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  1. Alexander Sviridenkov

    HTML Library 4.0 released

    You should have already received automatic email I'll resend it now manually.
  2. Alexander Sviridenkov

    HTML Library 4.0 released

    What's new New editor features video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bzLyFwmdM4 HCL/Core Much faster drawing, style calculation and text selection, especially for very large documents New THtDocument.FormattedHTML method. Improved CSS animations support. Improved lines/borders rendering on HDPI screens and scaled documents. Improved text rendering on GDI+ canvas. Added SourceURL to HTML clipboard header Added THtDocument.SavetoStreamANSIEncoded. Workaround for Windows/OSX bug with double quote symbol in Times/italic fonts. Infinite support for CSS animations All image lists now changed to TCustomImageList to support VirtualImageList. New THtDocument.ConvertAttributestoStyle method for converting HTML attributes into inline CSS style. Added CSS text-decoration-style property Added CSS cursor: help Added SVG stroke-linejoin and stroke-linecap support. Incorrect font size values are now ignored Added column width parameter to InsertCol Improved quirks/normal mode support Editor Much faster text selection, caret positioning and text input New customizable selection toolbar (popup) for both VCL and FMX Improved RTF import Improved print preview window scrolling and zoom Added Active=false mode for fast editing of very large documents (1000+ pages) Better support for pasting HTML from clipboard in non-unicode Delphi Added RTF pasting from clipboard when HTML is not available. Added OnPrepareImage param to DocXtoHTML and RTFStringtoHTML Added support for WMF-JPEG conversion on RTF/DOCX import for Delphi 7-2009 New OnURLDetected event - fired when URL is detected in document. New eoEnterSoftBreak option for swapping Enter and Shift+Enter behavior. Improved Outlook compatibility. New eoHighlightCurrentBlock and eoShowSelectionToolbar options. Reports Added startangle parameter for pie charts Added direction="cw/ccw" parameter for pie charts Reports: added x-order attribute for arranging x-values in stacked charts. Email Email library now available for all platforms. Added SelectFolder method for selecting IMAP folders. Scripter Added FreeandNil procedure Calling Free() for object variable will clear variable. Script: added record helpers from IOUtils unit: TDirectory, TFile, TPath. SQL SELECT INTO support. New TSQLInsertQuery, TSQLUpdateQuery classes. DECODE column now returns correct data type based on values. WITH .. AS support for Oracle dialect. Support for PIVOT operator Added HasFetchLimit and FetchLimit functions. Support for ElevateDB SQL dialect New ConvertWheretoJoins method https://delphihtmlcomponents.com
  3. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Context menu UI built with HTML and CSS only

    Thank you, I will publish more examples after an upcoming release.
  4. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Context menu UI built with HTML and CSS only

    Class hierarchy is independend from VCL/FMX menus. Thereby menus are cross platform and HDPI ready. You can add any own item classes, but they shoud return HTML to render in menu and follow some rules.
  5. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Context menu UI built with HTML and CSS only

