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  1. Glenn Dufke

    IDE Syntax Highlighter using Tree-sitter

    I've already made a full binding of the APIs. It isn't published yet, as it is part of my formatter and syntax highlighter product I'm building for Delphi (and C++Builder) The current editor highlighter toolsapi interface is limited. To get the full benefits of the syntax highlighting data tree-sitter can deliver, complete takeover of the editor painting is necessary. The grammar for the pascal parser needs an update indeed.
  2. Glenn Dufke

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    You're welcome 🙂
  3. Glenn Dufke

    Delphi 11.3 is available now!

    To fix the incorrectly positioned toolbar, do the following: Close the IDE Open registry editor Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\22.0 Delete the Toolbar node Start the IDE again and it is now reset to default position and scaling.