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  1. If you specifing absolute paths, they would be loaded from the absolute location, can you try to monitor the service with procmon (sysinternals), and see what files en especially where the service tries to open them ?
  2. nice stuff to execise on creating unittests 🙂
  3. mvanrijnen

    How can I use nslookup in my app.

    What is your actual question now? Maybe you can explain some more on your actual problem ? It seems you have to fill in your external ip address somewhere, and because this can change you email it to yourself/somebody? Can't you solve things with DDNS ?
  4. mvanrijnen


    It probably is against the licensing to use MSWord like that, it can not be used on a server as for as i know. There are solution in azure to expose central installed apps to remote users desktop.
  5. mvanrijnen

    Interbase SQL

    Where did you run your query ? Did you have any output ? There has to be an error/exception somewhere.
  6. mvanrijnen

    REST-JSon-Helpers got an update

    Nice, i have my own helpers class, but with a lib like this it would be nice if you get set defaults, like global or on classlevel. So you would not have to decorate each TDateTime, or TStrings. just a tip!
  7. mvanrijnen

    Interbase SQL

    Original query, does gives an error in DBWorkbench and FireDac (TFDQuery).
  8. mvanrijnen

    Interbase SQL

    I did not try it out myself 🙂 I give it a try tomorrow, but i if there is no T2 table there should be an error/exception somewhere. (i'l try it out in DBWorkbench, and delphi with firedac)
  9. mvanrijnen

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    You can change them, i have here at work not the availabitity over Win11 (real or VM).
  10. mvanrijnen

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    Did youcheck at Advanced System Settings ? See screen shots, sorry dutch and win10, but same settings exists on Win11,
  11. mvanrijnen

    Interbase SQL

    Little tip, always try constructions as this, with a simple select statement first. eg (not corrected, just as example!): SELECT * FROM TABLE1 T1 WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM TABLE1 T1 WHERE T1.ID= T2.ID); so you have an idea what records are gonna be hit.
  12. mvanrijnen

    Kaspersky and Compile/Linking

    Why? I use it (@home), and it works just great. TS has to make sure that he has a dedicated main folder to put his dcu's in, which then has to be in the Exceptions list for Kaspersky.
  13. mvanrijnen

    Kaspersky and Compile/Linking

    Aks if they can make a few directory/folder exceptions for you, should not be that big a problem.
  14. mvanrijnen

    enable/disable the internet connection?

    There are some policies what you can set gpedit.msc Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Windows Update But i believe microsoft can always push updates with nondomain member computers. (have to look that up).
  15. mvanrijnen

    Firebase Storage and tnethttpclient

    maybe post a little bit more code, how do you logon, keep credentials, do you need to hve cookies, or headers in the request? here's something you maybe can take a look at: Quick And Easy Way To Integrate Firebase Into Your Delphi Apps (embarcadero.com)
  16. I'm trying to catch the last active window in a traybar application. So as soon as the user rightclicks my traybaricon, the popupmenu shows, at that (or just before), i need to have the last active window (in windows, not a window of my application). I tried a few things with GetNextWindow(Application.MainWindowHandle, GW_HWNDPREV) and a few other options. but without success, anyone has a good tip in the right direction?
  17. Went to the enumwindows solution, more solid. thxn guys for the tips.
  18. yes, looking into that now. i'm testing a combinantion of things written here in this thread.
  19. thnx, was the most simple solution for me!
  20. No, sorry i'm not clear 🙂 The traybar app would need to know, when its activated which window in windows was active. So if i have notepad open and selected, and rightclick my traybar app, i need to have the handle to the notepad window, if i have also another app open (e.g. calc) and selected, and rightclick my traybar app, i need to have the handle to the calc app,
  21. mvanrijnen

    Pos, SplitString

    Yes, most DB components do, i did abuse (years ago) with some specific software to calculcate expressions, i just send them to the dbserver, and that did the calculations for me. SELECT (1+4)*5 AS result FROM dummytable ROWS 1 TO 1 now days i opt for a different solution 😉
  22. Would be nice to have a written transcript also. Many people (or at least one 🙂 ) prefers reading this kind of stuff instead watching youtube. Also no speakers connected at work to the computer.
  23. mvanrijnen

    Pos, SplitString

    Would the query component know what type after a .Prepare statement ?
  24. In the contract (we haqve with the sales company, barnsen), is stated: - The yearly maintenance contract includes all new version udates, maintenance upgrades en technical support. So i think under maintenace upgrades, many people (including me), will think that will be some patches/maintenance of known bugs in xx old versions backwards, so you can build your developed software with a less buggy develop environment.
  25. Yes, that was one of the big reasons here to take a subscription (for us). Maybe they find the patches not important enough, same reason they choose too keep absolute radio silence to their users about things. (with their level of communication, one would think that EMB is run by the CIA : ) ).