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  1. mvanrijnen

    RegEx performance

    We check the email address just with delphi code, implemented the rules needed. Also check the TLD against a TLD table, and we check if the email address is really accepted. (lookup mx, and simulate sending a mail, with most servers you can check if the email address is known to the server. (catch all addressess are always ok, thats a thing),. With this method we known which customers we need to contact to get a new valid email address. (our company does not have a customer portal, so we need to check everything ourselves)
  2. mvanrijnen

    can you help me port c# code to winapi/wininet please?

    start here ๐Ÿ™‚ : REST.Client.TRESTClient - RAD Studio API Documentation (embarcadero.com)
  3. mvanrijnen

    swagger help needed

    Its not that difficult, i have my own generator at the moment, only it generates code against our own restclient. But it's written just to make usable classes and client for us. And only implements at the moment whats needed for us, so i'm trying to determine the specs which the "public" would need, when creating a new one. If i see your comments, your still on swagger 2.x, and we are talking OpenApi 3.x. The .java would be needed if we (i) want to have a generator which fits the openapi toolchain. Generators List (openapi-generator.tech) Create a New Generator (openapi-generator.tech) But i'll see where i land, i go make what i think is necessary, inspect if SwagDog is a usable base, and give a sign when there is a minimum usable generator. From you i'l take for now ๐Ÿ™‚ : * selecting which API's should be generated or skipped, * idenifiying identical class. * ordering classes, automaticly or defined as override Why it takes a little bit time (actual time): * I do this in private (95%) * Gonna be first "public" repo on github * Have a ton of things to do at home/garden and garage,
  4. mvanrijnen

    swagger help needed

    Yes, ofcourse, can take a look at that, make a fork of that project. And create a generator which uses the same kind of mustache files as i mentioned. Project is only OpenApi v2.x, so also need to extend to v3.x Advantage is that then we are half way to also create the .java later. I see the .java solution in the longway as the best, because then it can be incorperated in the whole openapi toolchain. But for now, maybe a first expirment to create a mustache based generator on the project mentioned is the best to start. First client would be created with the standard rest-request component. (or maybe just straight indy http request). @David Schwartz Is the API you are using a public one? maybe you have an uri to it ?
  5. mvanrijnen

    swagger help needed

    Okay, started with uploading some old and new work to github. But after some research (followup from a tip from @sh17), we can go a few directions. 1. Create a generator in .java for Delphi. (we can fork the code and mustache templates for example from the c# generator and create delphi versions from them As the main work is done in the .java code, everyone can "easily" use the mustache templates to create a client against their own base rest-client ) Never done jave before ๐Ÿ˜ž 2. Continue with what i started now, implement the OpenApi (formeley Swagger) model in Delphi. This then could be used to generate the client from native delphi code. 3. ๐Ÿ™‚ Generate a generator in .java which generates some kind of inbetween code, usable for us Delphi developers. so we have WiP. (work in progress) The link to the C# Generator: Part1: https://github.com/OpenAPITools/openapi-generator/blob/master/modules/openapi-generator/src/main/java/org/openapitools/codegen/languages/AbstractCSharpCodegen.java Part2: https://github.com/OpenAPITools/openapi-generator/blob/master/modules/openapi-generator/src/main/java/org/openapitools/codegen/languages/CSharpClientCodegen.java The link to the C# mustache templates: openapi-generator/modules/openapi-generator/src/main/resources/csharp at master ยท OpenAPITools/openapi-generator (github.com)
  6. mvanrijnen

    10.4.2 LSP code completion error

    What hotfix, i did not get any mail from EMB about a hotfix, nor did i get it through our supplier. We don't hear anything, only, can you send a sample project for every bug we inject to QA at EMB. We do that, en then we hear nothing. How many individual issues about the LSP etc you want to see?
  7. mvanrijnen

    10.4.2 LSP code completion error

    the info is given by all the other RSP's about LSP etc, i see this as the only way to communicate with EMB.
  8. mvanrijnen

    10.4.2 LSP code completion error

    There are still issues with the LSP, ErrorInsight, CodeCompletion etc. See the list at: Issue Navigator - Embarcadero Technologies Please vote, a scream to EMB ๐Ÿ™‚ [RSP-33648] When are LSP, ErrorInsigh, CodeCompletion issues serious addressed ?? - Embarcadero Technologies
  9. mvanrijnen

    10.4.2 LSP code completion error

    If it really is influenced by the Windows build, or specific update, maybe report it to EMB?
  10. mvanrijnen

    StockSharp, anybody worked with this?

    Better question, anyone knows a framework like this for Delphi ?
  11. It's about: GitHub - StockSharp/StockSharp: Algorithmic trading and quantitative trading open source platform to develop trading robots (stock markets, forex, crypto, bitcoins, and options). I want (maybe) use it for a custom trading bot, but it's Russian, so people heard about this, can it be trusted?
  12. mvanrijnen

    FireDAC Array DML returning values from inserted records

    SO, i mean your stackoverflow topic
  13. mvanrijnen


    probably some youngster CSS junk ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. mvanrijnen

    FireDAC Array DML returning values from inserted records

    this links to this topic instead of SA ๐Ÿ™‚