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  1. PyScripter, an Open Source, freely available Python IDE written in Delphi, has reached 1 million downloads from Sourceforge. This is in addition to many millions of downloads from its earlier home at the now defunct Google Code and an unknown number of downloads from other distribution channels. Historic note: The initial motivation was to build a good scripting solution for Delphi applications. About 20 years ago Microsoft was still promoting ActiveX scripting and Windows Script Engines (such as vbScript and jScript) as the way of building scripting solutions for Windows applications (one of many Microsoft technologies that was all but abandoned). At that time Python was relatively unknown, but it so happened that it was available as a Windows Script Engine and I looked into it. I loved the clean syntax, the expressiveness and conciseness of the language. Other things I liked were duck typing, batteries included, strong object orientation (everything is an object) etc.. The first iteration was an IDE (editor/debugger) for ActiveX Script Engines. But there were many bugs and limitations of Active Scripting both on the Microsoft/Windows side and the Python side. I then came across Python4Delphi which at the time was maintained by a Canadian developer Morgan Martinet. I started contributing to that project and later become its main maintainer, when Morgan's interested shifted to other things. I also developed a simple Python IDE which was named PyScripter and was originally distributed alongside Python4Delphi. There was very few Python IDEs available at the time and somehow the project became known in the Python community and instantly popular. For me, developing PyScripter was just a hobby, but I received a lot of encouragement and kept on improving it. I was also making some income from donations and Google AdSense. Both PyScripter and Python4Delphi were later moved to Google Code. Python popularity was steadily increasing and at the peak of PyScripter's popularity around 2010, there were hundreds of thousands of downloads the days following each new release. More recently as we all know Python became one of the most popular programming languages, but at the same time there was strong competition to PyScripter from freely available commercial grade IDE's such as Jetbrains PyCharm and Microsoft's Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. PyScripter was almost abandoned when Google Code closed down due to my frustration, but after a couple of years of inactivity the project was moved to Github and development resumed. Downloads are available through Sourceforge, since 2016. Through the years PyScripter has kept a large and loyal group of followers. I get many comments along the lines "I have tried VSCode, I have tried PyCharm, but I keep going back to PyScripter". PyScripter is also quite widely used in many Universities for introducing Python to students. And almost 20 years after its first release, PyScripter is still going strong...
  2. Dave Millington (personal)

    ANN: Parnassus Parallel Debugger

    A new IDE plugin aimed at helped debugging multithreaded apps! https://blogs.embarcadero.com/new-ide-plugin-parnassus-parallel-debugger/ The plugin: Displays all thread call stacks next to each other Lets you step over, run, etc a thread by itself, not the whole process Shows CPU usage by thread Editor integration to see where threads are executing, so you can easily see what other threads are in the same area of code and more... This has taken me five years to write! That said, most of that was downtime due to working too much time to spend time on this - this release is the result of working weekends since August. It's version 1, and I plan to add some more features over the next few months.
  3. pyscripter

    Looking for SVG support in Delphi?

