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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, how can I write a respond to the event, that user has changed the width of a column in a TListView (report view) by dragging a column border with a mouse?
  2. Hi, I found a way to sort my lists using Sort an OnCompare event but I don't figure out a functional way to use Sort(Compare) method (Rio 10.3.3) Any clues ? Thanks
  3. Tntman

    Animating TListViewItem

    Hello members! I started learning delphi few months ago and recently i discovered that we can make really beautiful user interfaces with delphi FMX styles. I saw on the internet this animation demo ( This is just a design ) and I wanted to implement it in delphi: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ShamelessConfusedAmbushbug-mobile.mp4 I was thinking to use ListView component in FMX for this with ItemApperance -> DynamicApperance. Everything was cool but i faced one problem. Problem is that I am not sure that TlistViewItem can perform animation when it is been added to the ListView. From my understandings i can only animate "Text1" and other items if i add them -> https://i.imgur.com/Y3SWIsT.jpg There is no option ( or I dont know how to find it ) To animate whole TListItemView when is added to a ListView. **WORKAROUND THAT I HAVE ON MY MIND** I was thinking to drop a ListBox and to add on it "TListBoxItem", after that i would right click it and Go on edit custom style, and try to make it look as i want. I tested this tutorial for editing the look of "TListBoxItem" and it is working nicely: https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/10054/Implementing-a-ListView-in-Firemonkey.html For animation i planned to use this resources ( not tested, i dont know if it will work ) : So what is my question actually, well i would like to achieve similar design and effect from gif that i showed to you. I would like to use ListView with DynamicApperance. I would like to someone confirm me if that is possible and to give me some references or resource material where i could read more about it.. Also if there is someone who would like to give me a code example i would appreciate a lot. From my tests that i performed ( loop 1000 times, and add 1000 items on ListView and ListBox ) I can say that ListBox performed a lot slower so I would prefer ListView for this, also i think that using ListView here is better practice since ListView is more suitable for this situation based on this post: http://www.delphigroups.info/2/8f/544471.html At the end I just want to point out that im using FMX ONLY because i found it easier to make styles, this program is for Windows only platform. I am using Delphi Rio community ( Free version ). I would also like to add that option " Pull to refresh " that you see on that gif is not needed. Thank you for your answers and help! 🙂
  4. I have a listview on a form that is sizable. i hard coded 5 columns to it but when different users with different monitors, laptops the columns overlap the text. is there a way to detect when text overlaps and then i could reduce the number of columns and refresh the listview. the text that is displayed is file names but depending on the users that info could be longer than the others. i would rather not hard code the # of columns but i don't know when to trigger the increase/decrease the number of columns.
  5. I have a listview application with dynamic items, which is connected to a fdmemtable, when clicking repeatedly on any item in the listview, the application closes. If you put the listview without the dynamic items, and clicking several times this does not occur I'm using delphi 10.2.3 works ok, but in delphi 10.3 comunity, the error occurs, with android 8.0.1 Has anyone had this problem ?