage by thread Editor integration to see where threads are executing, so you can easily see what other threads are in the same area of code and more... This has taken me five years to write! That said, most of that was downtime due to working too much time to spend time on this - this release is the result of working weekends since August. It's version 1, and I plan to add some more features over the next few months.
  3. Stefan Glienke

    TestInsight 1.2 released

  4. angusj

    Resource Hacker

    Resource Hacker A resource editor for 32bit and 64bit Windows applications. It's both a resource compiler and a decompiler - enabling viewing and editing of resources in executables (*.exe; *.dll; *.scr; etc) and compiled resource libraries (*.res, *.mui). Resource Hacker also provides many options for compiling and decompiling resources from the command-line. http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ Download: http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/reshacker_setup.exe
  5. Anders Melander

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    It took me a bit longer than expected to get here but I believe I've finally reached the goal. The following shows VTune profiling a Delphi application, with symbol, line number and source code resolution: Download Get the source here: https://bitbucket.org/anders_melander/map2pdb/ And a precompiled exe here: https://bitbucket.org/anders_melander/map2pdb/downloads/ The source has only been tested with Delphi 10.3 - uses inline vars so it will not compile with older versions. Usage map2pdb - Copyright (c) 2021 Anders Melander Version 2.0 Parses the map file produced by Delphi and writes a PDB file. Usage: map2pdb [options] <map-filename> Options: -v Verbose output -pdb[:<output-filename>] Writes a PDB (default) -yaml[:<output-filename>] Writes an YAML file that can be used with llvm-pdbutil -bind[:<exe-filename>] Patches a Delphi compiled exe file to include a reference to the pdb file -test Works on test data. Ignores the input file Example: Configure your project linker options to output a Detailed map file. Compile the project. Execute map2pdb <map-filename> -bind Profile the application with VTune (or whatever) Known issues The -bind switch must occur after the filename contrary to the usage instructions. PDB files larger than 16Mb are not valid. This is currently by design. 64-bit PE files are not yet supported by the -bind option. As should be evident I decided not to go the DWARF route after all. After using a few days to read the DWARF specification and examine the FPC source I decided that it would be easier to leverage the PDB knowledge I had already acquired. Not that this has been easy. Even though I've been able to use the LLVM PDB implementation and Microsoft's PDB source as a reference LLVM's implementation is incomplete and buggy and the LLVM source is "modern C++" which means that it's close to unreadable in places. Microsoft's source, while written in clean C and guaranteed to be correct, doesn't compile and is poorly commented. Luckily it was nothing a few all-nighters with a disassembler and a hex editor couldn't solve. Enjoy!
  6. https://delphisorcery.blogspot.com/2021/06/introducing-springbenchmark-port-of.html
  7. https://delphisorcery.blogspot.com/2021/06/spring4d-20-sneak-peek-evolution-of.html
  8. https://www.finalbuilder.com/resources/blogs/advice-for-delphi-library-authors
  9. A few months ago I replaced all RTL collections (apart from TStringList) with spring4d 2.0 collections and I saw noticeably smaller binaries (exe/bpl) and faster overall application performance. Spring4D collections are just so much nicer to use, being interface based is a plus for me, and the LINQ like functionality makes it really easy to do sorting, filtering, projections etc - if only Delphi had lambdas so the predicates etc were not so damned verbose! I'm extremely thankful for the work @Stefan Glienke has put into Spring4D 👍
  10. Need more precision than Single and Double can provide? Then maybe this will help: https://blog.grijjy.com/2021/05/05/high-precision/
  11. Stefan Glienke

    Introducing Delphi Uses Helper

    Introducing "Uses Helper" - some little but incredibly helpful IDE plugin https://delphisorcery.blogspot.com/2021/03/introducing-delphi-uses-helper.html
  12. Final version of my eBook Delphi Event-based and Asynchronous Programming has been released - 291 pages. You can find more information and purchase option at: https://dalija.prasnikar.info/delphiebap/index.html Thanks to all of you who purchased the incomplete pre-release version (179 pages) of my eBook! After a minor delay, the full version is here! You can download it through the same PDF/epub/mobi links that you have received earlier from FastSpring via email. The subject line of that email message was: "Your Delphi Event-based and Asynchronous Programming - Part I Delivery Information". If you have any problems, feel free to contact me via the contact form on my site. Thanks again! Happy Holidays to you all!
  13. Dalija Prasnikar

