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  1. Uwe Raabe

    10.3.1 has been released

  2. Uwe Raabe

    MMX Beta 14.1 available

    Build 2289 available: fix: missing images in Entity Insight toolbar fix: scaling problem in About screen fix: problem sending email from support link
  3. Uwe Raabe

    Signing executables

    I am happy with a certificate from ksoftware since a couple of years now.
  4. Uwe Raabe

    MMX Beta 14.1 available

    Seems like this is a relic of former Windows versions. I will skip that check.
  5. Uwe Raabe

    MMX Beta 14.1 available

    It is not the wrong method: ShellExecute(0,'open',PChar(Link + S),nil,nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL); but rather a missing registry entry: if reg.OpenKeyReadOnly('HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto\shell\open\command') then begin Result := (reg.ReadString('') > ''); reg.CloseKey; end;
  6. Uwe Raabe

    MMX Beta 14.1 available

    Let me guess: Your DPI settings are at 125%? The version label is positioned on top of the image. The scaling moves the label, but leaves the image as is.
  7. For the adventurous of you there is a new download for a MMX Beta version: MMX Beta Setup (current build is 2287) You won't find many new features. The main work was removing unneeded stuff, making use of things not available in older Delphi versions and reorganizing the code. So be prepared to find areas where I accidentally broke something. I would appreciate if you send bugs as email to support@mmx-delphi.de - that way they are automatically added to the bugtracker and are less likely to be forgotten. Feel free to also discuss them here, but even then send that email, so I don't have to duplicate it by hand. Currently there is only one new feature: The MMX Project Options settings have a new check box "Auto Format". If this is checked MMX will execute a format uses clause command every time it adds a new unit to the uses clause. Obviously this only works when the Group and sort uses option is enabled in the Sorting section. Unless something prohibits me to do so, I will announce new builds in this thread.
  8. Uwe Raabe

    10.3.1 has been released

    Perhaps people tend to prefer talking about things that don't work.
  9. I got it working now! First I changed the path setting back to the old value (on my machine it is "c:\Users\Uwe\AppData\Roaming\Parnassus OU\Common"). Then I copied the new DLL into that folder and renamed it to ParnassusCoreEditor_XRio.dll It seems that the DLL loader logic first looks for the "XRio" DLL and has a fallback to the original name. That way the different DLLs can coexist in the same folder and the XRio renaming allows for future version, too.
  10. Would it help to change the registry setting to "$(BDS)\\Experts" and make sure that the correct DLLs reside in the proper places?
  11. Uwe Raabe

    10.3.1 has been released

    The road map mentions 10.3.x, so I guess we can expect at least a 10.3.2 in the next months.
  12. Uwe Raabe

    10.3.1 has been released

    If you want to keep your settings you should answer NO. The question is about removing the settings.
  13. Uwe Raabe

    Blogged : Delphi Package Manager RFC

    Thanks for this blog post. Instead of just ranting about GetIt you start taking real actions. I appreciate that very much. Some ideas came already to my mind while reading, but I need to think a bit about them first. Regarding the design time components, I had tried to get this covered with my Package Magician mentioned in this blog post: There Can Only Be One – At a Time! While it works in the majority of cases, it heavily relies on the packages to be unloaded cleanly - sometimes not even standard Delphi packages can guarantee that. Unfortunately some of the big players in the package market seem to ignore that their packages my be unloaded and reloaded in the IDE. If you are interested I am open to contribute the code to your project. BTW, the link to the GitHub repository is broken.
  14. The more subtle cases are when code requires to switch that off to work properly and someone compiles with that switch on: if (something <> nil) and (something.someinstanceaccess) then
  15. The compiler switch makes it evaluate either all parts, which is perfectly valid in the first place, or evaluates from left to right, which is exactly what we want when writing Result := Condition or Result; So whatever that switch is, Condition is evaluated first.