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  1. Uwe Raabe

    MMX Window is blank sometimes

    Thanks, I will investigate your findings to track that down. The described behavior even bothers myself.
  2. Uwe Raabe

    Prevent Alt or Ctrl + Print Screen

    That was the story that I had in mind when writing my comment.
  3. Uwe Raabe

    Prevent Alt or Ctrl + Print Screen

    Make a photo with your smartphone
  4. I just created a feature request.
  5. AFAIK there is no such option. MMX parses the methods bodies and writes them in the requested order with a hard coded one line between each method body. Comments preceding each method are associated to that method (at least with the default parsing settings). The two empty lines after the method bodies in your example are not associated with the method.
  6. Uwe Raabe

    compiling DCU without creating EXE

    DDevExtensions is open sourced, IDEFixPack is not.
  7. Uwe Raabe


    Do you by any chance happen to have Project Magician installed with Auto LibSuffix option active?
  8. Uwe Raabe


    In which build/platform configuration are you removing that value?
  9. Uwe Raabe

    compiling DCU without creating EXE

    Additional options to pass to the compiler
  10. Uwe Raabe

    "Use/Open Unit" and Project Groups

    I guess you have different search paths by project group then? Well, I cannot promise, but I can try to add an option in a future version to include all search paths from each project in the project group.
  11. Uwe Raabe

    compiling DCU without creating EXE

    It is even possible to compile just pas files with dcc<xxx>. So create a unit that uses all of your units and compile that one.
  12. As long as no time machine is available it doesn't help much to lament about facts that cannot be changed afterwards. (One could as well claim that there would be no with-troubles when N.Wirth didn't invent it in the first place.) The topic is not about with being bad or how it could be made better, but about a tool to convert with statements without breaking existing code (which can be quite tricky shown by Anders).
  13. No need for that. You can already write this instead of such a with-clause. begin var foo := some.long.long.nested.object; foo.bar := laz ... end; That doesn't help converting existing with constructs, though.
  14. Uwe Raabe

    "Add Method" (Ctrl+Alt+M) wrongly assigned to TForm

    OK, I didn't realize that DoIt doesn't exist. MMX basically works on the current unit and the selected entity - property, method, class, module etc.
  15. Uwe Raabe

    "Add Method" (Ctrl+Alt+M) wrongly assigned to TForm

    Adding a layer of action to achieve a goal is probably not well accepted by long time MMX users as it would break their work flow. Even if such functionality would exist, which class should the method be added when DoIt is not declared in TMyObject, but in TMyBaseObject, which TMyObject is derived from? Instead of asking for the target object each time, it is much simpler to Ctrl-Click on the TMyObject reference or even the DoIt reference in the code, which immediately selects the requested object on which the Add Method action then can be executed on.