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  1. Uwe Raabe

    MMX Beta 14.1 available

    Funny thing is that those toolbars are originally meant for beginners. Long time users usually prefer working with keyboard shortcuts. Also f.i. filtering members by kind and visibility with the filter buttons is probably easier and faster than using the context menu. It may be pretty hard to find a balance between scaring some new user with too much possibilities and boring them with too little. I am not sure whether I prefer to answer the question "How can I hide that?" or perhaps never being asked "Can it do this or that?". There are quite a number of people saying they cannot work without MMX (me included) after working with it for a while. I know there are others who never get beyond this point. They either will miss something or MMX is not the right tool for them. You cannot please everyone.
  2. Uwe Raabe

    MMX needs new icons

    Well, that can be taken care of. When the amount is reached and the icons are ready I can ask the designer to split the bill into a commercial and a private part. For the commercial part my commercial ego can provide invoices to the companies requesting one. Thus the cost will balance out the revenue on my side. Of course this also holds true for single person shops (I just figured out that the term One-Man-Shop is probably not gender neutral). My initial idea was to find a single sponsor to take care of the complete cost and thus can be billed directly, but the number of icons and thus the total amount turned out to be a bit more than I expected.
  3. Uwe Raabe

    MMX Beta 14.1 available

    That is why I am trying to outsource the icons work. There is enough other stuff to do, that can only be done by myself. Start typing in the Search field in the Member Search bar. Not sure what you mean. All buttons show have their counterpart in the context menu. You can even hide all toolbars and work with the context menu alone.
  4. Uwe Raabe

    MMX Beta 14.1 available

    I guess that is not feasible. I cannot foresee when I will have time to work on MMX and what I am going to target when I have.
  5. Uwe Raabe

    MMX needs new icons

    The current icons in MMX not only look a bit old, they also don't look well on the Dark Theme. They are not alpha blended and are only available in 16 x 16 pixel size. This may become a problem when the IDE will support High DPI in the future. I am planning to assign a professional icon designer to create new icons matching the icon guide lines of the Delphi IDE. The icons will be alpha blended and are provided in different sizes. They will use the color scheme and style of the IDE icons. You all know that I don't make any money with MMX. Thus I am not able to cover the cost for this endeavor from my private pockets. At least not completely. Therefore I created a MoneyPool at PayPal to collect some donations from MMX users willing and able to spare some money for this special purpose. In case you are willing to donate: Note that you won't get anything for your money (aside a better looking MMX). You cannot expect your favorite feature to be prioritized or your personal bug be fixed any sooner. I promise to spend the money for this special purpose and I will close that MoneyPool when the amount needed is reached. Also I am not looking at the hobby programmer or one man show using MMX, but I guess there are a couple of companies making some profit out of their heavy use of MMX. Perhaps they can shell out a small amount to help here.
  6. Uwe Raabe

    Exclude already read posts

    I have good hope that this forum will suite us well when it is matured a bit.
  7. Uwe Raabe

    Testing functionality "ignore topic"

    Yes, that is what I was expecting when reading this topic title. The Fluid portal best suites my way of using this forum. I can quickly spot the topics with new content, although I would prefer that a click on that topic will directly locate that new content (I often miss that little symbol in front of the title I should use for that). When I need to concentrate on a specific sub group (like MMX) or go back I can just check/uncheck that in the list.
  8. TLinkLabel is a wrapper around the Windows SysLink control. It has greater flexibility (f.i. can show a mixture of text and several links, not only one URL, as well as distinguish between a link, a focused link and a visited link) and thus requires a more sophisticated event handling (not every link needs to be opened in a browser). Anyway, my quote was rather related to the list of PITAs than your actual code.
  9. Uwe Raabe

    Testing functionality "ignore topic"

    Ignored topics are still visible in the Fluid list on the homepage.
  10. Not really since TLinkLabel was introduced as a standard VCL control in Delphi XE2.
  11. Without cross-checking the actual sources to make sure: If you enable Pre-parse Project Files and Persistent Module Information, it should be sufficient to open the relevant projects once to get the necessary information. Currently there is no way to specify some directories to scan as that is most likely a per-project setting. As MMX just recently added some per-project settings stored in the dproj file, there is a good chance for such a feature to be implemented in the future.
  12. Uwe Raabe

    Efficient list box items with Frames

    Looks like TMS AdvCardList might suite well: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/advcardlist.asp
  13. You can as well combine both avoiding the hide effect: TBar = class(TFoo) procedure Terminate; reintroduce; overload; end;
  14. Uwe Raabe

    Design Packages list is not resizable

    "The Dialog" in this context is the whole Project Options dialog - not only this special part of it about Runtime Packages. That is even exactly what David describes in his article.