    Code for each item is relatively simple. For example list type selector consists of two classes, first for drop down panel: THtEditContextList = class(THtEditContextItem) public function Render: string; override; end; function THtEditContextList.Render: string; procedure Add(const ListType, ListTag: string); begin Result := Result + Format('<div class="eclistbox fade" listtype="%s"><%s style="list-style-type: %s"><li>———</li><li>———</li><li>———</li></ol></div>', [ListType, ListTag, ListType]); end; begin Result := ''; Add('none', 'ul'); Add('circle', 'ul'); Add('disc', 'ul'); Add('square', 'ul'); Add('decimal', 'ol'); Add('lower-alpha', 'ol'); Add('lower-roman', 'ol'); Add('upper-alpha', 'ol'); Add('upper-roman', 'ol'); end; And second for the button: THtEditContextListStyle = class(THtEditContextLiveItem) public function Render: string; override; procedure OnSubmenuElementEnter(Sender: TElement); override; procedure OnSubmenuClick(const Sender: TElement; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState); override; end; procedure THtEditContextListStyle.OnSubmenuClick(const Sender: TElement; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState); begin OnSubmenuElementEnter(Sender); end; procedure THtEditContextListStyle.OnSubmenuElementEnter(Sender: TElement); begin if Sender['listtype'] <> '' then begin if Sender.NodebyName('ol') <> nil then Editor.SetListStyle('ol', Sender['listtype']) else Editor.SetListStyle('ul', Sender['listtype']); Editor.Repaint; end; end; function THtEditContextListStyle.Render: string; begin id := 'list'; Result := '<div id="list" class="ecbutton down fade"><div class="faicon">&#61643;</div>&nbsp;</div>'; FSubmenuClass := THtEditContextList; FDefaultSubmenuWidth := 300; end; Code for building menu: ContextPanel.Add(THtEditContexBold).Add(THtEditContextItalic).Add(THtEditContextUnderline). Add(THtEditContexStrike).Add(THtEditContexSpace).Add(THtEditContextTextColor).Add(THtEditContextBGColor). Add(THtEditContextFontSize).Add(THtEditContextFont). Add(THtEditContexLineBreak).Add(THtEditContexAlignLeft).Add(THtEditContexAlignCenter).Add(THtEditContexAlignRight).Add(THtEditContexAlignFull)...
  6. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Report components: good, bad, ugly

    HTML Report Library produce plain HTML which can be edited using WYSWYG HTML Editor. Unlike some other report engines, elements are in normal flow (absolute positioning can be used but is not required), so editing will not break document layout.
  7. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Payment - Monetization - Good international PSP

    I highly recommend PayProGlobal. All kind of payments, good support, good fraud checking.
  8. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Report components: good, bad, ugly

    HTML Report Library has scripting, DOM API, dynamic construction and unlimited interactivity.
  9. Alexander Sviridenkov

    formatting HTML code

    Currently library supports formatting only for XML or XHTML. HTML formatter is expected in next version.
  10. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Context sensitive code completion and syntax checking

    No, but I think about it.
  11. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Context sensitive code completion and syntax checking

    Will be available in next release.
  12. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Context sensitive code completion and syntax checking

    Yes, this is part of HTML Library bundle. Code editor combines Scripter and SQL framework to make code completion works for both pascal and SQL code in one window. Also this demo shows ability to add design time method checking for classes in scripter (in this case checker is added to TXQuery class and checks that parameters in SQL query corresponds to parameter array).
  13. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Check string for cyrillic and other characters

    You can use unicode ranges https://jrgraphix.net/r/Unicode/
  14. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN: HTML Library 3.9 released

    What's new HCL/Core Added support for TVirtualImageList Improved rendeing of images and text (align to pixel) HtPanel: added AllowScaling property. SVG: added support for "use" element. Added support for external SVG images Improved RTL support Automatic detection of RTL blocks Virtual image source for image lists on other forms, f.e. src="_forms/DataModule1/ImageList2/5" Improved emoji symbols support for VCL and FMX. Improved resize hint Added TCSSStyleSheet.GetAllClasses/GetAllIds Improved SVG rendering Added OnElementEnter/Exit event for HtPanel Added THtDocument.LoadfromStream Added THtDocument.ElementsFromPoint method returning all elements located at specified point. Empty attributes with no value now preserves their format Added support for ForeignObject tag which allows use of HTML blocks inside SVG. FMX: improved text baseline calculation Scripter: added support for list of values in case statement: case a of 1,2,3: Editor Fast Report component with visual editor and page split support (included in bundle). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNAK_KR8fB0 https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/fastreport2.gif Added TDBHTMLEditor.UseOuterHTML property Added TDBHTMLEditor.NewDocumentTemplate Editor:Column widths are not preserved when copy/paste part of a table SQL Optimized schema loading queries for Oracle. Added TSQLSelectQuery.ChangeRowLimit class function. Added TSQLSelectQuery.AddJoin function https://delphihtmlcomponents.com