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  1. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN: HTML Library 4.2 with 10.4 support.

    HTML Library 4.2 released. Mostly an maintanence release with RAD studio 10.4 support and bugfixes. Customers will receive download link in a two days.
  2. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    Thanks to all. Flex is planned to this year. CSS grids - after flex.
  3. Alexander Sviridenkov

    SSL certificate for VCL Application Exe

    gogetssl.com - $248 for EV
  4. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    @John R. thank you, I'll change what's new. But #2 Math ML support is in Core section and means support of displaying MathML equations in existing documents, not MathML editor. It doesn't require additional actions, simply put document with math tag into HtPanel and it will be displayed.
  5. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    @John R. please check that Editor.Options.eoSelectionToolbar is checked
  6. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    @Vincent Parrett you should have receive new link on email. If not, please contact me.
  7. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    @John R. please compile Editor Demo in trial, select any text and choose Equation from selection toolbar (last button). Or download compiled http://delphihtmlcomponents.com/htedit.zip and do the same.
  8. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    @John R. it supports standard presentation MathML syntax https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MathML#Presentation_MathML Yes, editor is included in HTML Editor and Bundle.
  9. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Minifing HTML

    This is only one of hundreds problems. Parsing HTML is much harder than XML.
  10. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Minifing HTML

    @aehimself 95% of real world HTMLs cannot be parsed by XML parser. Also you cannot correctly modify HTML without calculating CSS styles. F.e. in this case <p class="p1">This is text</p> <p class="p1">This is text2</p> spaces between p can be removed, but in other case <p class="p2">This is text</p> <p class="p2">This is text2</p> they should be preserved.
  11. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    Yes, duplicates will be removed. You can send me sample HTML to support at delphihtmlcomponents.com, I'll send you back processed HTML and code.
  12. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    @Jacek Laskowski, no, only duplicated attributes are removed automatically. Library doesn't know do you need alt="nothing" attribute or not, you should decode this yourself. Duplicated CSS properties can be removed by one line code, but this is not done automatically too, because by default (if there was no style changes) style attribute remains unchanged.
  13. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    Yes, this is possible. Simply iterate DOM after parsing (use Count and Elements or NextElement), remove all unecessary attributes and tags and use Document,OuterHTML to get HTML string.
  14. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    What's new Core: Completely new CSS subsystem - faster and less memory. MathML support. Compatibility with Lazarus 2+. FMX: Hints support. Animated GIFs for FMX (all platforms) and VCL Delphi 5+. CSS columns support. CSS tabstops support. Improved recovering of incorrect tag order. Added :only-of-type selector DX canvas: added support for rotated arcs in paths. THtImageListSource now works with ImageList on data module. Editor: Format painter button. Clear formatting button. Columns button Math equation editor. Adding ability to combine two adjacent lists by pressing Del DOCX import: added support for math equations. Footnotes Reports/SQL: FastReport FMX component ReportBuilder component SQL: ConvertWheretoJoins now can reorder tables. Compatibility with VTV 6.7 Fixed Core: Value none was processed incorrectly for max-width/max-height Incorrect document position when using native iOS canvas and non-zero offset. Incorrect processing of multiple fonts in font-family. Incorrect layout when absolute element has inline containing block. SVG: correct processing path 'a' command with sibling flags with no divider. GDI canvas issue when SVG use clip path. FMX: fixed SVG elements position when using viewbox Vertical placement of inline blocks Artifacts when using native Android canvas on some resolutions. Editor: DOCX import: fixed superscript style 'Pop from empty editor stack' error. AV when deleting selection Eempty list item cannot be deleted. Style is not applied to selected cells when selection is reverced (from bottom to top) Delimiter is added to first word causing incorrect spell checking AV when pressing space at endf of line after changing text style Selection is incorrect after applying text transform Reports/Scripter Scripter: AV when registering class having same name as record helper. Scripter: incorrect call to parent method when using inherited property. Wrong target in script drag events. FastReport: HTML is exported to PDF as image Trial version: http://delphihtmlcomponents.com/editor41trial.zip
  15. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Office files viewer