    In an earlier thread I presented an Interface-based access to native Windows (Direct2D) SVG support for Delphi applications. This has now been integrated into the SVGIconImageList components by @Carlo Barazzetta. Carlo is a kind of master of ImageLists (among other things). Have a look at his IconFontsImageList for instance. His SVGIconImageList component was based on the work of Martin Walter who must be a great programmer. His SVG component covered almost every SVG element and was well structured and cleanly written. There were numerous bugs and issues though, which, to a large extent, were fixed over the last few weeks and the code was refactored and optimized. Finally, @Vincent Parrett contributed a virtual version of the Image List, mirroring Delphi's VirtualImageList. So in its current form the component features: An SVGImageCollection component that inherits from Delphi's CustomImageCollection and thus is compatible with VirtualImageList A choice of SVG engines: the pascal one based on Martin's work which is using GDI+ and the native Windows one which is using Direct2D. Other SVG engines can be plugged-in with minimum effort. Excellent design support with a nice and effective SVGImageCollection editor developed by Carlo and the built-in VirtualImageList editor. Support for changing the opacity and color of the SVGs including using GrayScale. If you adopt Material Design for example and you use VCL styles, you can adjust the icon color to the style. Compatibility with older Delphi versions going back to XE6. It is free and open-source Svgs are vastly superior to bitmaps because they are typically tiny text files and scale perfectly. So, you do not need to ship with your application multiple resolutions of your images to match the DPI of the monitors. And there is a vast number of free SVGs to cover most needs. IMHO the combination of SVGImageCollection with Delphi's VirtualImageList is the best available solution (commercial ones included) for building DPI-aware Windows applications. Give it a try.
  4. Hi all, I just wanted to let you know my (long-awaited) FMX book is now available (actually it is rolling out on Packt and Amazon so availability may be different across different countries). If you like to read some details you can read my latest blog post: https://blog.andreamagni.eu/2020/10/book-delphi-gui-programming-with-firemonkey-now-available/ I really hope the book will be useful to spread Delphi and FMX as development platform. Thanks for the attention, Andrea
  5. In the attachment you can find a high-level interface-based encapsulation of the Direct2D SVG functionality. It allows you to parse SVG files and draw them to a GDI/GDI+ DC. Requires Windows 10 with Creators Update or later. Main form code to display SVG files: { TForm1 } procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin fSVG := GetD2DSVGHandler.NewSvg; fSVG.LoadFromFile('..\..\browser.svg'); //fSVG.FixedColor := TAlphaColorRec.Red; //fSVG.Opacity := 0.5; fSVG.GrayScale := True; end; procedure TForm1.Paint; begin inherited; fSvg.PaintTo(Canvas.Handle, TRectF.Create(ClientRect), True); end; procedure TForm1.Resize; begin inherited; Invalidate; end; Features: Scale to any size Keep aspect ratio (optionally) Control opacity Recolor to any color Draw in gray scale Samples: The above in grayscale: Svg.zip
  6. I just had to do it... Go with the flow! It's the Black Friday / Cyber Monday "season", so I had to rush the book offer The book was actually scheduled for release in early December, but then the Black Friday deals started popping up all over the place... pressure was building... and I finally caved in! I cut the darn thing in two, and decided to offer Part I at a discount, and will give Part II for free to all Buyers. Not really a 97% BF discount but hey... Junior is still studying, and we still have to pay the bills (Corona doesn't help, either)! So, here it is! I hope you'll like it like you did Delphi Memory Management! https://dalija.prasnikar.info/delphiebap/index.html Thank you all for the support!
  7. I'd like to advertise the Sempare Template Engine for Delphi. The Sempare Template Engine for Delphi allows for flexible text manipulation. It can be used for generating email, html, source code, xml, configuration, etc. It is available on github via https://github.com/sempare/sempare-delphi-template-engine It is also available via Delphinus (https://github.com/Memnarch/Delphinus) Simply add the 'src' directory to the search path to get started. Sample usage: program Example; uses Sempare.Template; type TInformation = record name: string; favourite_sport : string; end; begin var tpl := Template.parse('My name is <% name %>. My favourite sport is <% favourite_sport %>.'); var information : TInformation; information.name := 'conrad'; information.favourite_sport := 'ultimate'; writeln(Template.eval(tpl, information)); end. Features include: statements if, elif, else statements for and while statements include statement with statement function/method calls expressions simple expression evaluation (logical, numerical and string) variable definition functions and methods calls dereference records, classes, arrays, JSON objects, TDataSet descendants and dynamic arrays ternary operator safety max run-time protection customisation custom script token replacement add custom functions strip recurring spaces and new lines lazy template resolution parse time evaluation of expressions/statements allow use of custom encoding (UTF-8 with BOM, UTF-8 without BOM, ASCII, etc) extensible RTTI interface to easily dereference classes and interfaces (current customisations for ITemplateVariables, TDictionary, TJsonObject) There are numerous unit tests that can be reviewed as to how to use the various features. Happy for all to play with it. Released under GPL and Commercial License. Any feedback welcome.
  8. Final version of my eBook Delphi Event-based and Asynchronous Programming has been released - 291 pages. You can find more information and purchase option at: https://dalija.prasnikar.info/delphiebap/index.html Thanks to all of you who purchased the incomplete pre-release version (179 pages) of my eBook! After a minor delay, the full version is here! You can download it through the same PDF/epub/mobi links that you have received earlier from FastSpring via email. The subject line of that email message was: "Your Delphi Event-based and Asynchronous Programming - Part I Delivery Information". If you have any problems, feel free to contact me via the contact form on my site. Thanks again! Happy Holidays to you all!
  9. Check out some of the interesting algorithms and data structures used to create an extremely light-weight XML DOM. https://blog.grijjy.com/2020/10/07/an-xml-dom-with-just-8-bytes-per-node/
  10. Carlo Barazzetta

    Looking for SVG support in Delphi?

