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  1. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    i am on 10.2 and i used Remy's suggestion for cleaning of the string/stringlist then now when i set the registry value it and check it with regedit it doesn't warn me about the empty values. So everything seems to working at this point and will be getting sent over to some QA people to try and break it.
  2. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    i got it all separated out into the stringlist and what looks to be a clean string with null separated values when I am trying to write to the registry (RegSetValueEx) but its after that and i run regedit and open the functions value to look at the info that it throws a warning about empty strings.
  3. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    haha i wouldn't take any bets on that. but thank you.
  4. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    here is what i currently have in place it all seems to run without errors/issues BUT when i run the regedit to verify the updated values I get a warning from the registry Data of type REG_MULTI_SZ cannot contain empty strings. Registry Editor will remove all empty strings found. I don't see any extra lines but it pops the first time around and after it saves it then reopen it looks the same but no warning message. reading of the registry and evaluating if two other values are needed or not. iType := REG_MULTI_SZ; // Type of data that is going to be read if RegQueryValueEx(hOpenKey, 'Functions', nil, @iType, PByte(sha_str), @iSize) = ERROR_SUCCESS then begin Edit11.Text := stringreplace(copy(sha_str,0,Pos(#0#0,sha_str) + 1),#0,',',[rfReplaceAll]); strlist.DelimitedText := Edit11.Text; for i := strList.Count - 1 downto 0 do if strList = '' then strList.Delete(i); if Pos('RSA/SHA512',sha_str) = 0 then begin cxCheckBox6.Checked := True; strList.Append('RSA/SHA512'); end; if Pos('ECDSA/SHA512',sha_str) = 0 then begin cxCheckBox6.Checked := True; strList.Append('ECDSA/SHA512'); end; sha_str := ''; sha_str := StringReplace(strList.DelimitedText,',',#0,[rfReplaceAll])+#0; end else cxCheckBox6.Checked := True; RegCloseKey(hOpenKey); end then writing of updated value if needed begin SetLength(sha_str, Length(sha_str) - 1); tname := dir + 'SHA512_Default' + _dt + '.reg'; RegistryExport(tname,'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Cryptography\Configuration\Local\SSL\00010003'); CleanUpExport(tname,'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Cryptography\Configuration\Local\SSL\00010003', 'Functions'); if RegCreateKeyEx(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, 'SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Cryptography\Configuration\Local\SSL\00010003', 0, nil, REG_OPTION_NON_VOLATILE, KEY_WRITE, nil, hOpenKey, pdI) = ERROR_SUCCESS then begin RegSetValueEx(hOpenKey, 'Functions', 0, REG_MULTI_SZ, Pointer(sha_str), Length(sha_str)*sizeof(Char)); end; end;
  5. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    i am stumbling along on this one. i have the same thing in place for updating numbers and string but when i got to this one i am flying blind and just winging it. so after googling around i came across this example for reading but the writing was just as simple by setting the string manually to 'one'#0'two'#0'three'#0'four'#0'five'#0'six'#0; so i am trying figure out how to take what is there and if necessary to add to the string/whatever and then write it back to the registry.
  6. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    sha_str : string; sha_str := ''; if RegOpenKeyEx(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, 'SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Cryptography\Configuration\Local\SSL\00010003', 0, KEY_READ, hOpenKey) = ERROR_SUCCESS then begin iSize := 0; if RegQueryValueEx(hOpenKey, 'Functions', nil, @iType, nil, @iSize) = ERROR_SUCCESS then begin SetLength(sha_str, iSize - 1); strSize := iSize; end; iType := REG_MULTI_SZ; // Type of data that is going to be read if RegQueryValueEx(hOpenKey, 'Functions', nil, @iType, PByte(sha_str), @iSize) = ERROR_SUCCESS then begin that is how i got to this point...
  7. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    yeah its a windows string i am getting it from the registry REG_MULTI_SZ and i read it into the string in question then i need to update it and write it back to the registry. i was hoping that i didn't have to manually manipulate the string or anything like that. was hoping for as simple of a way to get the string updated and pushed back. Thanks.
  8. RTollison