    VCL and VCL styles - bugs and future

    To avoid flooding another thread with unrelated posts about VCL quality and bugs, I have opened this topic for discussion about VCL in general and VCL Styles. First, I would like to respond to comment made by @Attila Kovacs VCL is not abandoned, not even close. Maybe it is not receiving too many new features as people would hope so, but it has more to do with its maturity than anything else. FMX (is) was in frenzy development cycle, only because it didn't have the needed features VCL already had, and it still does not have all. So it may have seemed that FMX is getting all the love and attention, but that was not the case. Many new Windows related features introduced since FMX has come to play, are still VCL only. Keep in mind that IDE is based on VCL, and I don't see that changing in foreseeable future. VCL is evolving and it will continue to evolve. It is not that FMX is new better, improved framework mean to replace VCL for all purposes, it is framework with completely different architecture and it covers different use cases. While some functionality certainly overlaps, and there are (Windows only) applications where both VCL and FMX can be chosen, there are also applications where VCL is far better (and sometimes, even only viable) choice. VCL Styles are buggy, they have been buggy since they were introduced in XE2. But, they are now part of the IDE. That means two things. First, IDE is now suffering from some bugs, but it also means that those bugs will get fixed sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, not all bugs can be solved overnight, and the more specific, reproducible bug reports there are, the higher are chances that those bugs will get a fix. If you have any filed VCL bug reports you might want to share, please do so.
  14. Angus Robertson

