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  1. I made a simple wrapper for libdeflate and test its speed compared to default Delphi Zip library. Test performs compression and decompression of 1Mb XML file. Libdeflate is 3.4 times faster than Delphi ZLib (Delphi 11, Win64).
  2. Alexander Sviridenkov

    FireDac cannot load Firebird 3.0 client library on Linux

    Thanks, there was unresolved dependencies on libtommath and libncurses
  3. Application is compiled with Delphi 11.1. I'm trying to connect to Firebird 3.0 on Linux, but getting error " [FireDAC][Phys][FB]-314. Cannot load vendor library ..." libfbclient,so (symbolic link) and libfbclient.so.3.0.10 are in the same directory as application. Even explicit setting of VendorLib with full path (tried both libfbclient,so and libfbclient.so.3.0.10) doesn't help. Libraries are from this archive: https://github.com/FirebirdSQL/firebird/releases/download/v3.0.10/Firebird- Interesting that when client library is replaced with one from Firebird 2.5 it is loaded succesfully, but 2.5 client cannot connect to 3.0 server.
  4. Alexander Sviridenkov


    HTML Component Library can display SVG on all platforms.
  5. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Emails via Indy to Gmail

    I also got this error (MessageID was definitely present in returned email). Found this discussion https://support.google.com/mail/thread/167914967/inbound-replies-to-my-gmail-not-appearing?hl=en-au
  6. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN: HTML Office Library 4.6 released

    I'm glad to announce a new release of the HTML Office Library: 100% native and cross-platform Delphi library for conversion and displaying documents of the following types: Rich Text Format (RTF) MS Word 6-2007 binary format (DOC) MS Word XML document (DOCX) MS Power Point binary format (PPT) MS Power Point XML format (PPTX) MS Excel binary format (XLS) MS Excel XML format (XLSX) MS Excel XML binary format (XLSB) Adobe PDF format (PDF) Supercalc format (SXC) EPUB (electronic books). FB2 (electronic books). Markdown. Outlook Message (MSG) MIME message (.EML) Outlook databases (.OST, .PST) The Bat! database (.TBB) RAR archives ZIP archives Whats's new 1. Improved conversion quality for all document types. 2. Significantly improved conversion speed and memory consumption for all document types. 3. Reduced size of converted document for all document types. 4. Document to text conversion is now much faster (direct text extraction and use of SAX parser for XML). 5. Added support for MIME mail messages .EML (including attachments). 6. Classes for reading Outlook databases (.PST, .OST). 7. Classes for reading RAR archives. 8. Classes for reading The Bat message folders (.TBB). 9. New THtOfficeDocument.AsThumbnail function for creating document thumbnail. 10. Added support for password protected office files (OnPasswordRequest callback in converion methods) 11. New THtOfficeDocument.ConvertStreamtoText for converting to text with support for callback function which get next portion of text during conversion. 12. New MaxLines and MaxPages properties to limit size of converted document. 13. Converted Word/RTF documents can have paged and web layout. 14. Direct PDF export for all platforms (no OS or third party library used). 15. Fully functional text search engine (can index documents from any souce: file, archive, database, etc. using implementation of IHtVirtualFolder interface). Conversion speed measurements: There are two compiled demos available (source code of both applications is included): 1. Simple document viewer: allows to view any document on hard drive using file tree on left side and HtPanel on right. https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/FileBrowser.zip 2. Search Engine demo: create full text search index for documents located in selected folders and find any document from application or Web. https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/SearchEngine.zip This demo also shows the following features of THtSearchEngine: Date map - found document number by year Type Map - found documents by category Completion Test on sample database: Note that search time depends only on amout of found/shown documents and do not depend on total document count. https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/office.html
  7. I'm glad to inform you about a new release of the HTML Library. It is used by thousands of developers from 50 countries, and now even the RAD Studio IDE. From version 11.2 library will be used by the IDE to render rich text. What's new in version 4.6: Core 1. Packages names are now the same for all IDE versions (starting from Delphi 11). 2. Faster parsing and style calculation 3. SAX XML parser class with special text extration mode. 4. THtLabel now allows text change in click events. 5. CSS serialization (modified CSS StyleSheet can be saved back) 6. Direct PDF export on all platforms including Linux (when using Office library) 7. Document sections (custom header, footer, page size and orientation for each section). 8. Support for different page sizes in print preview (each page can have own size) 9. System theme colors support (Windows, OSX), f.e. background: window) with ability to use custom theme color callback. 10. Converting HTML to paged payout SVG (print preview can be viewed from browser) 11. Zoom from Cursor mode in HtPanel/Editor. 12. New TElement.InsertHTML method. 13. CSS outline propety support. 14. CSS focus-within pseudoclass support. 15. CSS marker pseudoclass support. 16. CSS list-style-position property. 17. Added w-resize and h-resize for CSS cursor. 18. THtDocument now can be used from threads (Special parameter in constructor for use separate font collection). 19. Workaround for FMX bug: rectangle and rounded rectangle with large pen width incorrectly drawn on Android. 20. New HtPanel properties: MinScale, MaxScale Editor 1. Support for style attribute inside MathML elements. 2. New editor option: eoDisableBlockJoinOnPaste - do not join pasted blocks with current 3. New editor option: eoPasteTextBlockAsPara - convert text blocks divided by blank lines to para. 4. eoClearPastedFormatting now removes span elements wuthout attributes. 5. New editor method: PasteTextfromClipboard - paste plain text only. Reports and Scripts 1. Chart now supports style attribute in chart element. 2. Reports library now supports Lazarus (including print preview) 3. Scripter: support for calling chained indexed properties, f.e. Obj[k]. https://delphihtmlcomponents.com
  8. Just found serious bug in 10.4.2 when compiling to Win64 target: int64 value returned by function is truncated to 32 bit. In XE11 the same code works OK. F.e. this will lead to errors when working with files/streams larger that 2 Gb.
  9. Use Base64 encoding (SOAP.EncdDcd unit)
  10. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Working with Delphi and Excel