    null terminated string array

    i am needing to update a null terminated string array. currently i have it in a string like this: one#0two#0three#0four#0#0#0#0#0#0#0#0#0#0.... i am needing to add five and six into the string but str := str + 'five' + #0 + 'six' + #0; doesn't actually work. what would i need to do to get the string from one#0two#0three#0four#0#0#0#0#0#0#0#0#0#0 to one#0two#0three#0four#0five#0six#0#0#0#0#0#0
  9. function CopyFileIFileOperationForceDirectories(const srcFile, destFile : string) : boolean; //works on Windows >= Vista and 2008 server var r : HRESULT; fileOp: IFileOperation; siSrcFile: IShellItem; siDestFolder: IShellItem; destFileFolder, destFileName : string; pbc : IBindCtx; w32fd : TWin32FindData; ifs : TFileSystemBindData; begin result := false; destFileFolder := ExtractFileDir(destFile); destFileName := ExtractFileName(destFile); //init com r := CoInitializeEx(nil, COINIT_APARTMENTTHREADED or COINIT_DISABLE_OLE1DDE); if Succeeded(r) then begin //create IFileOperation interface r := CoCreateInstance(CLSID_FileOperation, nil, CLSCTX_ALL, IFileOperation, fileOp); if Succeeded(r) then begin //set operations flags r := fileOp.SetOperationFlags(FOF_FILESONLY OR FOF_NORECURSION OR FOF_NOCONFIRMATION OR FOFX_NOMINIMIZEBOX); if Succeeded(r) then begin //get source shell item r := SHCreateItemFromParsingName(PChar(srcFile), nil, IShellItem, siSrcFile); if Succeeded(r) then begin //create binding context to pretend there is a folder there if NOT DirectoryExists(destFileFolder) then begin ZeroMemory(@w32fd, Sizeof(TWin32FindData)); w32fd.dwFileAttributes := FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY; ifs := TFileSystemBindData.Create; ifs.SetFindData(w32fd); r := CreateBindCtx(0, pbc); r := pbc.RegisterObjectParam(STR_FILE_SYS_BIND_DATA, ifs); end else pbc := nil; //get destination folder shell item r := SHCreateItemFromParsingName(PChar(destFileFolder), pbc, IShellItem, siDestFolder); //add copy operation if Succeeded(r) then r := fileOp.CopyItem(siSrcFile, siDestFolder, PChar(destFileName), nil); end; //execute if Succeeded(r) then r := fileOp.PerformOperations; result := Succeeded(r); OleCheck(r); end; end; CoUninitialize; end; end; when i issue the command to copy, it copies all of the subfolders when all i want it the specified folder only. CopyFileIFileOperationForceDirectories('c:\dir1', 'd:\dir1') it shows the copying of c:\dir1 to d:\dir1 but then when that is done it shows to be copying c:\dir1\subdir1 and all of its files. i only wish to copy the directory and none of the subfolders
  10. Is there a way to load up the email and user name fields after it is open or do i need to push it all at once. current opening up a chat with web url using the users default web browser that looks like this http://chat.company.com/WebChat/Main.aspx?QueueName=Que_001 when it opens up the user then enter the email and user name box and clicks on a submit button. the Que_### changes depending on the app the user has open and that part i have but now i am asked to see about autofilling the email/name fields. as for clicking the submit button or not that is for a later phase of project.
  11. RTollison

    Delphi Registry entries default...

    That worked but with a caveat the "option #" registry name cannot have spaces in them. you name them without spaces but in there default you show the name you want to display. abc_auto_file shell (Default) "option_3" option_1 (Default) "Option 1" command option_2 (Default) "Option 2" command option_3 (Default) "Option 3" command Remy, I see your posts all over the place and just wanted to say thanks for all you do.
  12. with my registry edit program in place and working, a user ask if i could set the default one that is not "OPEN" here is the structure of the registry entries abc_auto_file shell option 1 command option 2 command option 3 command Is there a way to have option 3 be the default and not option 1. is there a way to have the option NOT be sorted. like have option 3 as the top one. I have done searches and found default for file type but nothing for my situation. i would like to allow users to decide the order and which one is default to when just double clicking a file type.
  13. I am writing up a program to allow users to update/add to registry entries. the registry is for ABC_Auto_File and has different options not just open... I have it up and working but am curious of a better way to parse the info in the registry string. examples of the string in question are: "c:\my folder\myapp.exe" -c "c:\my folder2\myconfigfile" "%1" c:\folder\myapp -c c:\folder2\myconfigfile %1 c:\folder\myapp %1 the -C is there 99.99% of the time but sometimes users have it working without it. but i will be add it in when updating the registry. like wipe and rewrite. myapp is consistent but may include the .exe. current i am removing all the " and %1 the look for the -c anything prior is a string value i want and anything to the right is a sting value i want. i am currently using the copy/pos commands to get that info but am ALWAYS curious if someone has better option for parsing.
  14. i have a function that i am unable to solve. Tried array of ansichar but still no luck and i am at a loss on how to resolve. If I need to rewrite it then so be it but i cant find any examples of delphi and devicecapabiliesA. getting errors on the DeviceCapabilitesA function. [dcc32 Error] uiDevMode.pas(64): E2010 Incompatible types: 'PAnsiChar' and 'array[0..255] of Char' [dcc32 Error] uiDevMode.pas(72): E2010 Incompatible types: 'PAnsiChar' and 'array[0..255] of Char' function PrinterFormExists(FormName: string): boolean; var Device: array [0..255] of char; Driver: array [0..255] of char; Port: array [0..255] of char; DeviceHandle: THandle; PaperNames: Pointer; i: integer; PaperTypes: TStrings; PaperCount: integer; begin {$R-}// Range checking off. Result := False; PaperTypes := TStringList.Create; try // First get the number of paper names available. Printer.PrinterIndex := Printer.PrinterIndex; Printer.GetPrinter(Device, Driver, Port, DeviceHandle); PaperCount := DeviceCapabilitiesA((Device), Port, DC_PAPERNAMES, nil, nil); if PaperCount > 0 then begin { Now allocate the array of paper names. Each paper name is 64 bytes. Therefore, allocate PaperCount*64 of memory. } GetMem(PaperNames, PaperCount * 64); try // Retrieve the list of names into the allocated memory block. if DeviceCapabilitiesA((Device), Port, DC_PAPERNAMES, PaperNames, nil) = -1 then raise Exception.Create('DevCap Error'); // Add the paper names to the appropriate list box. for i := 0 to PaperCount - 1 do PaperTypes.Add(Uppercase(Trim(StrPas(TPNames(PaperNames^))))); finally FreeMem(PaperNames, PaperCount * 64); end; if PaperTypes.IndexOf(UpperCase(FormName)) > -1 then Result := True; end finally PaperTypes.Free; end; {$R+}// Range checking back on. end;