    ICS V8.66 announced

    ICS V8.66 has been released at: http://wiki.overbyte.eu/wiki/index.php/ICS_Download ICS is a free internet component library for Delphi 7, 2006 to 2010, XE to XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio and 10.4 Sydney, and C++ Builder 2006 to XE3, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio and 10.4 Sydney. ICS supports VCL and FMX, Win32, Win64 and MacOS 32-bit targets. The distribution zip includes the latest OpenSSL 1.1.1k win32, with other versions of OpenSSL being available from the download page. Changes in ICS V8.66 include: 1 - Added a new TIcsInetAlive component to check for IPv4 and/or IPv6 internet connectivity, using Ping and/or HTTP, defaulting to www.msftconnecttest.com run by Microsoft for Windows 10 alive checking. The online and offline check intervals may be set, and event fires when online state changes. Sample OverbyteIcsHttpRestTst has a demo for new component. 2 - OpenSSL 1.0.2 and 1.1.0 ceased security fix support over 12 months ago so ICS now only supports 1.1.1, with 3.0 support due in the next few months. This removes a lot of legacy code and functions, and several old ICS functions needed for backward compatibility. Two components only used for 1.0.2 have been removed, TSslStaticLock and TSslDynamicLock which may give an error loading forms, until they are removed. SslContext SslOptions is now ignored, use SslOptions2 instead which has more modern options. Can not remove SslOptions because it's saved on too many DFMs. Most modern applications should not be using SslConext, but IcsHosts for servers for high level client components like TSslHttpRest. 3 - Undertook a major clean-up of OpenSSL functions that may require end user application changes if low level OpenSSL functions have been used, hopefully very rarely. All OpenSSL functions have been renamed to their original names removing ICS f_ prefix for commonality with other Delphi applications. Renamed literals BIO_CTRL_PENDING_, CRYPTO_NUM_LOCKS_, CRYPTO_LOCK_, OPENSSL_VERSION_ with underscore to avoid conflicts with functions of the same case sensitive names. Removed unit OverbyteIcsLibeayEx not used for a while. Most OpenSSL type pointers to Dummy array are now simple Pointer type. Changed most OpenSSL var parameters to pointers for commonality. New TSslWSocket method SslOK is TLS/SSL negotiated OK. LoadVerifyLocations no longer lets OpenSSL use default CA folder locations which is potentially a security risk. 4 - Bring server SSL/TLS security levels up to latest Mozilla recommendations. In 2021 Mozilla now recommends TLSv1.3 as modern ciphers and TLSv1.2/1.3 as Intermediate supporting all browsers from last five years, so IcsHosts now use sslCiphersMozillaSrvTLS12 as Intermediate level, also Mozilla recommends no cipher server preference so changed that. Updated SslSrvSecurity levels: sslSrvSecInter, sslSrvSecInterFS and sslSrvSecHigh now all the same TLSv1.2 or 1.3, sslSrvSecTls12Less now TLSv1.2 only, sslSrvSecSsl3 not supported, only sslSrvSecBack supports TLSv1 and 1.1, sslSrvSecTls13Only unchanged TLSv1.3 only. 5 - Added support for YuOpenSSL which provides OpenSSL in a pre-built DCU statically linked into applications, rather than using external OpenSSL DLLs. This make application distribution more reliable since it can not fail by users deleting the DLLs or copying incompatible versions into the directory. YuOpenSSL is a commercial product from https://www.yunqa.de/ and is supplied as separate compiled DCUs for Delphi 5 to 10.4. DEFINE YuOpenSSL in Include\OverbyteIcsDefs.inc determines whether the DCU is linked or the external DLLs. Note only one version of OpenSSL can be linked with YuOpenSSL, whereas different DLLs can be supported. Apart from setting the define and adding a path to YuOpenSSL.dcu, no other application code changes are needed unless you check or report the DLL directory, when GSSLStaticLinked can be checked to see if OpenSSL is statically linked. Also worth noting that YuOpenSSL provides access to the all OpenSSL APIs, while ICS only accesses those DLL APIs needed for functionality we support. 6 - Added a better way of configuring Socks proxy and HTTP Tunnel proxy settings in TWSocket, similarly to that added for THttpCli in V8.62. The new ProxyURL property sets SOCKS or HTTP Tunnel proxy settings using a single URL, ie proto://[user:password@]host:port where proto is socks5 or http. Also added new methods SetSocks and SetHTTPTunnel to set proxy properties in a single call. Socks proxy and HTTP tunnelling again support host names, broken in V8.56. The sample OverbyteIcsSocksTst has been updated to demonstrate use of the new ProxyURL property and also now supports HTTP Tunnel proxy. 7 - TIcsRestEmail has new OAAuthType property and event for OAuth2 browser URL perhaps via email for servers. TIcsRestEmail now sets OAuth2 errors, and clears old tokens. Increased default timeout for TIcsRestEmail AOuth2 login to 120 seconds since several web page warnings may be seen while attempting to login through the web page. 8 - TIcsHttpMulti has a new ParseLevels property that follow links on a parsed web page to lower level pages, which are also parsed, looking for files to download with a specific file extension, ie .avi. It ignores parent links without a file extension, and external links. This allows the component to download files indexed using HTTP from CCTV camera memory cards. 9 - In TSslHttpRest ensure SSL is initialised for non-REST HTTP requests like GET, POST and PUT. 10 - In TSslWSocketServer, added better error handling when IcsHosts SslCert is blank, so SslContext is still created for automatically created self signed certificates. 11 - In TSslWSocketServer, TSslHttpAppSrv and TSslHttpSrv, added new onBeforeCtxInit event which if set is called once before each IcsHosts SslContext is initialised to allow the context parameters to be adjusted for special ciphers or protocols. 12 - In THttpCli, AddrResolvedStr is now still available after the connection closes to report the IP address used for the connection. When using an HTTPS proxy with the CONNECT command don't send host and port which some servers are unable to handle, probably broken with V8.64. 13 - In TIcsMailQueue, added a new method CheckOAuthLogins that should be called before the queue starts when using OAuth2 email logins, which allows interactively checking with a browser of any OAuth2 login credentials, avoids asking for login first time email sent maybe days later. 14 - In TSslX509Certs, When starting the local web server for file challenges, check the server IP address still exists or change to, may not work if multiple IPs exist. 15 - Updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1k with two high security fixes, one introduced in the last version relating to a certificate chain validation that ICS does not use, the other relating to servers using TLSv1.2 and renegotiation, and that feature is removed in V8.66.
  15. Rollo62

    Delphi 10.4 Portable

    My version, is portable. I have installed it on a notebook
  16. Version V15.0.37 of MMX Code Explorer introduces Structured Difference Viewer (former available as a separate product). It is registered as an External Difference Viewer in the IDE and can be used as an alternative way to compare source files.
  17. Alexander Sviridenkov

    UI created with HTML Library

    Video made for Delphi Showcase. Both, desktop application and server software (for cloud access) are made in Delphi, nothing external except OCR dll. Windows, Mac and Linux versions. All UI is created in HtPanels (HTML Library), document conversion is performed by Office library. Support for custom fonts and letter spacing was added to FMX canvas (currently only for windows), without this PDF documents cannot be rendered properly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdudQwjhCJg
  18. Carlo Barazzetta

    Native Svg parsing and painting in Windows

    A new brick added to this story: https://github.com/EtheaDev/SVGShellExtensions A short video/demonstration:
  19. How it started. A brilliant tool that was miles ahead of anything else in its main sector. How it's going. A huge pile of bugs that is falling further and further behind the competition.
  20. Anders Melander

