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  1. Alexander Sviridenkov

    How to generate Report from String grid Data to PDF

    HTML Report Library has PDF export on all platforms including Android and can get data from SQL table or any other source (XML, JSON, etc).
  2. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Embedded HTML Editor toolbar preview

    @Rollo62 I suppose end of this month.
  3. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Embedded HTML Editor toolbar preview

    @Rollo62 Thank you, This will be available in next 4.3 version. Current version is 4.2 and it already supports 10.4. You can download latest build of 4.2 using the same URL, it is updated periodically.
  4. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Embedded HTML Editor toolbar preview

    New context sensitive HTML Editor UI (inspired by next MS Office preview). Just one Delphi form and one editor component, no code, no toolbars, no actions, no image lists (all SVG).
  5. Scripting engine included in HTML Component Library supports all FMX platforms including mobiles. It also have debugger, automatic class registration by RTTI and classes for code completion.
  6. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Andoid TLabels Have Lines on the Letters

    This is an FMX issue, not related to Java. On mobile platforms FMX use own text rendering - glyphs are rasterized to (cached) bitmaps and these bitmaps are drawn to openGL textures. This code is not perfect and sometimes (depending on screen resolution and scaling) produce lines on bitmap edges.
  7. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Native Svg parsing and painting in Windows

    Can you please share these problem SVGs?
  8. Alexander Sviridenkov


    Little bit offtopic, but from my experience 90% of performance issues in Delphi came from implicit try except blocks. When procedure contains local variable of managed type, or implicit variable (f.e. string1+string2, copy(), etc) try except block with finalization calls is added to whole procedure even if variable is used only in small block. Moving this block (in case it is rarely executed) to subprocedure helps a lot.
  9. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Fixing memory leaks with FastMM4

    Report is quite simple. First part is call stack, Usually top items are from RTL and gives you little info, so skip items from top until you'll find your own unit, this will be class/method where leaked block was created, Second section is (possible) class that uses this block.
  10. Alexander Sviridenkov

    Fixing memory leaks with FastMM4

    Looks like TStringList is created in TBetFairAPIHorseHelperBL.ResetEventID and never destroyed.
  11. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN: HTML Library 4.2 with 10.4 support.

    HTML Library 4.2 released. Mostly an maintanence release with RAD studio 10.4 support and bugfixes. Customers will receive download link in a two days.
  12. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    Thanks to all. Flex is planned to this year. CSS grids - after flex.
  13. Alexander Sviridenkov

    SSL certificate for VCL Application Exe

    gogetssl.com - $248 for EV
  14. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    @John R. thank you, I'll change what's new. But #2 Math ML support is in Core section and means support of displaying MathML equations in existing documents, not MathML editor. It doesn't require additional actions, simply put document with math tag into HtPanel and it will be displayed.
  15. Alexander Sviridenkov

    ANN HTML Library 4.1 released

    @John R. please check that Editor.Options.eoSelectionToolbar is checked