    I've published an article about SVGIconImageList and IconFontsImageList:https://ethea.it/icons_in_delphi/
  11. How to use open array parameters to handle array subranges: https://delphisorcery.blogspot.com/2020/09/open-array-parameters-and-subranges.html
  12. https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/tmswebcorevsc.asp Happy to announce the public beta of TMS Web Core for Visual Studio Code, you can install it directly from Visual Studio Code's marketplace and start writing web applications in Pascal in minutes. Please, use the support center forums to provide any feedback you want and help us to polish the product towards its upcoming release: https://support.tmssoftware.com/c/web-core/tms-web-core-vsc/87 RADical Web Modern SPA web application model Pure HTML5/CSS3/Javascript based applications Standard component framework for common UI controls and access to browser features Debugging in Pascal code via the browser Backed by a solid & proven Delphi Pascal to Javascript compiler that was years in development Reuse skills and components Open to consume other existing Javascript frameworks & libraries Open to use HTML/CSS for design Open to use other jQuery controls or even other Javascript frameworks Easy interfacing to REST cloud services including to TMS XData for database Easy Deployment Application consists of HTML & Javascript files only that can be easily deployed on any light or heavyweight webservers Use any existing load-balancing software and/or techniques for highest performance Visual Studio Code version benefits WYSIWYG form designer Debugging integrated in the IDE Cross-Platform (Windows / MacOS / Linux) High DPI enabled IDE Ecosystem with many additional plugins to enchance development productivity Get started with TMS Web Core for Visual Studio Code
  13. How it started. A brilliant tool that was miles ahead of anything else in its main sector. How it's going. A huge pile of bugs that is falling further and further behind the competition.
  14. Stefan Glienke

    Delphi 10.4.1 and the IDE FIx Pack

    tbh not having IDEFixPack being available is good in the long run - with the existence of it nobody (or very few) actually cared to report issues and put some pressure on Embarcadero to address these things. Now that there is no solution available the pressure on Embarcadero has raised and I can confirm that they are working on it - will they suddenly implement all fixes and optimizations from Andreas? No, but better they do slowly than relying on the third party no matter how incredible.
  15. Hi guys, my 4th book "DMVCFramework - the official guide" has been published. Buy it at https://leanpub.com/delphimvcframework For requests, issues and suggestion use https://github.com/danieleteti/dmvcframeworktheofficialguide/issues
  16. Yaron

    My open-source portfolio

    I released quite a bit of interesting code to github over the years: YouTube DATA API v3 parsing: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-YouTube-Channel-parsing-plugin-for-Zoom-Player Basic RSS feed parsing code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-RSS-feed-parsing-plugin-for-Zoom-Player TheAudioDB MetaData/Image scraping code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-theaudiodb.com-Zoom-Player-media-scraping-plug-in TheMovieDB MetaData/Image scraping code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-themoviedb.org-Zoom-Player-media-scraping-plug-in OpenSubtitles.org subtitle search & scrape code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-OpenSubtitles.org-API-support-for-Zoom-Player A basic cross-platform calculator https://github.com/bLightZP/ElegantCalculator https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inmatrix.ElegantCalculator Adapted old code to work as cross-platform pure-pascal image scaling with filters (bicubic, bilinear, etc): https://github.com/bLightZP/ImageInterpolation Adapted old code to work as a cross-platform drawing of an anti-aliased circle (can be modified to draw rount-rect as well): https://github.com/bLightZP/AntiAliasedCircle I forked a QRCode generating source code and greatly optimized it (~ x50 faster): https://github.com/bLightZP/DelphiZXingQRCode The original Delphi scanline color-conversion implementation was very slow, so I optimized it: https://github.com/bLightZP/OptimizedDelphiFMXScanline
  17. Guess what? The new GExperts release is here. There are lots of bug fixes and a few new features in the new version. https://blog.dummzeuch.de/2020/10/23/gexperts-1-3-17-experimental-twm-2020-10-23-released/
  18. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN: HTML Office Library