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    New version (2.5) uploaded. Changes since last upload: Include/exclude modules/units from pdb. This helps keep the size of the pdb down and thus reduces the symbol resolve time in VTune. You no longer need to link your projects with debug info. map2pdb will reuse the existing debug section in the exe/dll/bpl if there is one. Otherwise it will create a new one. https://bitbucket.org/anders_melander/map2pdb/downloads/ What's next: Refactoring of the logging code. The current logging is basically just some functions that calls WriteLn. This should be replaced with a pluggable log framework so the whole logging mechanism can be replaced. The end goal is to enable integration of the map2pdb core into other projects. A jdbg reader. Embarcadero does not supply map files for the RTL/VCL rune time packages. Instead they ship jdbg files that can be read with the JEDI debug functions. The jdbg are built from map files so supposedly they contains much, if not all, of the information we need. The task here is to write a reader for the jdbg file format so we can produce pdb files from them. Figure out why VTune is so slow. A never ending task it seems.
  21. Anders Melander

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    Fixed the problem where some symbols (in particular generics) either resolved to the calling unit or to a wrong line number in the implementing unit. Thanks to @Stefan Glienke for pestering me about this until it got solved. Source committed and binary uploaded. And now... Pizza! 🍕
  22. balabuev

    Delphi WAT of the day

    Task completed:
  23. Stefan Glienke

    10.4.2 Released today - available to download

    I am also glad we could find a solution - fyi the actual fix was done a bit different as suggested in the comments of that issue. Also thanks to @jbg who gave some input on the subject and @Bruneau who we worked with to get this solved.
  24. Hi All I have been steadily working away on my package manager project - the latest update includes compile on install support. https://github.com/DelphiPackageManager/DPM When a package is first installed, it is automatically compiled (if the package spec has that support enabled) and then the project references the compiled version of the package. This speeds up builds on your own projects, since you are not compiling the dpm package sources each time. As an extreme example of this, the DPM build process (building for 12 versions of delphi!) previously took 13 minutes on my build server, after installing the latest dpm and running 2 builds (the first one compiled the packages), the build time is down to 2 minutes! Much of that speed up comes from the fact that older versions of delphi are quite slow at building Spring4D. I encourage everyone to check it out and provide feedback where possible. To get started using DPM, download the latest release from here : You will need to configure a package feed (folder) and download some packages - see the Getting started page Most of my open source projects have package files available under the releases tab on github - https://github.com/vsoftTechnologies/ I have also added a mirror project for Spring4D on github so that I could publish packages (bitbucket doesn't support that) - https://github.com/VSoftTechnologies/Spring4DMirror Same for JsonDataObjects - Andreas ignored my pull request for over a year so I closed it and just forked the project - https://github.com/VSoftTechnologies/JsonDataObjects I'm still working on getting design time packages loaded.. need to get proper project group support going first. Previous updates here :
  25. Hello, here's a small Christmas present for you: There is a new release 6.0 of DEC - Delphi Encryption Compendium available, or put otherwise: DEC is back on track! 😉 The release can be found here: https://github.com/MHumm/DelphiEncry...eases/tag/V6.0 What is DEC? DEC is the Delphi Encryption Compendium open source library, a library containing cryptographic algorithms of the following categories: hash algorithms encryption algorithms key deviation functions CRC cryptographic pseudo random number generator format conversion classes What's new in V6.0 compared with the 5 year old V5.2 release? A complete list can be found in the last chapter of the included documentation. Supports D2009 - 10.4.1 Sydney Cross platform compatible if you turn off use of ASM in DECOptions.inc the hard to understand test program got reworked into unit tests test coverage got increased some bugfixes, like fixing the XTEA encryption algorithm or the included KDF2 turned out to be KDF1 instead implementation of the newest Whirlpool hash algorithm version implementation of KDF1, KDF2 and KDF3 key deviation algorithms changed unit structure to be more modular and better maintainable added some demo applications. The two FMX based ones are even available from Google Play (stemming from an earlier commit) added a 40+ A4 sized pages documentation most methods contain XMLDOC comments now So is it all over now, or are there plans for the future? Of course I know that this release didn't bring much new algorithms. But as far as my time allowes development shall continue (further project members are welcome!) I do have some plans for V6.1: Add the SHA224 hash, this is still missing Add SHA3 Add GCM block chaining mode for ciphers Add a first pasword hash algorithm, most likely bcrypt So much for today 😉 Cheers TurboMagic