    HTML Office Library can read (and display) all office formats (XLS, XLSX, XLSB, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX) and also PDF, EPUB, FB2, HTML, MD (markdown), EML, MSG (Outlook), WMF, EMF. All platforms, only plain Delphi code.
  11. Alexander Sviridenkov

    TIP for Creating PDF Files from HTML / Image

    Thanks, I didn't know Edge supports header/footer customization. Are header/footer embedded into page or passed separately? Does it support different headers/footers for different pages?
  12. Alexander Sviridenkov

    TIP for Creating PDF Files from HTML / Image

    Browsers do not support page headers and footers, different page sizes/orientation, printing page number and count of pages, repeated table headers, etc.
  13. Alexander Sviridenkov

    HTML Parser alternative to MSHTML?

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that when using chaining, current node should be passed to XPath as parameter to prevent XPath walking up toi root. var D: THtmlNode; N, A: THtNode; begin D := THtmlNode.Create; try D.Parse('<body><h1 id="header1"<a href="a1">First</a><a href="a2">Second</a></h1><h2><div><a href="a3">Third</a></div></h2></body>'); for N in D.XPath('//h1[@id="header1"]') do for A in N.XPath('//a', false, N) do ShowMessage(A['href']); for N in D.XPath('//h2') do for A in N.XPath('//a', false, N) do ShowMessage(A['href']); finally D.Free end; Second parameter is "stop after first found node", third is current root node.
  14. Alexander Sviridenkov

    HTML Parser alternative to MSHTML?

    Only when using THtDocument. With THtmlNode and THtmlStyledNode works without canvas units uses htmlpars; var D: THtmlNode; N: THtNode; begin D := THtmlNode.Create; try D.Parse('<body><div id="1"><ul><a href="a1">First</a><a href="a2">Second</a></ul></div><div><ul><a href="a3">Third</a></ul></div></body>'); for N in D.XPath('//div[@id="1"]/ul/a') do ShowMessage(N['href']); finally D.Free end;
  15. Alexander Sviridenkov

    HTML Parser alternative to MSHTML?

    HCL is layered, HTML and CSS parsers has no dependencies on framework or OS. Class hierarchy is THtNode (htmlpars unit, only RTL) -> THtXMLNode (htxml unit, only RTL) | THtmlNode (htmlpars unit, only RTL) | TStyledHTMLNode (htmlcss unit, only RTL) | TElement (htmldraw unit) | THtDocument (htmldraw unit) THtDocument/TElement use VCL/FMX units for several reasons 1. Native controls in HTML page (edits, combos, etc.) . 2. VCL themes (theme colors support) 3. VCL/FMX canvas (THtDocument can draw on VCL/FMX canvas) But all graphics (canvas classes) is isolated.