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  1. I am needing to create a dll that will have options for opendialog and savedialog. I have the dll working but had a dev question. there are lots of open save dialogs available from different vendors. i have a TMS, DevExpress, Delphi and JV versions of the component. Anyone have any idea as to any type of advantage i might gain using any one in particular over the others. Down the road i might be looking to make some kind of as yet unknown changes. Figured i would ask in case anyone else has been down this road. Maybe a different component altogether?
  2. I managed to modify the source for the plannercalendar control and commented out the offending code without affecting the control (on the surface) but it is working within my code and it suits my purposes. have tested in multiple projects with the plannercalendar and it is working fine everywhere that i use it. Thanks.
  3. i have a calendar dll that pops up on the center of the form where it is called from. works fine but there is an issue. the calendar control is from TMS Software and i have worked with them but the issue doesn't happen to them. on the calendar control there are navigation buttons at the top of the control (previous year, previous month, next month and next year. The calendar is set to popup center of form (long story best solution) so if a developer of the application form put a button in a select spot on their form when calling the dll to popup the calendar IF the MOUSE is OVER any of the prev, next buttons i get an memory access violation, click ok and the calendar works great. move along. since that window are is limited if the user, say clicks the bottom right of a button then no error. But if they click the middle then the error pops up. So i know it has something to do with probably trying to get/display the Hints (my guess). i have sent a sample project to TMS and they don't get the error. so they sent me back the compiled project and I also don't get the error. Made sure that we are on the same version and we are. Now my question is this, is the a way to stop the processing of the hint while the control/form is being created. First thing the dll does is frmCalendar := TfrmCalendar.Create(nil); is there a way to stop hint message, create the control then enable hint messages?
  4. RTollison

    converting string to date time

    thank you, i really appreciate the help.
  5. RTollison

    converting string to date time

    I have a string in an odd format and am needing to change to datetime format. <DateTime>2021-06-25 08:04:09</DateTime> strtodatetime wants the date to be dd/mm/yyyy time is there a strtodatetime that uses a formatdatetime option?
  6. Yeah the screen center seems ok for our clients and they can see the calendar popup pretty easy. when calling the dll we pass in a date that it will move the calendar to that date and when the user selects a date and clicks an OK button it sends the value back to the cobol program. pretty simple stuff. as for a mouse click not always used some users just use keyboard and are very adapt at using it. the buttons do not have a tab stop. the date field is the tab stop. like i said center of screen is fine, mgmt just asked if possible to put by button without a lot of effort and verification that it works in all situations. So thank you all very much.
  7. the GetFocus actually worked great but after i started testing the cobol programs and where it would pop up, it won't work out to well. some of our report type programs have these push-buttons at the bottom of the screen but the focus is at the top field on the screen. so as a user i could not want to change anything other than a date or multiple dates and just push the button at the bottom of the screen but the popup calendar is at the top. i checked if there was a way to force the focus to the button when pushed and there is not an option for down only that the button was clicked after the fact event. So i will do more thinking on this but in the mean time leave it as center of activewindow.
  8. i haven't tried it yet but i will do so today.
  9. i apologize for the lack of details. no excuses. i have been down this road to many times. was just wishing for a quick command like the getactivewindow but for a window control. even did a search for getactivewindow hoping some article would mention any info related to getting the control. Thats when i posted here doing the wish stuff for another command from people that would know. FYI my current dev language is COBOL and i have to tie into it for anything outside of it, such as this calendar dll. the original one was hokie and dated, so i created a new one that followed the parameters and decided that centering on the form was better than the main screen. that is when i was asked if we could popup at the button that was pushed. now we are here and i am going with not possible with 100% results.
  10. anything about the button is not available to me. the button click (not delphi) basically says call dll that will popup on the screen and allow user to select a date from a calendar. so my dll is only thing i have available to change. the original dev just created the popup calendar to be in center of the main screen which was ok since multi-screens weren't widely available. but then i got tasked with updating it and at the time the best i could do was the center of the active window. now i was asked IF i could change it and i said i would see what i could do. And so far it is not looking good.
  11. unfortunately no not in control of the source window. it used popup in the middle of the screen and i changed it to get the active window and put it in center of it, which is kind of odd since the button sometimes is near the bottom of the window.
  12. i have this routine to get the active window, that may have multiple buttons at various places on the parent window. when they user click on a button then i am calling a dll that currently tries to center itself on the parentwindow BUT i am needing to know if it is possible to get the rectangle coordinates of the button that actually got pushed. here is my current lines for gathering the window rectangle. ParentWindowHandle := GetActiveWindow; GetClientRect(ParentWindowHandle, Rect); is there a way to determine the button that was pushed and it location relative to screen so i can popup my control where the button is located and not in the center?
  13. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    i am on 10.2 and i used Remy's suggestion for cleaning of the string/stringlist then now when i set the registry value it and check it with regedit it doesn't warn me about the empty values. So everything seems to working at this point and will be getting sent over to some QA people to try and break it.
  14. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    i got it all separated out into the stringlist and what looks to be a clean string with null separated values when I am trying to write to the registry (RegSetValueEx) but its after that and i run regedit and open the functions value to look at the info that it throws a warning about empty strings.
  15. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    haha i wouldn't take any bets on that. but thank you.