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  1. Uwe Raabe

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    That is basically what you already can achieve with Delphi when you work with dynamic package loading. The point with such an approach is that the code must be able to store and restore states between a reload.
  2. They are visual in the designer and the designer has to know the resolution the datamodule has been designed last. I know this is annoying and even error prone. That's why I made a suggestion to store all dfm with an implicite PixelsPerInch value of 96 and scale only for designing: Option to design in Screen PPI but save in 96 PPI That may cause the non-visual components on the datamodule moving out of sight in the designer when the datamodule is opened about 2-3 times.
  3. Uwe Raabe

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    The current debugger lets you simply drag the execution pointer to a line before or after the current position:
  4. That raises the question: How much of the subscription price is declared being used for patching older versions? (and can I exclude that from my subscription when I don't need that?)
  5. I suspect smart loading is tripping in here. The registration of TPngObject is done when the TPngComponents package is loaded. As TPngComponents is a runtime package, is it loaded when the design time package PngComponentsDesign is loaded. The smart loading feature of the IDE loads design time packages when a component registered by that package is needed, be it by opening a form containing such a component or by dropping such a component onto a form. You can try to fix that by yourself: Open PngComponentsRegister.pas and add the line ForceDemandLoadState(dlDisable); at the beginning of the Register procedure. Then compile and install the design time package again. procedure Register; begin ForceDemandLoadState(dlDisable); //Register all components RegisterComponents(SPageName, [TPngSpeedButton, TPngBitBtn, TPngImageList, TPngImageCollection, TPngCheckListBox]); //Register component editors
  6. Looks all pretty decent to me. I'm out of ideas what can be the cause of these problems.
  7. Uwe Raabe

    Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Probably there are reasons...
  8. The 32-Bit design package also needs the 32-Bit runtime package. The 64-Bit runtime package is only needed if you build a 64-Bit exe and build it with packages.
  9. Uwe Raabe

    Conflict with TestInsight

    Well, that may indeed be problematic. The fact that I have a 16 core machine may hide that here. I will think of something to make the multi-threading optional, but there always has to be at least one thread besides the main one.
  10. Details from Marco: https://blogs.embarcadero.com/rad-studio-11-alexandria-patch-1-available/
  11. Uwe Raabe

    Moving from Per Monitor V1 to V2

    Not quite. If you declare your program as Per Monitor V2 aware you have to implement it this way. Otherwise things will probably look a bit ugly. Most of these events are handled by the VCL, but you should expect a few remaining problems - just be prepared.
  12. Uwe Raabe

    Conflict with TestInsight

    I cannot reproduce here, neither in Delphi 11 nor in Delphi 10.4.2. The only difference is that I installed both plugins the other way round. One could bitch about the incomplete High DPI support of the TestInsight window, but that is a rather minor issue.
  13. Make sure that RegisterOldPngFormat is defined in the PngComponents project.
  14. There have been almost 8 weeks between the report (Priority: Major) and the release. Just sayin...
  15. Uwe Raabe

    IDE Code Coverage Plugin available

    These issues should be fixed now. They crept in when I made the necessary changes for the Delphi 11 version. It turns out that having form inheritance for a TDataModule didn't work out well with adding toolbars and actions to the IDE. After I split the images into a separate data module and got rid of the inheritance all worked well as before. Interestingly Delphi 11 didn't suffer from this.