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  1. mvanrijnen

    SQL date problem

    FDQuery2.SQL.Add('Select * from Projects'); FDQuery2.SQL.Add('WHERE MyDateTime>=:MyDateFrom'); FDQuery2.SQL.Add(' AND MyDateTime<:MyDateTill'); FDQuery2.SQL.Add('ORDER BY MyDateTime'); FDQuery2.Params.ParamByName('MyDateFrom').AsDate := StrToDate('03/10/2021')); FDQuery2.Params.ParamByName('MyDateTill').AsDate := IncDay(StrToDate('03/10/2021')); FDQuery2.Open; please keep forum in english.
  2. mvanrijnen

    read integer value from database, best practice ?

    or use COALESCE In interbase we don't have ISNULL(MyInt, 0) function, but we do have COALESCE which seems to do the same thing ?
  3. mvanrijnen

    LSP - Alexandria

    Did you change "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\21.0\LSP" to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\22.0\LSP" ?
  4. mvanrijnen

    read integer value from database, best practice ?

    I have a helper for this kind of stuff (in real the helper contains some more methods : ) : TMyFieldHelper = class helper for TField public function AsIntegerDef(const ADefault : integer) : integer; end; function TMyFieldHelper.AsIntegerDef(const ADefault: integer): integer; begin Result := ADefault; try if (not Self.IsNull) then Result := Self.AsInteger; except {TODO -oOwner -cGeneral : check which to swallow ... } // swallow any exception end; end;
  5. mvanrijnen

    Custom text rendering

    Look impressive ! Especially the zooming looks good.
  6. mvanrijnen

    Enabling One-Click in Delphi 11 Welcome Page

    i already could click them? Ah, see it now πŸ˜‰ Good tip!
  7. mvanrijnen

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available

    ah full 4k support, time to ask the boss for new monitors πŸ™‚
  8. mvanrijnen

    RAD Studio 11 Alexandria is now available

    Installed it on notebook running Windows 11 Beta. Plain installation went ok, no exception orso, simple test projects are running ok. tomorrow test the codecompletion somewhat more.
  9. mvanrijnen

    Same project different platform base executable

    see also: delphi - XE4: How to change exe output name base on platform? - Stack Overflow
  10. Yes i have had the same, with invoice recognition software i wrote. And then you have the suppliers where the financial formats differ from the "data/content" format. So we had a base setting for the numeric formats per application, per supplier (inherited), per content fields/table (inherited).
  11. mvanrijnen

    Logging from RAD Server

    Somehow inserting code goes wrong sometime, my text of my post disappeared. You just need the EMS.ResourceAPI in your uses and then you can use the TEMSEndPointEnvironment.Instance.LogMessage('your log text'); In debugmode (running your RADServer package from the IDE), the logging goes into the radserver console window, where the radserver itself also logs. We are not in production yet, so i do not know at the moment where the logging goes in a production environment πŸ™‚ I use this in a logging framework, which also can log to file, database etc etc. Did not see the TEMSLoggingService before, have to inspect that, maybe it's the better way to work. [edit, added first code for the emsloggingservice) so, first tryout for the loggingservice: unit .......; interface uses ..... EMS.Services; type THSLoggerRADServerDebugTargetQueue = class(THSLoggerBaseTargetQueue) private femslogsvc : IEMSLoggingService; protected function HandleTargetItem(const AItem: THSLLoggerItem): Boolean; override; public procedure DoBeforeStart; override; procedure DoAfterStop; override; {TODO -oOwner -cGeneral : CheckCanStart wordt helemaal niet aangeroepen ???? } procedure CheckCanStart(var ACanStart: Boolean; var AMessage: string); override; end; implementation uses ....., EMS.ResourceAPI; { THSLoggerRADServerDebugTargetQueue } procedure THSLoggerRADServerDebugTargetQueue.CheckCanStart(var ACanStart: Boolean; var AMessage: string); begin inherited; ACanStart := True; end; procedure THSLoggerRADServerDebugTargetQueue.DoAfterStop; begin femslogsvc := nil; inherited; end; procedure THSLoggerRADServerDebugTargetQueue.DoBeforeStart; begin femslogsvc := nil; inherited; if TEMSServices.TryGetService<IEMSLoggingService>(femslogsvc) then begin if not femslogsvc.LoggingEnabled then begin femslogsvc := nil; end; end; end; function THSLoggerRADServerDebugTargetQueue.HandleTargetItem(const AItem: THSLLoggerItem): Boolean; var obj : TJSONObject; begin inherited; Result := False; try if Assigned(femslogsvc) then begin obj := TJSONObject.Create(); obj.AddPair('user', AItem.UserName); obj.AddPair('computer', AItem.ComputerName); obj.AddPair('datetime', DateToISO8601(AItem.DateTime)); obj.AddPair('message', AItem.LogMessage); obj.AddPair('position', AItem.Position); femslogsvc.Log(AItem.LogType.AsString, obj); end; Result := True; except on e: exception do begin // DebugLog('xx', 'xxxx'); end; end; end; end.
  12. mvanrijnen

    Logging from RAD Server

    unit MyUnit; interface {$IFDEF RADSERVER_PACKAGE} uses ..... EMS.ResourceAPI; type THSLoggerRADServerDebugTargetQueue = class(THSLoggerBaseTargetQueue) protected function HandleTargetItem(const AItem: THSLLoggerItem): Boolean; override; public end; {$ENDIF} implementation {$IFDEF RADSERVER_PACKAGE} { THSLoggerRADServerDebugTargetQueue } function THSLoggerRADServerDebugTargetQueue.HandleTargetItem(const AItem: THSLLoggerItem): Boolean; var line: string; begin inherited; ..... TEMSEndpointEnvironment.Instance.LogMessage(line); .... end; {$ENDIF} end.
  13. mvanrijnen

    Prevent OnClick to be handled twice

    If you want to prevent doubleclicking by users who still don't know the difference between single and double click (yes, they are still around, we have some overhere πŸ™‚ ), we use a simple trick. (Yelling to the users don't work πŸ™‚ ) You set a timer on enabled in the onclick, something like (at start of program you set the interval to like 250 orso,). not a beauty, but it works here. (not exact code we use, but similar just out of the head): const CNST_PREVEN_DOUBLECLICK_INTERVAL_MSECS = 250; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender : TObject); begin if not Button1Timer.Enabled then begin Button1Timer.Interval := CNST_PREVEN_DOUBLECLICK_INTERVAL_MSECS; Button1Timer.Enabled := True; DoButton1Code(); end; end; procedure TForm1.Button1TimerTimer(Sender : TObject); begin Botton1Timer.Enabled := False; end; [/code] maybe just use a "global" var, to remember lasttime clicked, and compare msecs to that could also be possible.
  14. mvanrijnen

    TPopupMenu with group headers

    Isn't that why we have submenus ? (although they are an extra click away).