    One more bridge between desktop and web: HTML Office Library. The first Delphi library for reading all office formats (+ PDF) and convert them to plain HTML on the fly. Converted document contains only plain HTML/CSS/SVG and can be displayed using HTML Component Library or browser. Library provides a uniform access to an entire document and its parts, document resources (fonts, images, etc) and properties (title, Table of Contents, etc). The library doesn't depend on any external components (DLLs, OLE, ActiveX, etc) and is cross-platform. Fully written in Delphi and comes with full source code. Following document formats are supported: Rich Text Format (RTF) MS Word 6-2007 binary format (DOC) MS Word XML document (DOCX) MS Power Point binary format (PPT) MS Power Point XML format (PPTX) MS Excel binary format (XLS) MS Excel XML format (XLSX) Adobe PDF format (PDF) Supercalc format (SXC) EPUB (electronic books). Besides the document conversion classes it also contains the following: EMF/WMF to SVG conversion TTF to WOFF conversion TTF normalization TTF to SVG conversion CFF to TTF conversion Adobe PostScript to TTF conversion. Supported Delphi versions are Delphi XE2 - Delphi 10.4.1. Supported platforms: Windows 32/64 VCL and FMX, MacOS, Linux. There are two compiled demos available https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/FileBrowser.zip 1. Simple document viewer: allows to view any document on hard drive using file tree on left side and HtPanel on right. To view final HTML press View in browser button. No installation required. 2. Document Indexer: create full text search index for documents located in selected folders and find any document from application or Web. No installation required. How to use: Run application (OfficeIndex.exe). Click Add folder and select folder containing office documents. Click Start indexing, wait until it completed. Search for documents using one of the following: a) Go to Search tab and enter search query (any words). b) Click Web interface and enter search query. c) Point mobile phone camera (mobile should be connected to the same router) to QR code and open mobile interface. Full cource code of both applications are included in library. Documentation in PDF format: https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/HTML Office Library.pdf Documentation in CHM format: https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/HTML Office Library.chm Purchase link (currently only Site License): https://store.payproglobal.com/checkout?products[1][id]=61655 There is 50% discount valid until end of October: please use coupon code HOLX
  19. PingPIng

    [Souce code]

    Hello everybody, These are some projects I have created. I have very little time to manage them all continuously so if anyone wants to collaborate or want to make pull requests, they are welcome Keras4Delphi is a high-level neural networks API, written in Pascal(Delphi Rio 10.3) with Python Binding and capable of running on top of TensorFlow, CNTK, or Theano. Based on Keras.NET and Keras https://github.com/Pigrecos/Keras4Delphi Binary Code generator Written in pascal. It can generate native code for x86 and x64 architectures and supports the whole x86/x64 instruction set. Assembly Code Generator able to compile single File or Single asm Command. https://github.com/Pigrecos/D_CodeGen symbolic execution whith delphi. The Triton Dynamic Binary Analysis (DBA) framework - by JonathanSalwan binding (## experimental ##) for Delphi https://github.com/Pigrecos/Triton4Delphi Code Deobfuscator x86_32/64 Dead code removal Peephole optimization remove Multibranch Protection ..More https://github.com/Pigrecos/CodeDeobfuscator And other.... thanks a lot 😉
  20. Hello, here's a small Christmas present for you: There is a new release 6.0 of DEC - Delphi Encryption Compendium available, or put otherwise: DEC is back on track! 😉 The release can be found here: https://github.com/MHumm/DelphiEncry...eases/tag/V6.0 What is DEC? DEC is the Delphi Encryption Compendium open source library, a library containing cryptographic algorithms of the following categories: hash algorithms encryption algorithms key deviation functions CRC cryptographic pseudo random number generator format conversion classes What's new in V6.0 compared with the 5 year old V5.2 release? A complete list can be found in the last chapter of the included documentation. Supports D2009 - 10.4.1 Sydney Cross platform compatible if you turn off use of ASM in DECOptions.inc the hard to understand test program got reworked into unit tests test coverage got increased some bugfixes, like fixing the XTEA encryption algorithm or the included KDF2 turned out to be KDF1 instead implementation of the newest Whirlpool hash algorithm version implementation of KDF1, KDF2 and KDF3 key deviation algorithms changed unit structure to be more modular and better maintainable added some demo applications. The two FMX based ones are even available from Google Play (stemming from an earlier commit) added a 40+ A4 sized pages documentation most methods contain XMLDOC comments now So is it all over now, or are there plans for the future? Of course I know that this release didn't bring much new algorithms. But as far as my time allowes development shall continue (further project members are welcome!) I do have some plans for V6.1: Add the SHA224 hash, this is still missing Add SHA3 Add GCM block chaining mode for ciphers Add a first pasword hash algorithm, most likely bcrypt So much for today 😉 Cheers TurboMagic
  21. FPiette

