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  1. mvanrijnen

    MQTT: advice wanted

    We are using the TMS MQTT component now, at the moment only for notifications from server to clientapps at the moment. I can imagine that if you use it for real bulk data, you maybe would setup a test for compirason in speed, reliability etc. (btw, the esegece components seems very promising to me also, we're considering them also here). ( i see there's an swagger/openapi generator now also!)
  2. i'v had one year Cobol (like 20years ago), wrote my own mousehandling and menusystem for it (was not available in the standard cobol we had at class then). what i remember, programming Cobol is like writing a book, COMPUTE blalblblbl GIVING etc etc, sections, columns pff. (we did the programming exams with pen and paper then, imagine)
  3. so, i can earn around 15000 more when i dust this thing of and start reading it again πŸ™‚ : (take it to work tomorrow, put it on my desk;) ).
  4. mvanrijnen

    Split String

    [wrong topic]
  5. How much can you code for $549, and get the bugs fixed the year on for $249 ? First impression, is it looks good, and if development is smoother than with FMX, it might be something for us. Were planning to create our first app(s), IOS (iPhone & Tablets). We first have to setup the dev enviornments for this, but i will be glad to take a look at this. Trial goes to a page only in russian language? (ah, click on the thread there :! )
  6. mvanrijnen

    Does anyone know how to get the filesystem for usb mass storage?

    ah, did not see the screenshot πŸ™‚
  7. mvanrijnen

    Does anyone know how to get the filesystem for usb mass storage?

    take a look at: Sinisa-Vuk_Mtp10 - Pastebin.com
  8. mvanrijnen

    Upgrade to Delphi 11.1

    You sure you rebuild all the runtime packages, and put them in the right place? Also maybe there are packages in an other folder where they are found first?
  9. mvanrijnen

    Several F2084 Internal Error on Delphi 10.4.2

    Problem is that many of these type of errors, expose only in larger projects.
  10. Someone at EMB or IDERA should communicatie then why problems are not solved as expected. But communication besides sales spam is the biggest problem for EMB. (this is again a plus point for moving to another dev platform, the minus points are not holding it for many years i think)
  11. mvanrijnen

    docwiki.embarcadero.com is not working

    They have the same with the Delphi IDE πŸ™‚
  12. Why not override DoTerminate? (leave the events for users of the class (owners/creators) TMyClass = class(TThread) private ......... protected procedure DoTerminate; override; .............. procedure TMyClass.DoTerminate; begin {TODO -oOwner -cGeneral : My Code } inherited; end;
  13. mvanrijnen

    Showing a warning form to some users

    Or in case of Interbase database, you could fix something with changeviews also. Link1: ChangeViews - InterBase Link2: InterBase (embarcadero.com) (currently not working)
  14. mvanrijnen

    Special Offer for Documentation Insight

    going a little bit offtopic, but what are the better alternatives ?
  15. mvanrijnen

    Special Offer for Documentation Insight

    yes we use it also, (my collegue somewhat more than me).