    How do I enumerate all properties of a Variant?

    Yes, you can. Basically, you have to call GetTypeInfoCount(), GetTypeInfo(), GetTypeAttr() and other functions (All documented by Microsoft). Here is a function to list all method names including property getter/setter. Similar code can enumerate argument list, argument data types and return value data type. procedure DisplayMethodNames( const DispIntf : IDispatch; const IntfName : String; Strings : TStrings); var Count : Integer; TypeInfo : ITypeInfo; TypeAttr : PTypeAttr; FuncDesc : PFuncDesc; HR : HRESULT; I : Integer; FuncName : WideString; begin if IntfName <> '' then Strings.Add(IntfName); Count := 0; HR := DispIntf.GetTypeInfoCount(Count); if Failed(HR) or (Count = 0) then Exit; HR := DispIntf.GetTypeInfo(0, 0, TypeInfo); if Succeeded(HR) and (TypeInfo <> nil) then begin TypeAttr := nil; HR := TypeInfo.GetTypeAttr(TypeAttr); if Succeeded(HR) and (TypeAttr <> nil) then begin for I := 0 to TypeAttr.cFuncs - 1 do begin FuncDesc := nil; HR := TypeInfo.GetFuncDesc(I, FuncDesc); if Succeeded(HR) and (FuncDesc <> nil) then begin TypeInfo.GetDocumentation(FuncDesc.memid, @FuncName, nil, // DocString, nil, // HelpContext nil); // HelpFile if Length(FuncName) <> 0 then Strings.Add(Format(' %-3d %s', [I, FuncName])); TypeInfo.ReleaseFuncDesc(FuncDesc); end; end; TypeInfo.ReleaseTypeAttr(TypeAttr); end; end; end;
  22. Vandrovnik

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    Oh, please nothing special, just make 10.4.x usable first.
  23. pyscripter

    Turbo SynEdit & Font Ligatures

    Development of SynEdit at PyScripter has been moved to and merged with TurboPack SynEdit. The focus of the development is to modernize the code base and enhance the functionality (sometimes at the expense of backward compatibility). In addition to the earlier enhancements and fixes two more features have been recently added: Per-monitor DPI awareness Support for Font Ligatures (new option eoShowLigatures) Fonts like Cascadia Code and Fira Code contain ligatures relevant to programming. See this article for details. Are you using font ligatures? Do you like them? See sample. Thanks to vhanla for contributing the ligature support.
  24. Lars Fosdal

    Get started writing Linux apps

    I wrote a small cookbook on getting Ubuntu up and running and setting up Rio and Sydney for compiling Linux applications.
  25. Carlo Barazzetta

    Looking for SVG support in Delphi?

    I want to personally thank Vincent Parrett and Kyriakos Vlahos for the great contribution to the project! The official 2.0 version will be released shortly and also published on GetIt. Meanwhile, you can download the project from Github and report any problems. I'm also working on IconFontsImageList to add similar funcionalities, like a IconFontsVirtualImageList and IconFontsImageCollection...